Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I've been putting myself on a strict schedule to catch up and get things done this month. Every week I write out my to do list... (yeah, I'm a list maker, I love crossing things off) and every week I put on that list little projects besides the things I do daily that end up staying on that list for forever. I'm bound and determined that before Summer is over, I WILL be caught up.

No lazy Summer days for me. =)

So for the last couple of weeks we have been busy with things like:

Making strawberry jam, cleaning/wiping down all the baseboards, cleaning the windows (inside and out) along with the window seals, organizing closets, etc.

Zenock asks me each day what our chore is... he begs for his chore of the day.

Pretty much spring cleaning around here... except it's Summer. It's too HOT to go outside. When the heat index is one hundred and ELEVEN degrees at nine in the morning... that is when the doors get sealed and it becomes a party inside!

Dance party time that is... (It's not all work. We like to play too!)

Zenock is working so hard at perfecting those steps. =) I love that Kamden gets into it also with his little signature dance move at the moment.


Zenock makes us laugh, smile, and love him more every day.
(When he isn't whining or being his sassy little self.)

He was watching me paint my nails the other day and told me,

"Mom, your toes look completely wonderful. All the other girls are going to be so happy and think you are so wonderful and pretty."

"Wonderful" is his new word.


I was watching a friends kids the other day and this was the conversation that went on...

Zenock came to me and said, "Mom, can we go outside?"
Me: "It's pouring rain outside right now... let's wait a little bit."

They run out of the room and Zenock was very upset.

Zenock: "Guys! What are we going to do? We need to go outside."
The other little boy replied: "We could just ignore her..."

Hahaha... I could not stop laughing.


Last night for FHE we had a "stranger danger" lesson. We prepared Zenock, told him what to say, rehearsed multiple times, dressed up and role-played and thought we had it down... until JC decided to switch things up on him...

The conversation went like this...

Stranger: "What's your name"
Z: "Zenock"
Stranger: "Are your parents home?"
Z: "Yes, They are inside watching from the window."
Stranger: "Want to come to my house and play?"
Z: "NO" and then run inside to find Mom or Dad and yell for help.

JC decided to add to it and say,
"Want to come to my house and play? I have lots of fun toys, popcorn, and candy."
Zenock jumped up and said, "OK, Let's go."

We called a time-out and tried to explain to Zenock the stranger was tricking him, but it was a complete fail... Zenock told us, "BUT, I want to go play... He has popcorn!"

We'll be working on this one.


JC turned 30 on the 14th of July. I feel so lucky to be married to such a great hard working guy.
I love having the opportunity to spoil him and tell him how much we love him.

We met up with him for lunch and then got to spend the afternoon together just hanging out at home. We surprised him with exactly what he wanted... wireless headphones.

We celebrated with a Reeses ice cream cake. =)


That is an otter pop in his mouth... We go through an endless amount of those things during the Summer months. They are his weakness.


Happy Birthday my Love!


We've been to 3 work events/bbq's so far this month with one more to go.
Our ward split on Sunday... So sad to see good friends go, but glad to see the church growing here in Alabama! We are lucky that we live close and get to stay in touch with friends often. This also means new callings for us...

July isn't over yet... either is my to-do list!

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Shennie said...

Zenock makes me laugh.
I can't believe the ward split again.
Good luck with your to-do list :)