Tuesday, July 19, 2011

9 months

I know all too well that I can't make my baby stop growing... I've been here before.
It only makes me want to hold on for one more minute and just maybe if I give him enough cuddles I can make it stop... (wishful thinking.)

Nine months has gone by way too fast. (Almost ten now... I'm a bit behind.) He is getting so big and has recently (last thursday 7.14.11) turned into a little crawler and pulls himself up to everything!


While taking our measurement photo shoot we always have to have a few moments to wrestle with the monkey... He loves to cuddle anything soft. He loves, loves his blankets and rubs them against his face and coo's. I can't get enough of it.


I have somehow forgotten all about this age... Everything within reach is a toy and is so much more exciting than an actual toy.





One of our favorite activities is watching the wash... Endless entertainment on laundry day (for me too!)


He already knows this means trouble...


He loves torturing Zenock for toys. Secretly I love that he loves torturing Zenock... which means Zenock picks up his toys.

A few other things about Kamden at this age...

Weight: 19.08 Height: 27 inches

He is starting to lose his chubbiness and thinning down. I could cry - I just love his chubby legs. He still loves to eat though and would eat all night if I let him.

He takes two really good naps a day, but wakes up at least twice during the night.
When he eats he rolls his arms and legs in anticipation of the next bite.

He has two bottom teeth and the top two are ready to pop through any day.

Hates riding in the car... If it is longer than a 20 minute drive, we are sure to have a breakdown.

Hates his clothes being changed.

Can shake his head no when he is done eating and doesn't want anymore.

He has just started clapping his hands together.
Jabbers, "Da,da,da" ALL day long...

Loves his big brother, playing in Zenock's room, Zenock's toys, etc.

He is still a really calm, content, sweet baby.

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