Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Our 4th of July was eventful at the very least. =)

JC went to work half a day on Friday and afterwards we met up with one of JC's co-workers and his family. Zenock has been begging to go back to the Space and Rocket museum... They are currently hosting an exhibit about dinosaurs and he has a thing for dinosaurs.




Sadly, we were a little unimpressed with the exhibit... They had game stations set up where you could pretend to be a dinosaur.

The main attraction was "SUE" the t-rex. She didn't seem that big... and that was the only fossil they had. I hoped for Zenock that their would be more...

After the museum we headed to dinner with our new friends... I'm starting to understand why my parents never went out to eat with us as kids. (AND, I only have two.)

Our Saturday was spent shopping for some new living room furniture, a bbq with JC's work friends (the 2nd one in the last week!), and then a personal firework show put on by Zenock's Primary teachers.

Zenock loves his Primary teachers and this just put them right over the top.
(They both have pyro technician's licenses and the husband helped with the fireworks at the SLC olympics.)

They did lots of fun kid things; sparklers, parachutes, snakes, etc.




When they finally got to the big fireworks (like the BIG up in the air/sky kind), Kamden got a little scared and would shut his eyes and cuddle into JC or I everytime a bang would go off.

Right before the finale, one of the ground fireworks sparks started to rain a little bit on us... JC told me to cover up Kamden and just as I did we heard this little bang, someone said "RUN!", kids started screaming, and then something hit me in the leg. I looked down to see a firework at the bottom of my feet that looked like it was just about to explode! I took off and dived over onto JC. Apparently, the firework fell over and shot out into the crowd (hitting my knee) and then ricocheted off of a few people. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, just a little scared.

The whole event was pretty exciting. We decided to watch the finale from a safe distance. =)


On the 4th we spent some more time shopping and enjoying the day together.




Kamden hates car rides... The only thing that calms him down is primary music or classical music and he will instantly stop as soon as it is turned on. Zenock was trying to help out by holding Kamden's hand and telling him... "Shh, It's alright, Kamden." He is such a sweet big brother!

We had a bbq with friends that night and were enjoying the evening when all of a sudden we heard a loud crash/bang come from upstairs and Zenock started crying. JC ran up to check on him and I just thought, "Zenock being Zenock." The poor kid is major accident prone. He is always breaking his lip open, scraping up his knees, smashing his toes, the list goes on and on.

When JC came downstairs he said we may need to go to the hospital and when he turned Zenock around blood was everywhere. We aren't quite sure how it happened, but there was some spinning and a wall involved??? We headed to the urgent care which of course was closed, so we went clear across town to the ER.

The whole time Zenock was making sure and asking us if he would see the fireworks.


An hour and three STAPLES later we were as good as new... almost. =)

He did great and really didn't cry. I wanted too, but didn't dare. I had to turn away when they put the staples in.

(The picture makes me sick to just look at it... I took it to show Zenock what they did. I'm not looking forward to them pulling them out next week. The thought gives me chills.)


Watching Fireworks...
Not the best picture, but I love Zenock's little face and his hospital gown they let him keep. He wanted to sleep in it.



There is never a need to go "SEE" fireworks in Alabama when your neighbors shoot off big fireworks. This was our 360 degree view for two hours. Kind of fun... until you want to put your kids to bed.



We did a few sparklers and watched the fireworks with our neighbors.

It was a great weekend. We are so thankful for our family and our freedom. =)


Shennie said...

I love your dress.

I took Elijah to the ER on Sat. night right before the fireworks too. He was jumping off the table onto the chair and they both moved. He fell and cracked his chin open. Since I was alone I was really stressed about it and ended up taking him in. When I got there I realized it wasn't that big - though they did glue him up. Ahhh the pleasures of having boys.

thejess's said...

K the same thing happened with our fireworks... one shot at all the women with babies in their arms and blew up right in front of us! It hit my leg and luckily I had the blanket wrapped around Berklee cuz her blanket had black spots all over it from the firework hitting it.. scary! We ended up watching from inside of the house and she still didn't like them! :( Hopefully she'll forget about it by the 24th so we can see some more fireworks :)

love all your pictures! poor little Zenock, he is one tough boy though.. Berklee also face planted it on my parents outside steps and now has a big fat lip.. boy do we have similar 4th of July weekends :)

*karen* said...

Wow, you guys did have an eventful weekend! Fireworks shooting in the crowd and going to the ER for staples! I guess life is always an adventure! And you got some cute pictures to remember it. Looks like it still was a very fun weekend in the end. :)

The Trees said...

What an exciting 4th! It will definately be memorable. I hope little Zenock heals fast. Cute picture!