Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lunch date.

We have been busy with the usual Summer activities... swimming, popsicle eating, playing with friends, enjoying the sun, sprinklers, late nights, bbqs, lots of family time, etc. What isn't to love about the Summer?

They just built a big new building/office for JC's work. They were finally able to move in a couple of weeks ago. Not only is it nice and new, but it is also lots closer to home. We were excited we could meet up with JC on a Friday afternoon for lunch while I was out shopping with the boys. This is something we haven't been able to do before, but I'm excited that now we CAN do it. It made Zenock's day to see JC for lunch. :)


While we waited for JC these two were being way cute playing together... Zenock was telling Kamden all about why he "shouldn't" eat the flowers.


Zenock's favorite things are the water fountains... (Reminder to myself - We are going to have to go play in the splash area one of these days.) After lunch Zenock and I got to share a frozen yogurt piled with chocolate chips, strawberries, and raspberries.

Friday lunch dates might be the new best thing around here. :)


I can't forget to mention Father's Day... I somehow forgot all about picture taking.

We had a fun weekend... JC took Friday off so he could watch Zenock's last swimming lesson. On Saturday we had Zenock's last t-ball game, visited the parade of homes with friends and got to eat at one of our favorite pizza places - Mellow Mushroom! Sunday we visited with family and kept things simple by relaxing and being together.

I am so grateful for the amazing Dad JC is to our boys. He is such a great example for them to follow and look up to. He always lends his time to them and is SO patient with them... especially with our little Zenock who is pretty stubborn and defiant these days. Zenock thinks of him as his best buddy and when Dad leaves you better watch out... there is always a full on fit. :) He thinks he needs to be right by his side. I love watching them do things together. JC is always trying to teach him new things whether it is batting practice in the backyard, helping mow the lawn, wrestling, or reading Book of Mormon stories to him before bed. He makes me a better parent, because of his unselfish example, patience, and love to our boys.

We love him a whole bunch around here. Not sure if we would make it with out him.
He keeps life happy.

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Annie said...

Love those t-ball pictures! What a stud! I am so jealous that you are so close to JC's office. How nice that must be! It sounds like you guys are totally enjoying summer, keep it up!