Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few things...

This post is completely random, but I didn't want to forget a few memories and wanted to add them to our blog journal. :)

(The pictures are a little blurry... just downloaded them from my phone.)


Back in May we all had our semi annual dental check-ups... Zenock does so good with the dentist. It is so fun to watch him climb up in the chair and sit up big.

IT's so hard to look at him and know he's not my baby anymore. He is getting so big.

We had his 4 year old check ups also... 50th% in height and 25th % for weight. He is such a skinny little thing. There is three and a half year difference between my two boys and Zenock only weighs TEN pounds more! That is so crazy to me how different they are.

This was also the BIG appointment for shots. We had him prepped when we walked in, but it didn't do much good. He was still so scared. They had to call a nurse in to hold Kamden, I held Zenock's arms, another nurse climbed up on the bed and held Zenock's legs, and the other nurse gave him the shots. Man oh man... I felt awful.

Afterwards, the other nurse that helped "pin" Zenock down commented that, "He sure is a skinny thing, but one of the strongest little 4 year olds I've ever met!"

I totally agree with her... I'm exhausted if I ever have to fight him.

He is such a fun little boy and full of life and LOTS of stories. He is still quite dramatic in all that he does. Back when we had the storms and JC and I were packed up and ready to go to Utah in our moment of panic... We told Zenock where we were going and he replied after a few moments,

"Mom, Maybe if we go to Grandma's and Aunt Emi's house.... umm... Maybe they will have WAAFFFLES for me!"

He was so excited to eat waffles. I love that children know how to lighten your mood. Our friends came through that night for him and made him pancakes... I think he ate FIVE and of course he got waffles at Grandma's house in Utah.


My baby is the sweetest sleeper... he always crosses his legs when he sleeps.


A few weeks ago, I had finally had enough of carrying Kamden around in his car seat!

He hadn't been real steady sitting up on his own until then, but I was done.
We headed to the store and I strapped him in next to Zenock.
(Funny how before I had kids, I told myself I would never use these karts...)


Boy oh Boy! He was the happiest/proudest little 8 month old you ever did see. He was so excited! He sat, played, and smiled at everyone who passed by.

Shopping just got a whole lot easier and a lot more FUN! :)

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mbarker said...

My husband dies when he hears that I use those carts but with three kids thereof almost no way around it!!