Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Aunt Emi"

Well... She made it.

My cute little sister graduates today!

(We almost didn't think she would... she enjoys sleeping in and skipping school.)

BUT, we are seriously proud of her!!!

Emily is one of our favorite people in the whole world. Just ask Zenock. He talks about "Aunt Emi" ALL the time. He even knows how to call her by himself from my phone and has called multiple times when she was (or was supposed to be) in school.

Miss Emily is my go to girl. She is always there for me with a good story when I need a break from the drama of a 4 year old. I complain to her often (she listens) and she gets me laughing all the time. She is always willing to hang out (even to ditch her friends) and loves to hang out with all her nieces and nephews. There is no doubt about who is the favorite Aunt in the family.

Emily is the carefree, fun loving, spunky sister you always wanted.
She loves chocolate chip cookies and ice cream just as much as I do.
She has her heart set on marrying a good ol' cowboy.
Boy oh Boy... There are so many times I wish we lived close...
She is and will be your best friend.
She is definitely mine!


Not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous...


Congrats! :)

love, us.

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