Monday, April 11, 2011

lazy afternoons...

We had a beautiful weekend!

Friday JC tested out his bbq skills...
(Good thing it was just us!)
Next time we will know what we are doing!

We spent the evening watching a movie.

Saturday after Zenock's soccer game we spent the rest of the day working in the yard. This is by far one of my favorite things to do as a family. I love it! I love the satisfaction of growing pretty flowers and maintaining a yard. The weather was seriously gorgeous! Ninety plus degrees... IN April! We all ended up with sunburned arms and faces.

I love the feeling of a hard days work and seeing flowers like this every time I step outside...


I love living in the South simply for the fact that I can grow these!



We have early church on Sunday... As much as I hate waking up early. I love the lazy Sunday afternoons we get to spend as a family going for walks, drives, taking naps, talking to family, eating treats, and playing games. So refreshing!


A lot of our Sunday afternoons are spent being teased, tickled, and "tortured."
By anyone who knows how. =)


Hanging out or sitting around is a must... as long as we are together.


Occasionally, we suck on our toes...
(I promise just Kamden does and only when they are clean.)


No matter what we do. We love Sundays and hate to see them go. I find myself staying up late on Sundays never wanting them to end... knowing all too well what Monday morning brings as well as the rest of a busy week!

hope you have a happy week.

love, us.


Jake and Melissa Kinghorn said...

Carin! I am so jealous of your flowers. Jake and I planted flowers a couple of weeks ago and they looked so pretty for a couple of weeks until we got a freak snowstorm and it covered them all up!:( The snow and I have a love hate relationship. The good news is I found out that Boise is so low in elevation that it never sticks when it snows for more then a day or two and it never gets below 20 degrees.

Annie said...

jealous of those gerber daisies! what a fun weekend!! oh, and i can't get over kamden's chubbers, what a cutie!!