Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few things.

We have had quite the last two weeks!

Busy and entertaining- at the least.
(This just might be a record long post... feel free to skip around.)

Something like this...

Monday morning (two weeks ago), I woke up so excited that I had nothing planned for the day.

A whole day to do things on my list. =)

I jumped in the shower early and when I got out I checked my phone...
Three missed calls and voicemails.
(Never a good sign at 8:30 in the morning.)

The first was from Lowe's... scheduling delivery of our new grill. (yahoo!)
The second went something like this...
"This is Colonel .... and I work with your husband JC. He is currently in route to Crestwood Hospital." (Yeah, My heart sank at this point.)
Apparently, JC had reached up to scratch his head and his shoulder dislocated...

For those that know JC - I know you are laughing right now.

A bit of background... JC's shoulder started dislocating when he was a sophomore in high school. He says he quit counting around 143 times...
I laugh every time I hear about the time he sneezed and it came out.
He has had 3 shoulder surgeries... The last one being about 8 years ago right after his mission.
The surgery was done by one of the best in the country and we haven't had any worries about it since then.

Apparently, surgeries like this only last for so long and need to be redone every so often.

Something exciting to look forward too... {insert major sarcasm here}.

BACK to my missed phone calls.

The third was from JC telling me what happened. They took him by ambulance down to the ER.
I got the boys ready, packed them up, dropped Zenock off with some friends, and spent the rest of the day in the ER and running errands related to the event.

The rest of the week was filled with taking care of JC, appointments, soccer practice, pre-school, errands, friends b-day parties, dinner with friends, conference, the usual... as well, as my little Zenock's BIG 4th Birthday.


He has been so excited about turning 4.

I have been so bummed that it has been 4 years... wish it would slow down a bit.


We had a great day. No Birthday Party or BIG stress this year.
Simple family celebration.

Zenock awoke to balloons all over his room.
I made him pancakes with sprinkles on them.
(He did the sprinkles and then he got to eat his pancakes on the Birthday plate.)

We got ready and headed to the Jump Zone. A big wearhouse type place with gigantic jump/bounce houses. (It had been raining for the last two weeks. We needed a fun activity... This is my NEW fav. rainy day activity. Love this place. Worth every penny.)


This picture cracks me up... for some odd reason he looks exactly like my brother. I know I've seen that facial expression before. I sent it to my Mom and sister who agreed.



No joke there are at least 6 or 7 of these enormous slides. So fun for little kids... (And I'm in love even more when I watched them go through at the end and start sanitizing everything!)


There was a little arcade area also.
JC showed up and surprised Zenock.


We kept the gifts simple... some books, a game, a piggy bank for all his chore money, a transformer (he begged for), and a new bike or motorcycle as Zenock calls it.

(He was a little upset that I didn't give him a helmet... we'll have get on that one right away!)

For dinner we went to our favorite pizza place "Mellow Mushroom." Best pizza EVER.


Don't judge my cake... =)

Zenock chose all the stuff for his cake and then helped me make and decorate it.

His wish... (he told us)
Was to get on an airplane and go to Utah to visit Aunt Emi and Grandma.

He is such a sweet boy.


Sure love this boy!

Happy 4th Birthday Zenock!



First Soccer practice a few weeks ago...
{Water Break}


He loves getting to wear all of his soccer stuff.


A pep talk from Dad before the game.
Our original first Soccer game was rained out. Our first gamed ended up being last weekend.


He did great.

We had another game today and he did awesome...
He even SCORED a GOAL!

He was so frustrated after the first game. He didn't understand why everyone didn't get their own ball like at practice and didn't get to each have a turn kicking the ball. Needless, to say the first game was a little rough.

Things must have clicked, because he was so good today!
Not just saying that because I am his Mom, but we were so proud of our little guy.
He was a blast to watch.

Some of my favorite things about 3/4 year old Soccer are...
-The pinecone treasure they stop to pick up and examine mid game.
-There are train tracks right behind the field. Every time a train (or airplane for that matter) goes by or flies overhead the entire game stops as the kids watch in utter amazement.
-The water breaks they take during the game. They just run off the field to grab a drink... no time-outs.
-No defense... Wherever the ball is... There is usually a crowd of little people bunched up or chasing after it.

In the game today...
-Zenock elbowed a girl... (oops!)
-Got clotheslined big time and jumped up and shook it off.
-Ran after the ball with full force yelling... when he would kick it he would yell "High-Yeah" (like a karate chop action).

We could not stop laughing. Oh my goodness. We treated him to a kids meal after the game.

He totally deserved it. =)


Mindy said...

Your boys are seriously so stinkin cute! Love your blog! Hope your still enjoying AL, we really miss it there. Especially the warmer weather right now!

Callie said...

Poor'd think he'd learn how to put it back in by himself by now and save the money on the dr bills! Kidding, I am sure it totally hurts, hope he is feeling better soon.

Can't believe "little" Zenock is 4! What a cute family!

Riley Chemistry said...

Seriously, as soon as I read JC had dislocated his shoulder I burst out laughing, even before I read that you knew I was. I totally was just telling my running partner about that yesterday morning. How crazy is that!!! I hope it's better. Zenock is so cute and it is insane that he's so big! Hope all is going well!