Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend

What a crazy busy weekend...

Super fun, but super busy.

We literally wore ourselves out... The Z man, Kamdenator, and I (carin) all have colds. I seriously thought we were through with being sick for the year. {agh!} I swear I have been sick more this year than ever before.

We started our weekend bright and EARLY Saturday morning as we headed out to Zenock's first t-ball practice. I love watching Zenock get excited each time we tell him it is a soccer or t-ball day. He loves it... {unless of course he isn't feeling well, like last nights soccer game where he just wanted to cuddle with me on the chair and watch the game.}

He loves his coaches and does so well listening to them. His t-ball coach {his granddaughter plays on our team} told him he's done this for a lot of years and "can just tell Zenock is going to be one of those good players."
{Yes, we realize he is only 4... but, come on - that makes any parent excited, right!?}


Practice... practice...




Don't you love the tongue sticking out?? He was trying so hard and putting a LOT of energy into that hit. We are excited for the many games we will get to watch over the next {hopefully many-many} years. =)


After T-Ball practice... JC headed home with the boys for a bit and then we met back down at the field for a Soccer game. Four year old soccer is a blast to watch. We sit back with our friends and just laugh at our boys.


After Soccer we ate a quick lunch and headed to an Easter Egg hunt. A family in our ward does a big hunt every year for all the Primary kids. They have 4 kids... 3 are boys, ages 5, 4, 3... Zenock absolutely LOVES playing at their house. I drag him away screaming every time. They always are doing fun BOY things.


Before the egg hunt they had a few games to play.


Zenock's team won the tug-of-war and got to pick out a BIG candy bar of their choice.


Then the hunt was on...


Our ward did an activity later that night, but our boys were already completely worn out and Kamden had not had a good nap all day. So we skipped it.


We let Zenock watch The Wizard of Oz instead.

He came up to JC and I the next day and in his best witch voice {complete with cackel} said, "I'm going to get you and your little dog too!" hahaha!

I spent all evening making salads to take to a potluck Easter Sunday dinner with a group of friends from the ward. {So much good food!} Someone needs to host Sunday Potluck dinner every week!


We have early 9am church so we decided to tell the Easter Bunny to come visit while we were at church. I think I really like that idea and might keep it going no matter the time of church. It was great to focus on other things that morning and not be in a complete rush.
Although, I'm always in a rush on Sunday morning... and always late. Just glad JC has early meetings and can save me a seat. I'm working on it!


The easter bunny did make it to our house while we were gone.



I can not for the life of me get this kid to smile... when I ask him to show me what he got, it is always some weird facial expression.


Like this.


The Kamdenator... who is currently teething. We go through an enormous amount of bibs and clothes. He constantly has a puddle of drool on his shirt. His bib was soaked when we got home and I thought he would be ok for a minute... Within a minute his shirt was soaked.



Zenock was pretty happy with the Easter Bunny this year. =)

I can now breathe easier now that April is over... it is always such a busy month!


Hope you had a Happy Easter weekend. =)

**Any of you photographers out there want to share your tips on taking photos inside??? I try and try tricks and tips I read, but oh my goodness it is driving me crazy that I can't get my pictures to look just right!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Last Saturday JC and I celebrated 7 years of marriage!

I seriously can't believe it's been that long. We've had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade any of it. I'm so grateful for a great guy in my life. I love him more and more everyday.

We spent the day at an Easter Egg hunt and then had our friends watch the boys while we went to see a movie... The Conspirator.

GREAT movie. Just a little input... Don't go see it, if you have ever had the thought about becoming an attorney or have a strong willed opinion on justice and what is right.

On our way home I told JC I wanted to go to law school. At the moment I REALLY meant it. I've always had a love for "law and politics." I have my moments where I just soak it up and wish I was a powerful politician of some sort. Don't get me started on Miss Palin... just read her books and you will love her.

Anyhow... It was a good movie. We really appreciate our friends for watching the boys for us while we took our one night out a year. (JC had to pry me from Kamden... I don't do well leaving my children. Even for a couple of hours. I have issues. =) Our boys had a fun fun night... Zenock didn't want to leave. It is always easier when you know they love the people you leave them with!

We had a great night too.


We took last Monday off and headed to Atlanta Georgia with some friends for a little day trip.

It is a three hour drive to Atlanta from our house... I love little road trips with my family.
It gives us time to catch up, relax, and enjoy each other with out distractions.

The Atlanta temple has been under renovation for the past year or so and we thought it would be a great time to take Zenock to the open house.


It is a smaller temple, but oh so pretty. I still can't get over the chandeliers and chandelier sconces inside... Everything seemed to glow. It was gorgeous.

Not to mention the peace and comfort feeling you feel anytime you are on temple grounds.


My happy baby after our tour.


Me and the boys. It was such a great little moment to be inside the temple with my three boys. While we were in one of the sealing rooms I leaned down and whispered to Zenock, "One day you can bring a cute girl here and get married." His response... "No Mom, I don't like girls."

Everything about girls at the moment is just gross... (except of course mom's.)


We couldn't get over the "lush" grass. It is HARD to grow good grass in the South.

This has become our little challenge and hobby of sorts - to have GOOD grass.


Kamden wasn't too sure about grass at all...


Atlanta Georgia Temple
April 18, 2011


After the temple we were driving around trying to find the cheesecake factory... when our friends hit the break lights and we looked over and spotted non other than



JC and I were so excited and were lucky to be with great friends that gave up cheesecake factory to dine with us and Uncle Julio. (Although, I think they might like it just as much as us...)

I'll say it again... We LOVE this place. It is so SO good. I have a hard time eating at any other Mexican restaurant now... I have been spoiled. =)

Thanks for a fun trip Anderson family!


They exist... The Piggly Wiggly stores that is.

This was the last stop of the day on our little road trip... To be honest, I just love the name. Say it ten times fast and you will too.


We are excited for our little Easter weekend... It is going to be busy. BUSY.

I'm off to bake some cookies with my boys, followed by homemade pizza tonight, dying Easter Eggs, and hopefully, fit in a movie with my favorite guy.

Hope your Easter Weekend brings lots of fun.

Monday, April 11, 2011

lazy afternoons...

We had a beautiful weekend!

Friday JC tested out his bbq skills...
(Good thing it was just us!)
Next time we will know what we are doing!

We spent the evening watching a movie.

Saturday after Zenock's soccer game we spent the rest of the day working in the yard. This is by far one of my favorite things to do as a family. I love it! I love the satisfaction of growing pretty flowers and maintaining a yard. The weather was seriously gorgeous! Ninety plus degrees... IN April! We all ended up with sunburned arms and faces.

I love the feeling of a hard days work and seeing flowers like this every time I step outside...


I love living in the South simply for the fact that I can grow these!



We have early church on Sunday... As much as I hate waking up early. I love the lazy Sunday afternoons we get to spend as a family going for walks, drives, taking naps, talking to family, eating treats, and playing games. So refreshing!


A lot of our Sunday afternoons are spent being teased, tickled, and "tortured."
By anyone who knows how. =)


Hanging out or sitting around is a must... as long as we are together.


Occasionally, we suck on our toes...
(I promise just Kamden does and only when they are clean.)


No matter what we do. We love Sundays and hate to see them go. I find myself staying up late on Sundays never wanting them to end... knowing all too well what Monday morning brings as well as the rest of a busy week!

hope you have a happy week.

love, us.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Toes

Don't you just love cute baby toes and feet.

I wish they would stay that little forever.


Kamden has been loving his toes for awhile now. I just can't get enough of either of them. He is such a sweet baby... always happy and smiling.

We had his six month check-up last week... hate those dang nasty shots plus allergies and teething this week have made for an "I want to be happy, but don't feel good" kind of baby.

His stats at his appointment were:
Height: 29 1/4 inches
Weight: 17 lbs 15 1/2 oz

Both are in the 75th percentiles. At four mths he was in the 95th for weight... Glad to see that has come down a little, since I have to still "lug" him and his car seat around.

Our favorite things at SIX months are:
-His little fake laugh. He does it ALL the time.
-His squeals and babbles.
-He is always blowing bubbles.
-Loves Primary Songs in the car. Whenever we have them on he is "singing" along with Zenock in the backseat.
-Currently teething and always has his hands/fingers in his mouth... but, still loves his paci.
-Woke up only ONCE last night for the first time EVER. (I slept like a baby! It was so nice.)
-Loves his jumperoo, Zenock, and being outside.
-Starting to sit.
-Hates his tummy and refuses to roll onto it... although he can. When we lay him down at night he doesn't move at all from his back and is usually in the same spot that we layed him in. (SO different from Zenock who was ALL over the crib.)

We love our little chubby chubbers. =)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A few things.

We have had quite the last two weeks!

Busy and entertaining- at the least.
(This just might be a record long post... feel free to skip around.)

Something like this...

Monday morning (two weeks ago), I woke up so excited that I had nothing planned for the day.

A whole day to do things on my list. =)

I jumped in the shower early and when I got out I checked my phone...
Three missed calls and voicemails.
(Never a good sign at 8:30 in the morning.)

The first was from Lowe's... scheduling delivery of our new grill. (yahoo!)
The second went something like this...
"This is Colonel .... and I work with your husband JC. He is currently in route to Crestwood Hospital." (Yeah, My heart sank at this point.)
Apparently, JC had reached up to scratch his head and his shoulder dislocated...

For those that know JC - I know you are laughing right now.

A bit of background... JC's shoulder started dislocating when he was a sophomore in high school. He says he quit counting around 143 times...
I laugh every time I hear about the time he sneezed and it came out.
He has had 3 shoulder surgeries... The last one being about 8 years ago right after his mission.
The surgery was done by one of the best in the country and we haven't had any worries about it since then.

Apparently, surgeries like this only last for so long and need to be redone every so often.

Something exciting to look forward too... {insert major sarcasm here}.

BACK to my missed phone calls.

The third was from JC telling me what happened. They took him by ambulance down to the ER.
I got the boys ready, packed them up, dropped Zenock off with some friends, and spent the rest of the day in the ER and running errands related to the event.

The rest of the week was filled with taking care of JC, appointments, soccer practice, pre-school, errands, friends b-day parties, dinner with friends, conference, the usual... as well, as my little Zenock's BIG 4th Birthday.


He has been so excited about turning 4.

I have been so bummed that it has been 4 years... wish it would slow down a bit.


We had a great day. No Birthday Party or BIG stress this year.
Simple family celebration.

Zenock awoke to balloons all over his room.
I made him pancakes with sprinkles on them.
(He did the sprinkles and then he got to eat his pancakes on the Birthday plate.)

We got ready and headed to the Jump Zone. A big wearhouse type place with gigantic jump/bounce houses. (It had been raining for the last two weeks. We needed a fun activity... This is my NEW fav. rainy day activity. Love this place. Worth every penny.)


This picture cracks me up... for some odd reason he looks exactly like my brother. I know I've seen that facial expression before. I sent it to my Mom and sister who agreed.



No joke there are at least 6 or 7 of these enormous slides. So fun for little kids... (And I'm in love even more when I watched them go through at the end and start sanitizing everything!)


There was a little arcade area also.
JC showed up and surprised Zenock.


We kept the gifts simple... some books, a game, a piggy bank for all his chore money, a transformer (he begged for), and a new bike or motorcycle as Zenock calls it.

(He was a little upset that I didn't give him a helmet... we'll have get on that one right away!)

For dinner we went to our favorite pizza place "Mellow Mushroom." Best pizza EVER.


Don't judge my cake... =)

Zenock chose all the stuff for his cake and then helped me make and decorate it.

His wish... (he told us)
Was to get on an airplane and go to Utah to visit Aunt Emi and Grandma.

He is such a sweet boy.


Sure love this boy!

Happy 4th Birthday Zenock!



First Soccer practice a few weeks ago...
{Water Break}


He loves getting to wear all of his soccer stuff.


A pep talk from Dad before the game.
Our original first Soccer game was rained out. Our first gamed ended up being last weekend.


He did great.

We had another game today and he did awesome...
He even SCORED a GOAL!

He was so frustrated after the first game. He didn't understand why everyone didn't get their own ball like at practice and didn't get to each have a turn kicking the ball. Needless, to say the first game was a little rough.

Things must have clicked, because he was so good today!
Not just saying that because I am his Mom, but we were so proud of our little guy.
He was a blast to watch.

Some of my favorite things about 3/4 year old Soccer are...
-The pinecone treasure they stop to pick up and examine mid game.
-There are train tracks right behind the field. Every time a train (or airplane for that matter) goes by or flies overhead the entire game stops as the kids watch in utter amazement.
-The water breaks they take during the game. They just run off the field to grab a drink... no time-outs.
-No defense... Wherever the ball is... There is usually a crowd of little people bunched up or chasing after it.

In the game today...
-Zenock elbowed a girl... (oops!)
-Got clotheslined big time and jumped up and shook it off.
-Ran after the ball with full force yelling... when he would kick it he would yell "High-Yeah" (like a karate chop action).

We could not stop laughing. Oh my goodness. We treated him to a kids meal after the game.

He totally deserved it. =)