Thursday, March 24, 2011

little feet.

I am obsessing over these little soccer cleats this week.

They just seem so little...
Is my child really old enough for all this.
Am I really old enough to be a full- fledged soccer Mom.


Zenock had his first soccer practice last Saturday... one tonight... and his BIG first game is this Saturday. He is super excited about ALL things soccer lately.

He woke up last Saturday around six-thirty asking, "Is it my soccer day today?"
Every day, he begs his Dad to play soccer with him outside after dinner.

More pictures to come...

The shoes are SO little (the smallest size possible and still a bit big), but my little Zennie is seriously getting too big.

The BIG number four is a week away.
(I tell myself it can't be, but really, no joke, IT IS.)
Not to mention Zenock reminds us about it daily.
He has been my best little buddy lately.

How I wish they could stay little.

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Annie said...

Those may be the cutest things I have EVER seen. They make me so excited for my boys to grow up (yes, I am a terrible mom who is actually excited for her kids to get older) and play soccer. "Soccer" is one of their favorite words right now :-) Love Kamden's 5 month pictures, as well. Such cute kids you have! Oh, and I ate an entire bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs the other day, and as always, thought of you :-)