Thursday, March 24, 2011

little feet.

I am obsessing over these little soccer cleats this week.

They just seem so little...
Is my child really old enough for all this.
Am I really old enough to be a full- fledged soccer Mom.


Zenock had his first soccer practice last Saturday... one tonight... and his BIG first game is this Saturday. He is super excited about ALL things soccer lately.

He woke up last Saturday around six-thirty asking, "Is it my soccer day today?"
Every day, he begs his Dad to play soccer with him outside after dinner.

More pictures to come...

The shoes are SO little (the smallest size possible and still a bit big), but my little Zennie is seriously getting too big.

The BIG number four is a week away.
(I tell myself it can't be, but really, no joke, IT IS.)
Not to mention Zenock reminds us about it daily.
He has been my best little buddy lately.

How I wish they could stay little.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kamden (five months)

We took some pictures of Kamden at almost 5 months...
(I am WAY behind at sharing them, since he is six months next week.)

BUT, wanted to get them on here anyway, so they can be part of "the book."

I thought they turned out dang cute.

Now that the weather is warm I want to get more taken outside.









You can never have too many pictures of when your kids were little... right!? =)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day...

We have had one busy day...

Pre-School was super busy today. The boys are making "About Me" books and have lots of coloring and art projects to put in them.

We enjoyed an afternoon at the park with friends...
and even got a little sunburned.

EIGHTY degrees my friends! =)


My boys in their matching green. Cheesy - I know, but, I am doing it while I can. Zenock was so excited that Kamden had his "same" shirt on.

We seriously don't own green clothes...


(Don't ask me what Zenock is doing or the face he is pulling... I was happy to get one happy normal smile or have him be in a picture at ALL.) :)

See that green bench in the background...

I'm pretty excited about it.

It just happens to be my first thrift store purchase... umm... ever.

I'm usually completely against it... Just can't get over the whole "germs" thing.
(I have major OCD when it comes to germs... in my house.)

BUT, I did it and made myself buy it.

I totally bargained and got a deal too. Score!

I'm excited to give it a fresh new coat of paint this week...


Don't you love his chunky fat legs...

Now, it's time for some GREEN breakfast/dinner and then headed to a baby shower.

Hope you are having a fun day.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Distance makes the heart grow fonder... =)

Remember how Zenock gets fed to the witch when he is bad...
He decided to draw me a few pictures of the "silly witch" in my closet.



Too cute not to share.
(I seriously didn't even know he could draw this well!)


Last week, JC had a class he had to go to up in South Bend, Indiana.

He ended up basically on the campus of Notre Dame.

I wanted to share a few pics he took via his iphone.

Football Stadium

You can see this mural when you are in the stadium...
If you've ever watched a Notre Dame Game, they refer to this as "Touchdown Jesus."

JC said The Basilica on campus was really cool... very ornate.

If you have a husband that is into Sports at all or follows sports at all you know what March is all about...


It happens once a year at our house. Some mysterious illness hits JC every year on the first day and he doesn't go into work and ends up sick on the couch...
(Hmm... :) Not saying anything.)

JC was also able to attend a Notre Dame basketball game vs Villanova. (4th row tickets!)

Also, not that we are BYU fans,but it has been fun to watch them this season... pretty darn good.
JC was able to field all sorts of questions as to the "suspension" of Davies from the team.
Great little missionary conversation starter. :)


Before, JC left, we tried to prep Zenock that JC was leaving. (JC being gone for 3 weeks was/IS still very fresh on Zenock's memory and since Kamden has been born, JC and Zenock have become the bestest buds.) JC spent Saturday with him... took him to the driving range and even let him hit his own bucket of balls.

It didn't do much good.

Sunday came and we headed to the airport... goodbye's were somewhat said, but even before the door was closed, Zenock was screaming.

I don't think I have ever heard him scream or cry that hard... EVER.
I felt awful, helpless, and we ended up ALL crying the whole way home.

THANK goodness there was ice cream in the freezer. :)


I am NOT one to pine away while my husband is out of town.
That doesn't mean that I don't love him and miss him terribly when he is gone.

I kind of go crazy when I hear about girls that can't be alone...

Time away is sometimes good.

When JC leaves... I know in advance and I have a plan of action.
(Otherwise, I might end up being one of "those" girls crying myself to sleep at night... NOTHING is wrong with that. For ME, it is mainly because I'm a wimp and hate the dark.)

I stay up late when JC is gone... getting things done that NEED to be done or I just haven't gotten done. I craft. I spend a day shopping - enjoying the day out. OR, I play with my kids and don't worry about things being picked up.

Last week my plan was to... PAINT... a room, a chair, and a table.

I had it all planned out.

I failed... miserably.


That's the end of a long story cut short. It's depressing. I'll have to explain later.

I did spend a day somewhat shopping... (the best you can do with 2 boys in tow.)
I ventured to PIER 1 imports... It's a must this time of year. LOVE all of their new Spring decor.
It inspired me.

Bought some new kitchen rugs.

And, added a little Spring subway art for decor in my kitchen.
(I love/hate decorating for Spring... How do you decorate with pastels when the main color you use in your house is RED...)


The actual file was a bit more spring looking...
The colors turned out a bit different when it was printed, but I think it still turned out cute and actually matches my kitchen better. Feel free to steal the idea... (it took all of 15 minutes to make.) OR, I'd be happy to share and e-mail you the file. :)


I also found a cute frame at Pier 1 that I had a great idea for...




I'm always changing decor and never liked what I had over Kamden's crib, but thought this worked out great. Love that I can switch out the pictures fast and quick as well as add things here and there over time as he gets older. :)


SO much for my plan of action for the week.

SO glad JC is home.

Here's hoping us government employees have jobs next week...


Stories to be told...

The last few weeks have FLOWN by.

We have had one thing after another.

Beautiful weather leads to getting outdoors and no time for the computer or blogging. We have been up in the 70's!!! (Minus the last few days of rain - my reason for blogging.) Zenock and I count the popcorn trees (as he calls them) as we drive around town. It doesn't matter how many times I tell him they are "flowers that look like popcorn." He still asks... "Mom, Maybe we can stop and eat some one day." I love how excited he is that it is SPRING!

He (WE) can't wait for his first Soccer practice (don't tell Grandpa Larson!) to start on Saturday and then T-ball to start in a month.



Truth be told... I seriously have some darn cute boys.
AND, yes, I know I am totally biased.

Sometimes, you just gotta say how much you love their cute little faces, smiles, and the laughter.

I wouldn't survive each day with out it.

I only wish both of my boys would let me document it.
Zenock has turned into a "run and hide or whine" kid when the camera comes out.

SO, No pictures of Zenock... again.
(Trust me when I say, I tried.)

BUT, I do have some stories...

While being told, enjoy some pictures of my pretty much always happy baby!


At preschool the other day they were learning about consequences and what happens when they get in trouble. Their teacher, "Miss Jessica" was asking what happens to each of them.
The usual comments were made, time-out, etc. When it was Zenock's turn he informed everyone... "My Dad turns into a Zombie and takes me to the witch in my Mom's closet."

Oops! Maybe, we went a little overboard on that one. =)





A couple of nights ago, JC heard Zenock tell me...

"Mom, Tell Kamden to quit looking at me!"

Hahaha... We are still laughing.

I'm sure that won't be the end of that...



My little Kamden had a HUGE milestone just today...

READY for this -

He rolled over.

The Dr asked me at his apt if he had even attempted it...
My answer was no way, I think he is too fat. :)

BUT, he did it... Tummy to Back.
(He hates being on his tummy.)

Zenock and I clapped and cheered while Kamden stared at us like we were crazy.


Both of my boys are growing so fast... with out permission.

The 2nd time around goes even faster than the first.
(I barely have moments to document it all... and believe me, I would LOVE to document it all. In fact, it drives me crazy when I leave something out. -- Maybe, not so fun for you.)


Kamden barely fits in this bumbo chair... he has some crazy fat little legs.
Anyone else experience this??





Can't you just hear him laughing... he has the cutest little laugh.

We torture him all day long tickling him and playing games to make him laugh.




He just started doing this thing... Hard to explain... BUT, he puckers his lips like above photo and lets out lit spit noises. He does it over and over again. Hilarious to watch.

Kamden also found his toes last week - love when babies play with their toes.


We spent ALL day outside last Thursday- Playing at the park, picnics, walks, and playing at home.

Zenock has gotten SO good at learning his letters lately. He can name them and say their sound.
We are now onto practicing to write them.

(This is a HUGE accomplishment from a month or two ago... We would sit down and go over them for hours at school and home. It just wasn't sinking in. I bought the movie "Letter Factory" by Leapfrog... and seriously after a few times watching it, he is AWESOME!)

Here is his first attempt at his name... (almost all by himself.)


(Mine is the top one... His is the bottom one... if you couldn't tell.)


Hope it's starting to look and feel like Spring wherever you are. :)