Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The great debate...

I need your help!

(Especially all you beauticians out there!)

I have this huge issue...


My hair. :)

It drives me crazy! The thought of what to do with it drives me crazy. It is seriously ridiculous the battle of thoughts that go through my head daily about what to do.

"Cut or don't cut. Long or short."

If it was even remotely appropriate I would don a Demi Moore G.I. Jane look... if only...

One day I will be dead set on cutting with phone in hand ready to make the apt.
The next day I will be totally committed to growing it out more.

My "source" who I usually go to (aka: my husband) is totally biased about long hair. He tells me all the time not to cut it. He refers to short hair as "mushroom" hair.
It's aggravating!!!

Just the word mushroom makes me cringe.
(BUT, I always said long hair was cone headed on me... which makes me cringe too.)

I WAS always a short hair person... all growing up. Until, the Summer I met JC and for some reason I let it grow out. Since I've been married I have gone back and forth.

Now the battle is killing me... The decision needs to be made once and for all.

Help me please. :)

If you prefer... submit an anonymous comment/opinion/suggestion.
If you have any cute suggestions with pictures, feel free to e-mail them to me...

Yes, I'm doing this and I know it is totally lame/sad....
Trust me, I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't sick to death of the thought process.

My pros/cons:

My hair is curly... really curly. ALL, but the top layer.
Long hair is easier when all I have to do is put it in a pony tail... which is pretty much how it ends up every day. Esp. when you have kids/babies that pull on it.
Long hair takes longer to blow dry and even longer to straighten.
Short hair costs more... cutting it every 6 weeks.
There is always remorse a few weeks after I cut my hair. (hate that feeling!)
I love short hair for Summer... esp. when it is humid (like Alabama!)

The list goes on... Ahhh! I hate it. I'm done.

Tips, Ideas, Comments, Opinions, Suggestions, or maybe a completely different option...

ALL are welcome! :)


Erin said...

If my opinion counts for anything I LOVE your hair in the shorter cut with the yellow and white shirt. I think that hair cut looks more "Styled" and grownup than with the long hair. Both are cute but I personally really like the shorter hair with no bang the best.

There is my input.

Erin said...

Oh gosh Carin you are so darn cute either way :) I have had short hair my whole adult life and I am finally to the point where I think I want to grow it! That said, the # one reason I love short hair is because I feel like I have a style. When my hair is longer I feel frumpy (not all feel this way, i just do) cuz most of the time my hair ends up in a pony...which makes me feel like I am not ready...Am I rambling?
Good luck with this. You too cute for works so either way you will be a hot mama :)

Callie said...

ugh I am so having this debate with myself right now. I LOVE the picture with your short hair with the yellow/white shirt. I don't know why boys love long hair (my husband is the same way). You are totally cute with whatever so you really can't lose. Maybe start pulling JC's hair and he'll be a fan of short hair too. Good Luck!

Kristin Bishop said...

LOVE LOVE IT SHORT. Both of course look great...but I am a short hair person. It always looks done and in place....even while you are chasing kiddos and beign a mom. I always want extensions or to grow it out...and my hair lady says "you would just pull it in a pony anyways!" it's true. Decide what will be easy and quick...because you are a mom now...but that looks finished and DONE:)

I think most men think they love long hair...but I cut mine when we got married and jarom won't let me grow it back out. He says it's sassy:) hahaha

Good Luck!

and I didn't even read the other ocmments. No idea what they say!

Kari said...

My mom and I think you should go SHORT! With your petite features, the shorter hair frames your face better than the long. But maybe you can go just long enough that you still can get a ponytail. If you are like me, I love the option of ponytail days.

Anonymous said...

I def think you should leave it long. I mean if that's what your husband wants then you should do whatever his wishes are

Heather said...

Most guys I know like longer hair on women .... but I LOVE your hair short. Because of your petite features and round face - it suits you. It frames your face just right. I think you look best with short hair. I like the short hair w/ bangs best but without bangs it looks amazing too. How mad is he going to be if you cut it? If it's something he'll get over then do it. If it's something he'll hang over your head for a long time then I would grow it out. He is after all the one your trying to impress ... right? That is my imput. LOve you, Carin. Good luck.

Heather said...

By the way, the anonymous comment was probably from you husband. lol ;)

Shennie said...

I go through this same debate every single time I have a kid. My hair starts falling out in clumps and I start going insane and so I chop it. And love it. For a few months. Then by the time I have my next kid it's long again and I start the whole process all over again. That's the beauty of hair - it grows back.

I love your hair in the picture with the yellow shirt too.

I grew up in a family where all the boys insisted that long=beautiful. When I had my first kid I cut it short and Chris loved it and he always says to keep it short. This has created an internal dilemma about what is the most beautiful. I told this all to my sister (right before I cut my hair this last time) and she said "Do what makes YOU feel pretty." I've thought a lot about that and I think she's right. Which for me means giving long and short a try depending on life's circumstances.

You say your hair is curly...why have I never seen your hair curly? I want a picture of that too :)

Ryan Reeder said...

Mushroom hair or not, you were a cute kid. 1988

Jen said...

Short hair all the way its soo flattering and beautiful on you!!

Unknown said...

I have the same problem, but every single time I cut it off when it gets to the length I have it now and then I start growing it out again because I want longer hair. I'm hoping to get past that this time.

I think you look great with it short or long, but I think my favorite is the picture where it's short with those side bang thingies where you're holding Zen.

Heidi said...

Short!! I think it makes you look older, not in old, but you know... older, not teenager, even though you do look young like a teenager... oh, geez. Short! =)

Charsty said...

If you go short I like it better without the bangs. However, I like long hair (yes, I know that I have short hair...) If it were me, id leave it long but put shorter layers in it giving it more definition and making it feel more 'polished' when done. (although, you always look put together and gorgeous to me!) Good luck with your decision!

The Noble Steeds said...

You're cute no matter which! But, I vote for short and not just because JC wants it long!

Baird Family said...

Lucky for you, you're beautiful either way. That makes this a win/win situation. But for the sake of helping make a decision, I say short. It's spunky and fun and it really does fit how petite and cute you are!

Annie said...

i wrote a big long, totally awesome, comment, but then i got erased. ugh. but, my vote is....short!

Traylor Family said...

Okay, I thought I was just reading my brain just now. I have the SAME dilemma. I have super curly hair. When it's long I always just pull it back. When it's short I'm forced to style it. *I* love it short, my husband loves it long. A ponytail is easier, but feeling pretty is nice too. I can't wait to see what you end up doing! As for me...I'm DETERMINED to grow mine out. I'm getting a trim in the morning.

Shannon said...

Both are seriously cute, but I love the short:)