Friday, February 18, 2011

Four (and a half) months

They grow WAY too fast...


We had Kamden's check-up yesterday.
At four months his stats are:
16.7 lbs (95th percentile!)
28 inches long (75th percentile!)

The Dr said he is the size of most 6 or 7 month olds.
I really wanted him to stay little as long as possible.

He is such a chunk.
My back has been hurting constantly the last couple of weeks... After a day of shopping/running errands last week, I felt as if I'd been working out all day. My back was feeling very strained. I was telling JC something must be wrong with me... I'm a wimp. JC asked what I had been doing and we quickly figured it out... It HAD to be, because I was carrying Kamden and his car seat around all day and hoisting them up over my head into shopping carts, strollers, the car, etc.
I know it can't be because of a good workout -- I haven't set foot on a treadmill or ran around the block in over a year. haha.

Who has time as a Mom to work out... I refuse to wake-up before six-thirty/seven when my boys wake up.


Kamden never stops eating. He is ALWAYS hungry. I can feed him and two minutes later he will be stuffing his hands in his mouth wanting more.

We started him on rice cereal a week ago and he loves it! He is doing SO well eating.

I try to give it to him twice a day... Morning and Night.

Just wish it would help him sleep better at night.
He is an awful sleeper, because he is constantly wanting to eat at night.
He wakes up starving.

Our current schedule waking up at night goes like this...
Bed: Between 7-8
First wake: 10
Second: 12:30
Third: 2:30
Fourth: 4:30
Time to get up: 6-7:00


I'm always tired...

We are working on it. Reading "Healthy Sleep Habits" and trying to get this schedule to stop.
Hopefully, sooner than later.


These are some of our favorite jammies from when Zenock was a baby...
He wore them at 9 and 10 months.

I was a little worried about buying clothes for Kamden, because he and Zenock were born in opposite seasons. I haven't had to buy much. He caught right up to Zenock.
Right now he wears anything from 6-12 mths.


Kamden loves his bath time. He kicks, splashes, and smiles.

Nothing is sweeter than a babies smile.

I can be up all night with him and SO tired and frustrated the next morning. BUT, as soon as I walk into his room and lean over his crib and see his big smile... My heart just melts (as does the frustration.)


Kamden is such a happy and content baby. All he does is smile and talk to us. He loves when we play with him. He started laughing around 2 1/2 months... He is WAY ticklish!

He loves when Zenock plays with him. Zenock can get him laughing harder than either JC or I.
These two already show protective signs of one another. Kamden will start to cry if we try to discipline Zenock. Kamden had a little cough a week or so ago and we needed to give him some breathing treatments. The home healthcare guy was at our house showing me what to do... when Zenock started freaking out...

"Oh No! You are going to hurt my Kamden... Please! Please! Don't hurt my Kamden!"

It was seriously so sweet.

Zenock refers to Kamden as "Chunk" or "The Kamdenator."


We pulled out the jumperoo and bounce chair the other day for Kamden.

He plays really well with toys.


He thought he was so big being able to stand up and bounce on his own.
(I think he is such a mini JC. They look so much alike.)


Love chubby/happy babies. =)

A few other things we love about our sweet baby...

He lets out the biggest sigh after he sneezes.
He hates sleeping or laying on his tummy for more than 2 minutes.
We love when he raises his eyebrows at us.
He has these cute little shy moments (especially when eating) and will try and duck and bury his head and hide. Funny.
When we tell him he is so big, he will raise his eyebrows at us and gets this excited grin and try's so hard to stand up taller.
When we put him in his car seat he try's to sit up and won't lay back. (I never remember Zenock trying this!)


We hooked this duck onto his car seat awhile back. It makes me laugh out loud every time I hear him pull it in the car. He loves playing with it... The other night when we got home from dinner with friends we found him like this.

I wish this baby stage would last forever.

Loving life with a four month old!


Brittney said...

He is such a doll!!!

Tatiana said...

He's so cute Carin! He's growing well, I'd take chubby happy babies any day!

Heidi said...

I wish I had the answers with how to get a baby to sleep at night. I had most to sleep well, but a few (like Joey) who did not. Sometimes I just had to do CIO. I absolutely hated it, but it worked after 3 nights. Another thing that worked on most of mine, was tummy sleeping from day 1. I know the hospital and doctors advise all the new parents about not doing that, but I am a firm believer in stomach sleeping. (I think most adults were stomach sleeping babies as the campaign for it didn't start until after Josh (who is almost 21) was born.)

Kamden is just so so so cute!! Makes me almost want another one {snap out of it Heidi!}, but I think I will wait for grandchildren now. =)

The Cook Family said...

Dang you have beautiful kids!

Logan said...

I love the pics of him on the blanket. That's such a cute way to keep track of how big he is getting. I might steal the idea!

Jacque Hadlock said...

He is so cute! So many things you say feel just like what I am going through with babies! Too bad we can't hang out! I bet we would have some pretty funny moments with us both being so sleep deprived:)... but I am happy to say that I moved Micah out of my room about a month ago and I thought it would get better but no.... until the last 2 nights he has gone from getting up literally 4-6 times a night to once! Yes it feels good! Hopefully Kamden will learn it sooner than 6 1/2 months:)

Annie said...

wow, he is a studly little guy :-) love the pics you are doing with the monkey, that is an awesome idea. sorry about the no sleep. our kids didn't sleep for a long time, we tried a bunch of stuff, nothing worked, they eventually grew out of it. great advice, huh :-) maybe you could train zennock to get up with him....:-)

Bourgeous said...

What a cute guy! I can't believe how much he has grown. Love how you have him with the monkey. Hope you get some sleep soon.

Shannon said...

He is such a beautiful baby! I love his little cheeks:)

The Singleton's said...

Like the name Kamden! As you can tell I maybe update once a year and read blogs once too. Ha ha. Glad your happy.