Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wedding :)

My sister's wedding was lots of fun and lots of good memories.

My Mom grew up in New Mexico. Most every Summer or Thanksgiving growing up I remember driving the 8 to 9 hour drive going to visit. It was the highlight of the Summer when we got to go and visit my grandparents.

We also loved when they were able to come up and visit!

When we moved to Texarkana we stopped in New Mexico and stayed with them for a few days. Zenock was only 3 months old... It was the last time we saw them.

They recently moved to the warmer climate of Arizona :) and were able to be at my Sister's Wedding. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to spend a few moments with them through out the crazy/busy day and to give them each a hug.

My sister shares the same middle name as my Grandma and I was glad to be able to capture their cute moment above.

One of my favorite moments when I got married was walking into the sealing room and seeing them sitting by my Mom. They were the first people I saw and I hadn't seem them for a couple of years. It was such a testament to me of what I was doing and the perfect example of eternal marriage.
Love them so much.

Outside the temple equals lots of pictures...

Not sure how I got to be the oldest, yet the shortest!
(I have like 3 inch heels on too!)

I love the picture of Jake (Melissa's husband) and his dad and brothers.
You can totally tell how excited Jake is to be married... :)
Cracks me up every time.

My Aunt was their official photographer and I got to be the "unofficial" photographer.
It was fun following them around and watching them smile. Melissa was so cute when she walked out. Talk about perma grin. She couldn't stop!
I love weddings. :)

To be newly married again...

I love the pictures of Dads and their little girls...
Jake was super cute and was dancing Melissa all around as they were walking around the temple taking pictures.


Aren't they cute together?!?


The lunch/reception were both at Maddox... hallelujah! :)

I was beyond excited!

I'm obsessed with their turkey steaks and custard pie/cream puffs... which I definitely ate/had my share of. I had a plan to be careful of the amount of food I consumed during my stay in Utah. It went out the window the moment they set my plate down.


My Family... It just keeps growing!
Love them all.


You have no idea how many pictures we tried to take... Zenock wasn't having it. He was tired, crying, and "just wanted to play with his cousins..."

This is the best I got. Hahaha. :)

My nieces are seriously adorable and the sweetest girls ever!

They are going to be some heart breakers when they get older...
Watch out Chad and Jamie! :)

I love that my child wasn't the only one getting "the talk" during the reception. I was able to capture the same moment with my Brother and his son.

The boys thought the dance floor was a great surfing/sliding floor. :)

We had lots of fun catching up with cousins and old friends. :)
What a fun party to have a few days before Christmas!


We also had a blast on the dance floor. :)
It was great practice for the Valentine's Dance JC and I were just put in charge of for our ward...
JC has this great theme to re-visit the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance from Back to the Future... (since it's like the 50th anniversary of the dance or something like that.)
SO... Our theme is 50's. We are currently working on decor ideas and spreading the word.
Got any great ideas???


Really unforgettable moments...

Like when Emily and I talked my cute niece Alexa into playing "Love Song" by Taylor Swift on the grand piano.

She is an AMAZING piano player. She said ok, played the song which she has memorized (the real version - no simplified stuff!) and played it perfectly! Everyone had gathered around to watch her. The band members were filming her on the phones and sat there in awe...

She was so SO good, very talented, and adorable!
AND, she's only TEN! :)
(I can't believe she is so big! I remember how excited we were when she was born! Our first niece/first grandchild for my parents.)

I have the video and am working on trying to get the background sound to go away- so you can just hear the piano... Maybe, I'll post it when I'm through.


What a fun FUN day. Thanks Jake and Melissa for sharing it with us.

So glad that we could be there! :)


Annie said...

you're hair is getting so long! weddings are the best! i have been craving for someone to get married so that i can go to one :-) looks like it was a party! oh, and i have two younger sisters and they are both taller than me. it's messed up.

Jane said...

So fun that we were in Utah at the same time with family. Your sister looks beautiful and so happy in your pictures, which btw are always amazing. I too ate out a, many times at my favorite Utah restaurant after telling myself I would not.

Heidi said...

I love the temple pic -and all the others too :)

Jamie said...

I'm finally catching up on reading blogs (yep, I'm a little behind). It was so fun seeing you guys--I love the great pictures you got at the reception. Way fun times. And just for the record, I love your hair both ways, but LOVE the short 'do.....and I want an invite to your blog when you go private.