Monday, January 31, 2011


January has seriously flown by...

I usually hate January and spend the month complaining.
I haven't had two seconds to complain this year... Busy month!

SO here is our January in a nutshell. :)

January first came and went...
I think we spent a few days crying that we weren't still in Utah and then a week recovering from the laundry and getting things in order and getting back to a routine.

I was released from my piano assignment in Relief Society and called to teach the 5/6 year old's in Primary.

LOVE this calling!

We have a HUGE Primary. We can't even fit all the kids in the same room at a time... (I think I counted like 88 kids or something!)
I have one of the smallest classes and teach by myself, which I'm totally ok with. :)

I have the cutest kids. I come home every week to tell JC what they said and we end up laughing hilariously.

SO far... I have two love birds in my class. When I turn my back the little girl likes to sneak kisses to the little boy.

Another little girl is so quiet and will randomly interrupt the lesson to let me in on her secrets... The first week she said, "I'm going to marry Justin Beiber! I love him so much." I couldn't stop laughing. After she says things she goes quiet again and will just sit there. I only wish I could see what she's thinking in her little brain. Last week she piped in to tell me that I was her B.F.F.

I felt so cool. :)

Another little boy interrupted my class saying, "Uh-oh! Something's happening... (as he started shaking) I'm turning into something..." (He happens to LOVE dinosaurs and was turning into a t-rex.)

Haha! I love Primary!


We had quite the snowstorm in January...


RECORD-breaking snow for Alabama!


The snowstorm closed work for two days, school for a week... Lowes and Home Depot laughed when I went in and asked if they sold snow shovels.
(They don't carry them in Alabama!)


The snowstorm happened the day of the BIG Auburn National Championship game.

The snow/snowmen were all decorated with Orange and Blue.

We tried to order pizza for the game and all the stores were closed!


Zenock loves snow and had a blast getting to play in it at his "own" house.



We spent the rest of the snow week huddled inside (like the rest of the city) playing games, eating, and enjoying the fireplace.


My little handy manny... His goggles could be a little too tight!

He loves these goggles and wears them everywhere.
He can be found around town with his goggles or glasses, cowboy hat, and boots. :)



My Birthday was also in January... yeah for being 27. I used too think that was SO old.
Besides the sleep wrinkles under my left eye that magically appeared the day my Kamden was born... 27 isn't so bad.


My boys spoiled me. JC took half the day off... bought me an ab glider... (so far - love it!) and took me to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse.

Pretty sure Zenock thinks the ab glider is his. When I try and use it, I have both boys staring at me like I'm crazy and the whole time Zenock is saying, "Mom when is it my turn!?"


My little Kamden is growing so fast, (PLEASE stop!)

WE are enjoying him and loving his cute little personality that is starting to appear.
He loves to play with his toys... He is such a happy, content baby.


We went on a field trip with Zenock's school last week to Sci-Quest.
It was CRAZY fun.


They have this huge exhibit about the body. Some of the things were totally gross!
For instance... Above: You get to turn the wheel and feed this guy soda until he burps.


Or make some awesome farting sounds... (such a boys exhibit!)

They had another one that you squeezed a bottle and had to guess the smell coming out...
The options of the smell to guess were: Mouth, Armpit, Anus, Foot...
Seriously, NO joke.

Apparently, I didn't read what the exhibit was and made Zenock try it... I got a little too close and
OH MY GOSH... DISGUSTING! It was the armpit smell... EW, gross!!! It was bad.
Never Again.

I don't want to know what the other one's smelled like.


The bubbles and the earthquake chair were by far our favorite.



We were able to check off the lovely task of "taxes."

They are submitted and done before February!
(My goal not to drag it out this year...)

It was only accomplished with the help of about 3 bags of pink, red, and white peanut M&M's.
They will seriously kill me in the end.



Kamden is finally sleeping in his bed and in his room and only waking up once or twice a night.

He turned 4 months on the 28th!
I'll update more about him after his appointment. :)
Can't wait to see how big my CHUNK is.


We accomplished lots more this month -

-My Oldest Baby became a Sunbeam! YIKES! BUT, so fun!
We love his teachers. He loves his teachers and talks about them all week long.
I love being in the room with him during sharing/singing time and watching him raise his hand and get so excited to answer the questions.
-Rain Gutters on the house! FINALLY.
-JC turned into the handy man this month and fixed/built multiple things.
(This is a REAL accomplishment for him - he's not the handy type. The tools are mine.)
-Baby Showers, Relief Society, & Pampered Chef Parties allowed me to have a few nights out this month. Yeah! Love girl time.
-Searched and found new left handed golf clubs to replace JC's old ones (on sale no less). Just in time for the spring season. This last weekend brought 70 degree weather!
GOODBYE winter. :)

-We had a family fun taco night with friends and made the best SALSA ever!
(courtesy of the best "COOK" ever Miss Rebecca.)

You have to try it...
I promise you'll LOVE it. :)

Restaurant Style Salsa
  • 1 can (28 Ounce) Whole Tomatoes With Juice
  • 2 cans (10 Ounce) Rotel (diced Tomatoes And Green Chilies) (1 ORIGINAL AND 1 MILD)
  • ¼ cups Chopped Onion
  • 1 clove Garlic, Minced
  • 1 whole Jalapeno, Quartered And Sliced Thin
  • ¼ teaspoons Sugar
  • 3/4 TBS Salt
  • ¼ teaspoons Ground Cumin
  • ½ cups Cilantro (more To Taste!)
  • ½ whole Lime Juice
Preparation Instructions
Combine whole tomatoes and Rotel, (You will have to pour half in the serving bowl to fit the rest of the ingredients in a blender). Add onion, jalapeno, garlic, sugar, salt, cumin, lime juice, and cilantro (add cilantro last or it will change the color) in a blender or food processor. Pulse until you get the salsa to the consistency you’d like—I do about 10 to 15 pulses. Test seasonings with a tortilla chip and adjust as needed.

Refrigerate salsa for at least an hour. Serve with tortilla chips, tacos, or cheese nachos.

Yum. Yum. Yum. :)

-We also introduced Zenock to the movie Harry and the Henderson's...
He was terrified at first, he laughed hysterically through the movie, and sobbed at the end when Harry left.
He now pretends to go camping every day with Harry.
We spent the majority of the movie watching Zenock's reactions.
I love introducing him to movie's or things that I remember watching and doing when I was little.


AND, that was January...

Welcome February!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wedding :)

My sister's wedding was lots of fun and lots of good memories.

My Mom grew up in New Mexico. Most every Summer or Thanksgiving growing up I remember driving the 8 to 9 hour drive going to visit. It was the highlight of the Summer when we got to go and visit my grandparents.

We also loved when they were able to come up and visit!

When we moved to Texarkana we stopped in New Mexico and stayed with them for a few days. Zenock was only 3 months old... It was the last time we saw them.

They recently moved to the warmer climate of Arizona :) and were able to be at my Sister's Wedding. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to spend a few moments with them through out the crazy/busy day and to give them each a hug.

My sister shares the same middle name as my Grandma and I was glad to be able to capture their cute moment above.

One of my favorite moments when I got married was walking into the sealing room and seeing them sitting by my Mom. They were the first people I saw and I hadn't seem them for a couple of years. It was such a testament to me of what I was doing and the perfect example of eternal marriage.
Love them so much.

Outside the temple equals lots of pictures...

Not sure how I got to be the oldest, yet the shortest!
(I have like 3 inch heels on too!)

I love the picture of Jake (Melissa's husband) and his dad and brothers.
You can totally tell how excited Jake is to be married... :)
Cracks me up every time.

My Aunt was their official photographer and I got to be the "unofficial" photographer.
It was fun following them around and watching them smile. Melissa was so cute when she walked out. Talk about perma grin. She couldn't stop!
I love weddings. :)

To be newly married again...

I love the pictures of Dads and their little girls...
Jake was super cute and was dancing Melissa all around as they were walking around the temple taking pictures.


Aren't they cute together?!?


The lunch/reception were both at Maddox... hallelujah! :)

I was beyond excited!

I'm obsessed with their turkey steaks and custard pie/cream puffs... which I definitely ate/had my share of. I had a plan to be careful of the amount of food I consumed during my stay in Utah. It went out the window the moment they set my plate down.


My Family... It just keeps growing!
Love them all.


You have no idea how many pictures we tried to take... Zenock wasn't having it. He was tired, crying, and "just wanted to play with his cousins..."

This is the best I got. Hahaha. :)

My nieces are seriously adorable and the sweetest girls ever!

They are going to be some heart breakers when they get older...
Watch out Chad and Jamie! :)

I love that my child wasn't the only one getting "the talk" during the reception. I was able to capture the same moment with my Brother and his son.

The boys thought the dance floor was a great surfing/sliding floor. :)

We had lots of fun catching up with cousins and old friends. :)
What a fun party to have a few days before Christmas!


We also had a blast on the dance floor. :)
It was great practice for the Valentine's Dance JC and I were just put in charge of for our ward...
JC has this great theme to re-visit the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance from Back to the Future... (since it's like the 50th anniversary of the dance or something like that.)
SO... Our theme is 50's. We are currently working on decor ideas and spreading the word.
Got any great ideas???


Really unforgettable moments...

Like when Emily and I talked my cute niece Alexa into playing "Love Song" by Taylor Swift on the grand piano.

She is an AMAZING piano player. She said ok, played the song which she has memorized (the real version - no simplified stuff!) and played it perfectly! Everyone had gathered around to watch her. The band members were filming her on the phones and sat there in awe...

She was so SO good, very talented, and adorable!
AND, she's only TEN! :)
(I can't believe she is so big! I remember how excited we were when she was born! Our first niece/first grandchild for my parents.)

I have the video and am working on trying to get the background sound to go away- so you can just hear the piano... Maybe, I'll post it when I'm through.


What a fun FUN day. Thanks Jake and Melissa for sharing it with us.

So glad that we could be there! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas. Utah. and Part One

Currently we are experiencing record breaking snowfall here in Alabama!

We are talking SIX inches or more... that have already fallen.

School was canceled, JC didn't have work - most businesses and government offices were closed.

Even fast food/pizza places were closed.
We tried to order a pizza for the BIG Auburn/Oregon game tonight.. (If you live in Alabama you are either an Auburn fan or Alabama fan. Game days are a fan of red or orange/navy at the stores.) The nearest pizza place open was 50 miles north in Tennessee.

Once again, I just have to laugh. I thought about a week ago when my Mom, sister, and I drove to Logan through the canyon in a blizzard and I was terrified. I hate that canyon... flashbacks came flooding back of early mornings driving to work in snow.
Just an FYI to my Alabama friends: Lowes and Home Depot don't sell snow shovels.
Good Luck!

After being dumped on 3 different times while we were in Utah over Christmas, I remember saying how HAPPY I was to go home to a place where it never snows...
Haha.. I was wrong! :)
Apparently, I am not supposed to finish this. :) This is the second attempt after it being deleted once! Also, am I the only person that sits at the computer and two minutes later is bombarded with interruptions!
I WILL finish this today...
Our snow storm turned into two canceled days of work for JC! Yahoo! Everything was closed, so not much else to do, but sit around and drink Hot Chocolate. :) We are excited for another 3 day weekend in a few days!
We LOVED our time/Christmas spent in Utah.
It was a perfect and much needed vacation.
The only downside was there wasn't enough time to see everyone and do everything we would have liked.
We arrived on the 16th of December (after barely making our plane!) and were able to meet up with my family at the Logan temple so that my sister could take out her endowments. It was so fun to be able to see her for the first time and meet her husband in the temple. :)
On Sunday December 19th, we were able to bless our little Kamden.


We had planned on just family and couple of JC's close friends to help bless Kamden, but felt so loved when lots of friends were there to support and help us.


My little Kamden is so sweet. :)

A couple of my favorite things from the blessing were:

We had talked to Zenock about blessings and how we were going to bless Kamden when we went to Utah during an FHE earlier in December.

On our way to the church we were going over what we had talked about and how we were going to tell Heavenly Father what we wanted to name our baby.

Zenock looked at us and said, "Well, Heavenly Father.. It's Kamden." :)

We might have to go over that one...

Zenock also was very upset that he couldn't stand in the circle... he was the only boy in the room not in the circle. I will cry the day he is old enough.


The sweetest part of the blessing was when Kamden was told that he and Zenock would grow up and be the best of friends. :)


I feel so lucky to have such sweet/special boys.


My sister was married on Tuesday the 21st.

The "event" is a post in itself. I seriously took over 400 pictures that day alone. The thought overwhelms me to think about. It WILL get done. One day. Maybe by the end of January!


We were able to spend a few days with my family. My brothers and their families both live in Southern Utah, so it was nice that they were there also to spend time with.


The grandkids favorite thing to do is go "Ghost Hunting" in the basement/storage room. Apparently, it is haunted... Who knew?!?

I was a little worried about Zenock, who is terrified of the dark. BUT, at one point he and his cousin Jailyn were in the room by themselves with the lights out and when I went to check on him, I was told to go away!

Love cousins and imaginations. :)



We went and visited Grandpa at school one day... Zenock loved it!

They have completely remodeled the school since JC and I were there... We kept waiting for the "smell" through out our tour (you know the musty, old, books, combination of 300 kinds of perfume smell.) Sadly, it wasn't there. The school looks great though!


Family Christmas Parties...

We had a few or a lot. Our entire vacation was a Christmas party... with lots of family, food, and fun!



Christmas Eve was spent with JC's family. His grandparents were able to be there as well.

I was so excited how well Zenock jumped in and bonded/played with his cousins. Cousins are really something special. He needed no introduction and wasn't too worried when we just left him there to play.


We went home and let Zenock open he and Kamden's new pjs's and a couple of books to read before bed.
Then we checked in to see where Santa was.. (I have the cutest video of Zenock checking in on Santa. He was SO excited and just "couldn't believe" that Santa was on his way!)


My sister Emily made the sign above for my Dad. She always comes up with the best presents! Whenever my Dad answers the phone and knows who is calling - he says, "Joe's Bar."

We told him his sign would be perfect over the doorway to his "office."

Zenock had a great Christmas and informed us, "I got everything I wanted!" Whew! Santa is always happy to hear that. :) He got a Leapster Explorer/games, a dr kit, lots of Toy Story 3 toys, and a REAL cowboy hat so he could help Grandpa on the farm.



More family and fun with JC's extended family.

Min it to win it was hilarious! We were laughing so hard. That darn Hannah sure knows how to shake her hips and get the Jingle Bells out of the box. She's a little diva and is adorable! :) My poor Zenock only knows how to jump up and down...
We'll have to practice for a re-match!



It's always fun to get with friends and catch up. Love these girls. I know I can always count on them if I need them.

(thanks for the pic Tati:)



Zenock loves planes and trains. He got to go with JC, Grandpa, and cousins to the Train Museum at Ogden Station and the Hill Air Museum.



Love this picture of Kamden just chillin' before church. :)

It sums up our vacation in one word... "Relaxing."

(Even though I think we were all sick at some point or for half of our vacation!)



Zenock also got to have a fun snow day and go sledding with his cousins.
I think I've had enough snow this winter. I'm ready for Spring.
We loved our vacation and loved being able to see those of you that we did get to see!
We returned home just a couple hours before it was time to ring in the New Year.
Thanks to my visiting teachers who left a sweet and sparkling New Years treat on my doorstep!
The last week has been spent trying to catch up, clean up and get back in our routine...
BUT, so far our New Year is off to a great start. :)