Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am amazed at the time I don't have these days.

The 5 minutes I do have during the day to check my e-mail usually are spent with one or even two kids sitting on my lap. I end up bribing the older one to sit on the floor with Christmas treats so I can type out a one handed reply.

So it goes...

Life with two kids and loving it.

Even when it begins at 6:30 every morning when my little Zenock throws a tantrum heard throughout the neighborhood not wanting his Dad to go to work... (afraid, I think, that his Dad is leaving for DC work.) It takes about 15 minutes every morning to calm him down.

The day ends around 11:30 when I give up trying to keep the baby in his bed and snuggle with him on the couch. My little Kamden FINALLY decides to close his eyes, bury his head in my arm, and gives me the biggest smile knowing that he has won.

He is so spoiled even at 2 months old. Now time to re-cap November.

I love being a Mom. I love having 2 little boys. I love my life. :)


Now time to re-cap November.

My husband returned home safely the first of November.
He fulfilled his promise to Zenock, taking him to the Rocket Ship Museum.


As you drive through Huntsville you see the big "Rocket Ships." Zenock has been begging since we moved here to go and see them and push the buttons.

Wish granted. JC and Zenock had a fun day out.

The next weekend JC and Zenock headed to our Ward Camp-out.
(It was still 70 degrees here.)

Zenock loved it and talked constantly about sleeping in the tent with Dad, the rope course, and the s'mores.

There were a few minor incidents... I was scared to death to let Zenock go. We watch him SO close when it comes to things like this. JC was somewhat in charge of this camp-out, so he had a lot of responsibilities and I was nervous about Zenock running off while JC was busy with things he had to get done.

The first incident... burning his finger on the hot coals.
Most parents can tell their children not to touch the fire... not us. It doesn't matter what we say, he learns the hard way.

Also, he and his little buddy Isaac took off down to the river while their Dad's were loading a grill in a truck. Most kids get to the water and play by it.
Not mine.
When JC realized he was gone, he knew where he was and took off running to the river. He found Zenock and his little friend in chest deep freezing water trying to get to the other side of the river.


SO glad that he came home safe even though he hated every second of coming home and cleaning up.

The next week/weekend we decided last minute to go down to Bridge Street to watch the Tree Lighting ceremony and let Zenock see Santa.

He has been obsessed with Santa this year. Watches Polar Express 10 times a day and sings the whole song of Santa Claus is Coming to Town over and over again.
(We decided an intervention was needed and had an FHE on the real meaning of Christmas!)

His face was priceless when Santa did walk out on stage.... SO cute.


He told Santa he was very good and told him exactly what he wanted for Christmas... (although, that changes every time he is asked.)


We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our Alabama Family. :)

I love getting together and watching these boys play. Zenock tells me daily that Mason is his best friend. He calls him up on his buzz light year phone and asks if he can come play and then tells me he can't, because Miss Heidi (Mason's Mom) said he is sick.
He sings the song, "I love Mommy, she loves me... etc." Except, he sings it about Mason's family.
We are so glad he knows what family is. :)

I'm pretty sure my husband is the only one on the planet that wears sweat pants to Thanksgiving Dinner. :)
(His excuse... they were new.)

This picture will make me laugh for the rest of my life. It totally describes these two and their personalities.

I said SMILE.

Mason did exactly as told. Easy going, cute, and sweet little boy. We love him!

Zenock gave me his "glare." The one that he gives me anytime I ask him to do something lately. I have no idea where he gets this face.

He is not easy going, spunky, sassy, sweet at times, a little stinker to say the least.
BUT, we do love him too. :)

We had a super fun Thanksgiving. Thanks to the Anderson's for letting us join them! They even let us play a fun little game involving a ping pong ball, their kitchen table, and no hands. We'll keep you guessing on that one.

I haven't laughed like that in a long time and I would post some pictures, but pretty sure there would be black mail from the other side. :)

GREAT Thanksgiving.

My little Kamden is growing with out our consent...

How I wished he would stay tiny forever.
The second one grows even faster than the first.
It's not fair.

It makes me realize I have to take that moment, right then and there to just sit and stare at them, because I might not get it tomorrow. Time goes by so fast.

Do you know what I mean?
He is our little Chunk of Love.
At least compared to Zenock...

He is already over 12 lbs FOR SURE.
He is only two months and is wearing all the clothes Zenock wore when he was seven months old!

I love that he has chunk on his legs and tummy.
Zenock literally had to grow into his skin.

Some of our favorite things at two months are...
-His smiles. He smiles all the time. :)
-His little almost laugh when he is sleeping.
-He knows if we are more than two feet away from him.
He will wake up from a deep sleep.
-His little stretch he does when his tummy is finally full.
-His sad face. He has the cutest sad face.

He is such a sweet sweet baby.
I can't believe it took so long for him to get here.

So glad he decided to join our family. :)


Onto December.
SO much to do. SO much planned. SO excited to see family and friends!

Can't WAIT!


The Trees said...

Very cute boys! Love holidays and this time of year.

Ryan Reeder said...

Thanks for taking the time to post all this, Carin. Hope to see you soon!

The Noble Steeds said...

You are one lucky lady. Your boys are adorable!

Heather said...

The 'glare' is called the 'stink face' at our house and I get one at least 2 times a day. ;)

Melissa said...

Haha I am so excited for Jake and JC to meet. Then they can wear their sweatpants together. At least JC matches. Jake the other day wore red basketball shorts and a purple polo. Oh and not just around the house, he visited me at work and he even went to mom and dad's like that. His excuse....people used to not think that black and blue went well together. It's a new fashion trend! Love you and can't wait to see you and your cute little boys. Tell Zenock he needs to get on the big plane and come see his aunt alyssa. :)

The Traylor's said...

Love it all! Such cute cute boys! I just posted a video from Santa on my blog. You should totally make one for Z. It's amazing!!!! I'd send you the link, but I don't know it. You can just click our our video to get it don't have to actually watch it :)

Merry Christmas!

Shennie said...

So I was going to say that older babies are so fun too but then you wrote about the way he stretches when he is full... oh - I miss that!

I have to say that maybe I'm glad my boys weren't there with Zenock and Isaac touching coals and wading in the water...

Cute boys, cute pictures, and an awesome blog- you're so talented!