Monday, December 13, 2010

Holly and Jolly...

It is surely a crazy time of year!

We experienced one of the busiest weeks EVER last week.


(We had pictures taken in October, but thought I would share a few during my post to have in my 2010 blog book.)

Every day was something new and we needed to be in five places at once...
It was my week to help with preschool, my "calling" to decorate for our Relief Society Christmas program (this took an entire day of running around like a mad woman - back and forth.), shopping, JC's meetings, taking pictures for friends, editing pictures for my Sister's wedding, work, pre-school program for an older lady in our ward, preparing pre-school treats/lessons, another pre-school program and party for the Mom's, Setting up for and attending the Stake Christmas Festival (a HUGE 3 night event for our stake. Consisting of a choir/orchestra concert which they practice months for and you have to reserve your tickets. Thousands of nativities/christmas trees/a live Nativity, etc. It is incredible how they transform the entire Stake Center into a big Christmas Wonderland.) We were excited to be able to take JC's boss and her husband and another co-worker of his with us Friday night to the concert. Such a fun event! :) The concert was awesome!

Lets add in two visits with Santa, more shopping, and our Ward Christmas Party to end the week.

The REAL holiday parties haven't even started to begin...


Sure glad that week is over... Every night I got into bed feeling like I was about to die and my feet were going to fall off. Sadly, I didn't get to sleep for long... My baby is still on a schedule of waking up 2-3 times during the night!

I am looking forward to a 5 hour block of sleep one of these days. :)


We are also getting BEYOND excited to visit with family and friends!
I spent an hour and a half on the phone with my Mom and sisters last night planning out our time with them and every detail from the "WE have to watch The Holiday to WE will be going to Cafe Rio and Sugar n' spice." Too bad the middle sister has to run off for a honeymoon and miss some of the fun!

I'm excited for the events, parties, traditions, food, friends, Sister and Brother in laws (and nephews) I get to meet for the first time, and SO much more! :)
We are excited to introduce and re-introduce our boys to FAMILY, cousins, and what JC and I like to refer to as "home."
(Although, I must admit ALABAMA feels Home to us too. We love it here.)

SO much to be excited about and look forward to!

As my youngest sister declared... "LET the annual feasting begin!" You can bet there is going to be some dang good food around. :) (Although, I began my annual feasting a LONG time ago.)


SO excited for Christmas and my little boys reactions. HE is ridiculously into and excited for Christmas this year. AS he should be. We have tried to teach him it is better/more fun to give than to receive and have dedicated each FHE this month to Christmas, giving, family, and of course made sure he knows the real reason for the season.


Zenock is at such a crazy fun age. We laugh at pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth... Not all good at times. He can also get into some good mischief. In the last week he has proudly announced to us that his life ambition is to grow up and become a


We have no idea where this came from.


Zenock NEVER stops talking. Even when we aren't listening to him. He is talking or singing AS loud as possible. I relish in the moments when he is asleep and there is silence.
When I have that rare moment to run a quick errand by myself I end up leaving the radio off just to enjoy a quiet ride and the sound of the road. I have no idea how many times I listen to him singing Jingle Bells or Santa Claus is coming to town during the day. :)

I'm not complaining... He is a SWEET, sweet boy.


Mischief is his middle name. When he got in trouble the other day he got mad at me and went and turned my Wallflower upside down. I didn't notice it for an hour and when I did, RED scented oil had spilled out all over the carpet.

(How to clean it out in case your wondering: Blot the best you can, then spray WD40 on it and blot some more. This gets the oil out. Then Resolve Carpet cleaner gets the Red and the WD40 out of the carpet. Good as new!)


HE has such an imagination! It takes him a good hour at least to eat his food for EVERY meal. The reason being... They become his family. I have no idea how to even explain this to make sense, but it is honestly hysterical... until you just want to CLEAN up and be done with dinner!

He lines his noodles up on his plate and each one becomes a family member... They get eaten when they are bad and have to go to time out. He loves to play this little game with everything. The weirdest objects become his little guys or family members! He has been doing this for months now.


I would worry if he wasn't three. :)


My little Kamden is the sweetest baby.
He smiles so big that his eyes shut and is just happy and content.
(I needed a baby just like him to make me want a million more!)


BUT, I can't help but love every minute I spend with these boys.
I'll say it again... I'm a lucky girl. :)

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Season!


Kami said...

Such cute pictures! We got your cards today! We are excited to see you in less than 3 days!!! Oh and what about the cute neice you haven't met? :)

Cass said...

Thanks for the cute Christmas card and birth announcement. I love that we're still in touch. You have such a darling little family. You are the Super Mom!!

Kari said...

Carin, thank you for your wonderful thoughts and feelings. I'm sure life as a young mother feels monotonous and crazy at times but you are doing a great job.
I love getting to know you better through your blog. I'm so grateful for blogs and other things that help us stay in contact. Enjoy the time with your family!!!

Shennie said...

We just got your Christmas card. I think the picture of Kamden on the announcement looks just like JC.

Bourgeous said...

Your blog just is the sweetest thing. I grinned the whole time I read it - can't wait to see you!