Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Another successful Halloween...

sort of. :)


The only downside is that I still have this gigantic bowl of candy.
Our town celebrated Halloween on Halloween (Sunday)... We chose to celebrate the night before with our Ward Trunk or Treat. By the time Trick or Treaters were ready to arrive Sunday night, both my boys were crashed out. One on the couch and one in the swing. It had been a VERY long Sunday already and I wasn't about to turn my porch light on and let the kids ring the doorbell a hundred times and wake them up.

Is that awful???

Now I'm stuck with this bowl of candy that I can't resist, but really really should if I am going to wear what my sister has picked out for me to wear to her wedding... and actually feel good/look good wearing it. :)

I've only got a month and a half, but really, who throws away Reeses Pumpkins and Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars away???
Not me.
(This time of year does not treat those who've just had a baby and want to lose weight for a wedding very well. Too many temptations and good things to eat!)


We had a fun Halloween. Zenock went as Buzz. :) He would run around yelling at the top of his lungs; "TO Infinity and BEYOND!"

We started the afternoon out by Trick or Treating at the grocery store. They had some fun Halloween games, etc. I LOVE my grocery store. :) We then grabbed a quick dinner and headed to our Ward Trunk or Treat and carnival.


I didn't even think to dress Kamden up until JC told Zenock I needed to. When I finally got to the store... everything for a baby was gone, except some seriously ugly "why would you ever put your child in that?" stuff.

We settled and dug through the uglies to find this cute bib.
It worked great.
It was perfect for my child who loves to spit up everything he eats and then eat again an hour later and then do it all over again... just like his brother used too. :)


Two Buzz Lightyears...
Although, I think there were actually 6 or 7 of them at the party.


Proof that I was indeed there and attempted, accomplished, and survived this all alone... with two kids! :)

(Still trying to figure out if I was brave, crazy, or just plain stupid.)

BUT, we had fun and I would call it a successful Halloween! :)

Hope yours was just as great!


Erin said...

Carin, I don't think you and your little family could be any cuter! Looks like you had a fun Halloween!!

Bourgeous said...

Go super women! That is an amazing accomplishment - hope JC will be home soon. Your Kamden is such a sweet little guy. Can't wait to see you for the wedding!

The Trees said...

Is JC on a training trip? You are brave and such a nice mom. Of coarse your kids are super cute.