Friday, November 5, 2010

friday. Friday! IT'S FRIDAY!!!


It's FRIDAY! :)

I love Friday's, but this Friday is extra exciting...

You see I officially end my three week sentence as a single Mom.

You read that right... THREE WEEKS.
(It was pretty much a sentence. I knew it was coming and there was no way around it. It had to be served.)

For three weeks I've been by myself, while JC did a training up in Washington DC.
He left on the 16th of October and flies in tonight!
I'm beyond happy and thrilled.

I don't recommend single parenthood to anyone. Especially two weeks after having a new baby. My Mom was able to come out and help me the first week. She was great at keeping my mind off the two weeks ahead. She was TONS of help and I was so glad to have her here. THANKS a million times Mom!

Now the last two weeks... I'm not gonna lie. It's was rough...
We won't even go into the melt downs that happened during the second week when I knew I still had a full week and a half left.

(I know military Mom's go through this all the time and all I can say is that they are in my prayers and my heart goes out to them. I have SO much respect for them and their families!)

Here are some highlights or "low lights" from the last two weeks...

*Zenock fell asleep on the way to the airport to drop my Mom off and woke up right as she walked inside. He started crying/bawling... not getting to say goodbye. Kamden was hungry and was screaming. This is how my two weeks started as I drove away from the airport.

*I would have cried, but it happened to be Sunday and I headed to church with two kids screaming. Once again brave or just stupid, not sure. I was looking forward to that two hour block when Zenock was in nursery... Is that awful?! We got to church... late. I fed Kamden in the hall and when we walked in to sit down he spit up ALL over me. So much for a peaceful two hours.

*Surviving on 4-6 hours of sleep every night.

*The random melt downs of Zenock missing his Dad or his best friend.

*The storms of the century... Tornado warnings.
The sirens went off. It was raining, like I had never seen rain. Not to mention the wind. I heard the weather man say "Tornado on the ground at ..." not once, but a few times that day. All within a five mile radius of my house.
The worst of the storms were to pass on this road and this road and over this area. ALL of which are the main roads that surround my house.
I cried. I made Zenock and Kamden sit in my closet. I was scared.
Usually these storms are somewhat exciting, but not when you are by yourself.

*The moment I heard a cry from Kamden who was sound asleep in his chair... I new what had happened. I ran around the corner to find that Zenock had picked him up and taken him out.
I literally freaked and started bawling, hoping, praying that everything was ok.
I scared Zenock who started crying. He told me he just wanted to hold Kamden.
He is so sweet. I felt awful.
I'm pretty sure I scared him enough that he will always ask to hold him though.

*The one day of flu like symptoms and I thought I would literally die.

*Holidays and Friday nights by yourself... just plain stink.

*Zenock and I both slept with our bathroom lights on every night. I swear I checked to make sure the doors were locked a thousand times each night... I am a total wimp when it comes to dark, night time, and being alone. A couple of times I turned on sports center just to hear the familiarity of the noise in my house. No joke.
I hate sports center.

*The disciplining.
Why is it that Dad can say NO once and it is understood, but Mom has to say NO a million times.
So excited to have someone else help reinforce the rules. :)
I'm tired of being the mean Mom. I'm not a mean person, but I've sure felt like one these last few weeks,

*Losing my voice... It is pretty much gone today. Probably from the million times I've had to say No.


I have to admit, it hasn't been all bad. We have had good times too. Zenock is my little buddy. My sidekick. It doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I am... he is always right by my side. :)

Zenock is the best big brother and has taken on responsibility of pacifier finder.
Which consists of finding the pacifier and putting it in Kamden's mouth when he cries.
He is pretty darn good at his job.

We have also been so lucky to have so many good friends live close by that have brought me dinners, invited us over for play dates, or come and visited us. Everyone at church has been so thoughtful and sweet. They have helped out so much since Kamden was born!
A HUGE THANKS to them.

The best news is that...

We survived.


DID I mention it's Friday?!?

My JC gets home today... Yahoo!
I couldn't be more excited!

Date night tonight... with my three boys. I'm one lucky girl. :)
JC and Zenock have big plans to visit the rocket ship museum tomorrow.
His Dad promised him three weeks ago and he has talked about it every day since.


I am also excited for my boys to reunite. They are cute together. They make me a happier person when I can watch them all together. I'm excited for JC to see how much Kamden has grown (yes, in only 3 weeks).

Tomorrow, I will be enjoying the day out doing some retail therapy...
I think I deserve it.



Jacque Hadlock said...

Carin, My heart goes out to you! Isn't it funny how things are SO different when dad is around. I rarely yell (at least at the kids, just at him:) when he is here, I rarely feel scared or bored but when he isn't around it seems so easy to fall apart. And I have thought that exact thing when I have gone to church, the dr, or somewhere with all 3 kids by myself... am I brave or just stupid? Usually I tell myself stupid but hearing it from you I think you are brave so maybe I was brave too:) I think it would be fun if we lived closer!

Jacque Hadlock said...

And I think you look absolutely adorable in that picture with you and your boys!

Bourgeous said...

Carin you are looking so good, very jealous of your after pregnancy body! I hope that date night was spectacular.

Annie said...

wow. you totally rock. 3 weeks is a LONG time and you are amazing to survive it all!!! yes, you totally deserve some major retail therapy!

Shennie said...

Hooray you made it! I know all about it... the tears (yours and theirs) are so true...

Tonight Chris is gone, my house is destroyed, my kids are still awake and I'm reading blogs :) I can't compare myself to you but maybe it should motivate me to get up and get moving.