Thursday, November 18, 2010


It's that time of year when you (or maybe it's just me...) feel like I am drowning and being pulled in a million different directions!

I have a to do list a mile long and it has to be done early this year. :)
Every time I start on my list I am being called in three or four different directions.
Blogging is last on my list.

One of these days I WILL simplify my life.

Until then...

Enjoy my little chunk.
(I found this picture from JC's iphone.)


thejess's said...

oh my goodness he is getting SO big!!! Can't wait to see you guys for Christmas!!!

Matt and Jenni said...

Oh my GOSH he is cute! It's amazing how quickly they change...everybody says that, but I was so unprepared for how true it really is!