Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Weeks...

We've had a great first two weeks with Kamden. It has literally flown by.

He is so sweet, mellow, a great sleeper/eater, and very calm... (knock on wood!)
None of which - besides sweet - would I use to describe Zenock now or as a baby. :)


NOW... Let's back up about two weeks.

I was scheduled to be induced on the 28th of September...
We were supposed to be at the hospital at 5:30 that morning.

About a quarter to 4 I made my regularly scheduled trip to the bathroom. :)
As I was getting back into bed and checking my alarm which was to go off in 5 minutes my water decided to break on it's own.

Awesome timing right!?!
I couldn't have planned it any better.

I woke JC up and we put everything in the car and woke Zenock up, who was beyond excited that he got to go to Mason's house that early in the morning!

Our drive was pretty intense... there was thick thick fog outside. Not easy to navigate your way when you are driving through back country roads and no street lights!

My contractions didn't really start until after we were at the hospital and checked in.
By the time all the paperwork was filled out and my IV was in, it was around 6-6:30am.
I was dilated to a five and my contractions were pretty regular.

Zenock was a fast labor/delivery, I was nervous about what this one would be like.

By a quarter after seven I was in PAIN!
I had already told them I wanted an epidural, but the anesthesiologist was making his rounds and would get to me when he got there.

Literally, I felt like I was dying.
I've always felt like I had a pretty high tolerance for pain...
this was worse than pain.
I just don't understand the whole natural thing... really, I don't. I have lots of friends who have done it and my respect for them is through the roof, but seriously friends... take the dang epidural!

JC can tell you his version of the story... but it's not pretty.
Pretty sure my hands were purple from gripping the bedrail... and I may or may not have hit him when he said something like, "At least you can get an epidural and it's not the 1800's."
I was contracting by myself and they didn't give me any pitocin, so I turned to JC and said something like, "What do you think I'm doing..."

At this point my contractions were ongoing, back to back.
If I could have cried, I would have, but I couldn't.

I finally told the nurse around 7:30 that the baby was coming...
(They hadn't checked me since I got there.)

Sure enough I was at a TEN!
The anesthesiologist made it in to give me a shot of the epidural... not the real thing.

Our sweet Kamden was born at 7:45 am.

So worth the pain.
BUT, you can believe that I will be asking for my epidural next time as soon as I walk in the door. :)


Brothers meeting for the first time.

Zenock was so cute with Kamden and just wanted to give him lots of kisses.
We had Kamden give Zenock a little present at the hospital. He was so excited!


Zenock absolutely loves his baby brother and loves to show him off or tell anyone about him.
Yesterday, he told the cookie lady in the deli and the check out lady at the grocery store.
He has already been great to share his toys... piling them on top of Kamden.
He has no problem that there is a new baby in the house, except for when JC isn't giving him the attention.


Fast forward two weeks...

My baby is already getting bigger and I just want to slow it all down.
I now know all too well how fast they grow.


We love this little boy. He is so much fun to cuddle with.


Today was my first official day home... by myself.

We've made it to afternoon naptime....

We had a rough start to our day...
It's amazing how much can change in 4 years. :)

Last night we went to bed at 10. I woke up at 10:30. 11. 12. 1. 4. and 6.
Six was when Zenock decided to get up and JC left for work a little after.
Zenock decided to throw his best tantrum ever that his Dad was leaving... waking up Kamden.
Got the boys settled down and JC walked back in grabbing some papers he forgot.
Zenock started crying again...
Calmed him down, we had breakfast, fed Kamden.
Dressed Zenock for school and made him watch Handy Manny.
Jumped in the shower, got dressed...
Flew out the door with wet hair (never would have allowed this of myself two years ago.) barely making it to preschool in time.

Came home, got ready, fed/bathed/dressed Kamden, vaccuumed and got in the car to go back and pick up Kamden.

Lunch. naptime.

That's been our day. :)
It's crazy how fast time goes by or how little time there is to accomplish anything with two kids!

We are off to the dentist this afternoon... hoping all goes well.


Heather said...

Oh, so sweet. I'm loving your little update.

Ryan Reeder said...

Wow, Carin.

Seeing as how you're about the most genetically similar human being on the planet who has given birth, your description is probably the most accurate predictor of how I would have responded had I been born with two X chromosomes. And gotten married. And had kids.

I'm impressed.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you whenever that happens to be.

Cass said...

Carin, he is really cute!! Thanks for the update, I've been dying to see more pictures! Hang in there, life won't get back to normal. But it will get better and you'll make a new schedule.

Bourgeous said...

Carin, you are super woman, I am so sorry that the epidural man didn't get to you sooner. So fun to see such tender photos of your 2 little boys and you. I hope that you can squeeze in a nap - I am tired for you.

Logan said...

Seems like you are doing great at being a mom of two. I hope I can do the same in 15 weeks.

Shennie said...

You hardly accomplished anything? You took a shower and bathed Kamden now that is an accomplishment!

Jacque Hadlock said...

Carin, You are amazing! I think it is easier to give birth naturally when you are actually planning on it! Now I didn't say it was easy but easier! I am glad for your sake though that it went quickly! And I think you are doing great being a mother of 2. Sometimes I don't shower until 1 or 2 when it is actually naptime. The first few weeks are always an adjustment! You are doing great!

Allyson said...

CONGRATS CARIN!!! So happy for you guys. He is adorable!