Sunday, October 31, 2010


Before I get to Halloween...
I've got to get some pictures up of October.

I just downloaded the card from my camera and I have tons of pictures...

Consider this post as a picture overload/non edited/just want to share some cute ones type of post.

Got it. :)


It is amazing the difference 10 days makes...

Above: October 10, 2010
(And, yes I think that is a smile. :)


October 26, 2010

He is getting big...

At his last appointment he was 8lbs 15oz. and gaining more than an oz a day.
He is already bigger than his brother was at 3 months old!
The week before we moved to Texarkana Zenock weighed 10 lbs... barely!
Not sure what we were thinking driving half way across the country with a 3 mth old baby!

Kamden currently wears the clothes Zenock wore at three months.
Zenock wore preemie clothes for the first 2 months. Kamden wasn't able to wear the preemie clothes even the day he was born. :)


At home with my boys...

This was the day we visited the dentist. My little Zenock is obsessed with toothbrushes. We have to hide them or he will carry them around all day everywhere with him. Kinda gross... I know. We for sure don't let him use it to brush his teeth though!


I think that is another smile on both faces. :)
I love these two boys.
Zenock is already such a great big brother. He is so sweet to always make sure Kamden has his binky or toys to play with... (i.e. notice the pile of toys next to Kamden).


Zenock gives Kamden lots and lots of kisses.
I'm sure one day I'll have to remind him of how much he loves his brother...
Those days can wait for now.


My sweet helper with shiny clean teeth from the dentist...


This is pretty much how we sleep.... every night.... still. :)

I wouldn't trade it. I'll take a few more nights. Nothing is sweeter and more fun than cuddling and sleeping with your baby right next to you.


Kamden has been so mellow... (We are still crossing our fingers and hoping this continues!)
He sleeps a lot of his day away in positions like this.... Totally relaxed. :)


Zenock is still obsessed with Buzz. His Aunt Kelly bought him a Buzz costume for his Birthday. He wears it a lot! So naturally, when we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween - He told us "BUZZ Lightyear."

No other alternatives were to be considered. :)

The night before his Halloween party at school he was pretty excited and restless... I heard him stirring in his room and playing a bit. When I finally heard the silence and snores I went in to check on him and saw this...

It makes me smile. :)


His Halloween party at school was pretty cute.
They put on a little program for the Moms... made us cookies during school time.... sang and played games. Lots of fun!

Taking pictures of the program with my camera, recording the program with my camera, taking pictures with my phone to send to JC, clapping/cheering Zenock on all while juggling Kamden was something to be seen. I'm sure we'll figure it out sometime...

For now just loving life with my boys!

Bring on the holidays!!! :)

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Traylor Family said...

Isn't it amazing the difference is? Benjamin was smaller at birth, but a good half pound and still was bigger than Lucas a few weeks in! I still trip out over that one.Ha.

He's so beautiful! I'm loving the flood of good memories looking at all your pictures brings back for me. I can't believe it's been a year since I was were you are. I kind of miss it! (I've entered the remind Lucas how much he used to love his little brother phase.)