Friday, October 15, 2010

Hospital Pictures

The hospital we were at has a professional photographer come and take pictures while you are there.
(Not that we were in any way prepared or dressed for professional pictures...)

They are super expensive, but turned out way cute.
So while they are online I thought I would share them with those who haven't seen them.

You can see them here
and the password is: 0928kamdenlarson

Check them out while you can... they will remove them from their website on the 20th. :)

More pictures coming soon; including newborn photos.


Swa said...

They are so cute! Oh, I just love newborns! And it looks like you never need to get ready for pictures again you lucky duck, you looked great!

Bourgeous said...

Carin and JC what a cute baby! Congradulations.

Love, Aunt Suzanne

ThompsonFamily said...

Bummer, I just tried looking today and they wouldnt let me in...I missed the time frame. :( He sure is cute in your other pictures though! I think he looks like you! I love the name too! We have a little nephew named Camden Cash Anderson. Hope you are feeling well and getting along well with 2 kids at home now.