Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I wanted to get down a few thoughts before life changes for us...

I have officially MADE it longer than I was when I had Zenock.
In reality I'm only two days past the point when I would have had Zenock, but two days is two days. :)

I had my Drs. apt this morning and I'm already at a three... (yikes!)
She's not sure how much longer I'll last. I'm not sure how much longer I'll last, considering, I went from a 3-10 in 5 hours last time.

When I left, she said... "I better see you next Tuesday!" I replied, "I better still be here in this condition on Tuesday!" I told myself I had to make it a week longer "AT LEAST" than I did with Zenock. My due date of when I felt safe has been September 12th. Anything after that and I will be happy/over joyed to welcome this little boy a little early.

The only downside to this is the fact that I feel like I should be cleaning every corner of my house and there is so much to get done, but to be on the safe side - I'm not sure if it is wise to dive myself into that much work. :) So, I plan on sitting this week out watching movies with my Zenock.

Want to come home early honey???


I feel done. I feel like I have been pregnant for ages...

I'm ready to be a Mom to my neglected little Zenock again. I want to wrestle him and run/chase after him like we used to. It's been a little hard the last couple of months and I think he's started to notice his Mom isn't as fun or that he can run from me and I can't chase him when he's in trouble or being naughty. :) EVERYTHING has become about Dad in the last couple of weeks. He is always volunteering his Dad to put on his shoes, lay by him, or whatever activity he has chosen for the moment.
(Let the tears roll!)

I'm not sure if he realizes how much his little life is about to change forever. It is so hard to think that it won't be just US three anymore. We have had so many adventures together!
It scares me, makes me excited for him to have a brother/us to have a sweet baby again, and every other emotion in the book. He has been so sweet talking about his brother lately. The other morning he ran into the bedroom after waking up and said,

"Mom, Mom! Did the baby come out of your tummy yet?"

or the other day he stopped me in the middle of the store and said,

"Mom, I need to check the baby and give him a kiss."

He tells everyone that we are naming our baby brother Mckay...
(just like his friend Mason's little brother:)

He even comes to the Dr with me and helps the Dr check the heartbeat of our baby.
Somehow my hyperactive, sometimes naughty little boy puts on his best behavior for the drs and nurses and they just love him. They were so disappointed when I showed up today with out him and told them he was in school.

My mind is on overload with so many thoughts and things to be done.

BUT, I am so excited and READY whenever that moment may be.
(at least 90 percent more ready than I was for Zenock.)

There is still that terrifying... I have no idea what to expect this time feeling! :)


Erin said...

Cute post.
I can not wait to see pictures of your little guy. Hang in there cute Carin :)

Heather said...

I think you will be a wonderful mother of two, Carin. Good luck. I'll be thinking of you.

The Noble Steeds said...

Awww. I am so excited for you! I wish we lived closer. I'd happily be your maid!

Bourgeous said...

Hang in there Carin! So excited to hear more when this little guy comes.

Heidi said...

Considering Z was your first baby... wait until you have your 7th (LOL!). You'll go from 3 to 10 in 30 minutes!! =D Congrats!

Jacque Hadlock said...

I totally know how you feel about not being "fun" anymore... I told Josie so much, "I can't til after the baby," that she started saying it too.. She would say, "mom do this.. oh you can't til after the baby." And it was sad. However now that he is here it all worth it and both Josie and Hayden adore him as I'm sure Zenock will with his baby brother. That is one of my favorite things... watching my kids interact with each other. Good luck Carin... I am so happy for you guys!

Heidi said...

One more thing... Lauren was my preemie. When I was pregnant with Kayley, she threatened to come at the same time as Lauren did at 6 months (I also forgot to mention, Lauren tried to come at 6 months, but after bed rest, etc... she came 5 weeks early). At 5 weeks before she was to come, my doctor put me on bed rest until the end of March (her due date was April 8th). For one he didn't want her to come until after he got back from Spring Break, so he said I couldn't do anything until March 25th. Riiiiight! So, I got up that day, got prepared to go to the hospital, and get the final touches ready. And then I waited! April 1st, she finally came!! =)

After having Jacob and having no problems at all, my doctor wasn't worried about me anymore. Heck he didn't care what I did, as long as I could make it to the hospital. I even traveled to my parents house at 38 weeks (horrible 6 hr trip!) so he could be born at the hospital close to there (younger six kids were all born in Bryan, TX). Yes, we were living in Ashdown by then, but I was NOT going to have a baby in Ashdown, or close by!! LOL!!!