Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Washington DC... continued.

Last June JC got to meet up with most of the guys he went to school with when we lived in Texas. They had a two week long training in Kansas and were able to tour all the church history sites.

Us wives got to sit home and care for the children... :)
We have heard how great and fabulous their "boys" trip was for the last year.

We knew their was going to be another training in DC this Summer and us wives jumped on the chance to go, bring the kids, and make it a vacation.
(No way were we sitting home again only to hear more great stories!)

SO... After three fun filled non-stop weeks in DC we made it home late Friday night/early Saturday morning...

It was a great vacation and so fun to spend time with friends that we grew so close to in Texarkana. :)

We all stayed in the same hotel... literally across the hall. Zenock loved being able to wake up, walk out the door, and play with four of his favorite friends.

While our husbands were in class... We got to play. And when they got home... We were able to play even more.

We visited our favorite sites, our favorite friends, and got to eat at our favorite places...

(I had my dr. apt on Monday and I can literally say after eating out for 3 weeks straight, I really did gain 5 lbs!)
I think we scared a few people whenever we walked in with our party of 6 adults and five BOYS age four and under.

It was a fabulous trip!
BUT, It was really refreshing to come home and wash and shower away all signs of hotel smells and stock my fridge with every kind of fruit and vegetable imaginable.


week one.

Even after living next to DC for over a year there were still lots we hadn't seen or done. We were able to pick up right where we left off re-visiting favorites and adding new favorites to the list.

JC and I have both read Dan Brown's newest book that came out right after we moved. It takes place in DC and it was so fun to read, remember, and know right where things were. Part of our visits were to places in the book we hadn't been to yet.

I'll try to be careful not to duplicate pictures and stories you may have already seen or heard.



It was fun to head back to our old ward the first Sunday and surprise some of our friends. They were so sweet to welcome us back.

Monday we headed for the temple... One of our favorite FHE and getaway for the evening spots when we lived there. We've spent so much time walking around this temple. It will always be one of our favorites.


Zenock used to always ask us if a building was the temple... So we taught him to always look for the Angel Moroni, which is now his favorite part.

We took the Metro down to DC Tuesday night to the air and space museum. One of my favorite stops on the metro is king street where you get to see the George Washington Masonic Temple... So mysterious to me. :)

After about two days I think Zenock was ready to claim himself as part of Mason's family...


We celebrated JC's Birthday on Wednesday and forced (haha!) everyone to come with us to Uncle Julio's. Uncle Julio's is the BEST place to go for Mexican food. (Their fajita's are to die for.) If you are ever in the Dallas, Washington area, Chicago, or Florida you have to try it.
Nothing will EVER compare.

We were so sad when we found out one was opening just down the street from where we lived in Virginia... so we made it one of our first stops.

Afterwards, we took the boys outside and ended up getting some cute pictures... They were being so dang cute showing off for the camera.


They have lots of fun together!

(And yes... Zenock is still holding his cheese tortilla in his hand. He is possibly the slowest eater ever.)
I love Birthdays and love to make a big deal about Birthdays (or any holiday for that matter.)

Good times should be celebrated!


The first weekend we ended up all going our different directions and having other plans (i.e. church and family commitments.)

We started our Friday off at the National Cathedral. I had wanted to go before we moved, but never got the chance. So glad we went this time, but so sad we never took any of our visitors here. It is definitely in my top five favorite places of DC.

And... yes, we took the time to find the darth vador gargoyle on the cathedral. You can't see it from the ground, so we took turns taking pictures of what we thought was it and zooming in on the camera. haha! IT only took about twenty minutes.

And as a side note, which might be disturbing to some... BUT, I am not a star wars fan, nor will I ever be. I've never watched a movie the entire way through. I just don't get it.
(I'm sure my brothers are so disappointed to hear this.)
We thought is was pretty awesome, but apparently it doesn't compare to the cathedrals in France. Guess we'll have to go there one day to find out...


Friday night we got to eat at a little Italian restaurant in Alexandria. JC had been there a couple times before and knows the owner. The staff was so awesome and nice to us. The food was great too. We then walked down to the boardwalk and watched some street magicians and musicians. Alexandria is always one of my favorite places to be at night... even in the humidity.


Saturday we headed up to Philadelphia to see the sites. Apparently, you have to get there early to see the Liberty Bell and Independence hall... The wait time/line was over an hour to see the bell and the tickets were sold out for Independence hall. We did get to see it all from the outside... which was just as great for us! We didn't have the patience to stand in line in 100 degree weather. We had done so much walking that week already and Philadelphia is huge, so we ended up taking the double decker bus tour around the city to see the sites. SO glad we did!

We got to eat at Reading Market... which is a huge (crowded/shoulder to shoulder) indoor food market. JC made me try a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich... not too bad. :)

Other sites we got to see were:
Not like made of rocks/stone steps, but "THE" actual Rocky Steps. (Like the movie...)
Just think... "Eye of the Tiger..."

Totally worth the cost of the bus tour as well as our parking ticket for the day!
Gotta love Philly... (not one of my more favorite places to visit. haha.)

We were able to stop by and visit our friends Shawn, Krystal, and their cute little girl Victoria on the way home. It was so fun to catch up with them and for Victoria to teach Zenock about all things girl... (dancing, bracelets, crowns, magic wands, etc.) He didn't want to leave. We can't wait for their little arrival this month! So excited for you guys. :)
(So sad we didn't get a fun picture with you guys or get to see you again!)


That was our week ONE!

(That seriously just took me all morning... weeks two and three to come, eventually!)

I sometimes question why I do this, but then I remember the messages I get from family members constantly asking when I'm going to update. :)

Hopefully, they get to read their update before their big reunion that starts tomorrow!
We are supposed to be in Utah this week... My Mom's side is having a huge reunion (we're talking, grandparents, 7 siblings + spouses, 32 grandchildren + spouses, and I've lost count on great grandchildren all together for FOUR days! Ok, so some won't be showing up, like me...) BUT, my Mom is in charge. Huge responsibility and pressure. So proud of her and ALL her hard work, time, cooking marathons, and everything she has done for it. I'm sure it will be great Mom! Just so sad that we are missing out...
(due to drs no flying, because your first child was five weeks early orders.


Atkinsons said...

It was so good to see you guys...I was sad we didn't get a picture too! I love the pics you posted though, They look awesome!

Traylor Family said...

Fun times!

Annie said...

WOW! I don't even know where to begin, such fun you have had! D.C. has got to be one of the coolest cities in the US (possibly world). there is just SO much to see and do (and most of it is free!) FUN!! Oh, and get fat, will you?!?! You're supposed to be like 7 months pregnant! :-)