Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pre-School! :)

Zenock started Pre-school this week!

The actual thought makes me burst into tears...
How can my baby go from being a baby to being in school in THREE years.

It doesn't make sense.
They grow way too fast.

(showing off his new backpack.)

It was a super fun first day.

It rained all day... kinda like it did every first day of school I had growing up.

I had to wake Zenock up that morning around 8:00... That would be maybe the 4th time in his life he has EVER slept past seven.

As soon as he was awake though, he was BEYOND excited.

It was so cute.

They had show and tell the first day and of course he had to take his
BIG Buzz Light Year.


After school he was so excited to call Dad and tell him all about how he went to school all by himself, sang songs, and made an awesome picture with melted crayons.

He has been singing me his songs all week.

I love this school thing... It is just too fun to watch kids learn and see their excitement! :)
Next week is my turn to help with the class, I can't wait to watch.


P.S. Have I mentioned my little Zenock has some major "Beiber Fever." Really.
He sings "The Baby Song" and asks for it repeatedly whenever we get in the car.
When we are at home he wants to listen to or watch the music video and dance.

I love this age.

I wish they could stay little forever!

The thought and preparation (sorting/washing clothes, setting up the babies room, etc. ) of this new baby's arrival has made me think a lot about Zenock's past three years... and of course his arrival. Way too many emotions to deal with. It is crazy/emotional to think all that we have done with him in the last three years! I just can't imagine life with out my little Zenock by my side all the time. We sure love him. :)


The Noble Steeds said...

I LOVE those pics of Zenock! They totally show his energy and cuteness. I love them!

Jacque Hadlock said...

Oh he is so cute! I love how excited he is.... I love this stage as well, they are so entertaining and sweet!

Mallory said...

Bieber fever! NO, Carin, no. I think that Justin Bieber is everything that is wrong with youth these days (youth these days, what am I an old woman?) Just as long as he doesn't want to grow the Bieber hair do I guess it is okay.