Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July...

We had a great weekend celebrating the 4th!

Now we have one week to recover and get ready for the rest of our crazy busy month!
This is the first week in the last month that I've been able to sit at the computer for longer than 5 minutes at a time and not had visitors at our house.

Summer is CRAZY! :)
(But, so grateful that it is... otherwise, I might go crazy nesting and waiting around for October to come!)


Saturday we spent the day shopping, relaxing, and then headed off to a baseball game with friends.

The 4th of July is never the same with out hot dogs and baseball. :)
At least since I married into the Larson Family.
Couldn't be happier that I did and that I get to enjoy this little tradition!

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays!


The many faces of a baseball game...


Huntsville's double A team: The Stars and Homer the mascot.
(We still aren't sure if he is a bear or a skunk?)
Zenock was obsessed with him and finally got enough courage to give him a hug. He hung out right by us for most of the game. We sat a few rows up from third base and the home team dugout.


They did fireworks after the game... Zenock loved it!
It was a fun evening to spend with friends!

We decided next year we should have a party at our house and watch the fireworks. We sat outside and watched them from every side! Nothing is illegal and I have never seen so many fireworks going off at once! It wasn't even the city show!

We bought Zenock some sparklers and pop rocks to have fun with.
Our twenty dollar firework purchase couldn't compare with the hundreds people must have spent around us. I think we'll stick to our sparklers and let others spend the big bucks!


We had a great little Sunday evening 4th of July!

Hope yours was a happy one too!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

super tower!

Oh the imagination of a three year old. :)

While my Mom was visiting she made the comment that she hadn't seen a little boy quite as dramatic and imaginative as Zenock or one with such a dramatic sense of humor.

We could not agree more and were so glad we aren't the only one's who think so.
(Although, we wonder where he got this... I KNOW and it was confirmed that I was a calm, sweet child... not so dramatic. No confirmation has been made on JC's part. :)

We hear things daily like:

"Dad! I need you to come home now... It makes me so SAD (fake crying and all)."
"I am so, SO MAD!" (Said, as he shouts, folds his arm, pouts his lips, and marches off.)
"I don't want to flush my poop, Mom. I Loovvve my poop!" (SO gross, I know.)
"Do you want to make me cry!"

Currently, he just finished telling me all about how he had to go fight off the hippos, alligators, sharks, the big bad wolf, and snakes with his sword (aka a medicine dropper) way off in the Rain Forest (aka his bedroom).

These kind of stories go on all day.
Sometimes it gets pretty entertaining to get involved into his little world of imagination.
I wish I could see his thought process and little brain working to come up with these stories.

The other day as JC and I were in the other room working on something, he came running in yelling at us to, "Come Quick! Come Quick! I gotta show you something!"

.... Waa Laa ...


He let us know it was a SUPER TOWER. :)

(For some reason my pantry looks completely out of order and unorganized from this angle. I assure you that it's not. For some that may not matter, but I am not that kind of person... so it is totally bugging me in the picture. Please pay no attention. :)

The next day, I took the lock off of his bedroom door and switched it with the pantry. He doesn't need privacy at three years of age and the pantry needs to be locked from here on out...


When Zenock was blessed, his Dad blessed him with a sense of humor. He sure has one... and much, much more! JC and I have been laughing about that lately and I've sarcastically asked him to leave that part out of our next little one's blessing.

I think Zenock caught part of our conversation and whether we like it or not, I'm sure this little guy will have a sense of humor if his prayers are answered.

No Really...
The other night, his prayer went like this:

"Please bless my brother to be funny..."

JC and I about died laughing. Too darn hilarious.

Sure glad we were blessed with a little boy with an imagination and a sense of humor!

Love him. :)