Friday, June 4, 2010

love me some projects...

BUT, sure glad that they are done!

I've had a list since February of things I needed to get done before June. My sewing projects were last on the list. I think I'm done for the next year. I don't want to pull out my sewing machine for at least that long!

I sew because I can create something (and my Mom isn't around to do it for me), but I can't say that I love sewing. My least favorite part of sewing is all the measuring and perfecting it takes... weird for me since I like things perfect, but that may be the exact reason. If I don't like it, I'll unpick the seam and then my project takes forever! :)


Last week or was it two weeks ago??? I can hardly remember anymore... I've lost all sorts of my memory and time. All I rely on is the countdown in my head for when my Mom/Sisters come...
And just in case you were wondering... It's only FIVE days away! Yahoo! :)

Anyhow, I finally finished planting my flowers/doing my yard work.
The best part about living in Alabama is being able to grow pretty flowers... such as hydrangeas and gerber daisies that can sit right outside my front door. Love it! Both happen to be my favorites.



Wondering what these are? Well, let's just say...

Spit up never looked so good. :)

And, if this new baby is anything like Zenock I will be needing these and using them on a regular basis.

I got the idea from the Vintage Clothespin... a must read blog and very creative lady!

I used Amy Butler fabric on one side and super soft/absorbent chenille on the other.
(Love Amy's polka dot fabric... if you can't tell. It's perfect for a little boy.)


A fun Summer table runner for the kitchen table. I love the bright colors.

I also made a pillow and did some odd end little fix ups for my maternity wardrobe.


Last, but not least... My BIG project was to make a couple of blankets/rag quilts. One for Zenock and one for the baby. I made them exactly the same... (knowing Zenock would end up wanting both with him all the time if they were different.)

They turned out really cute. I used big squares instead of the traditional little squares. I had a hard time finding fabric to match the polka dots, so I ended up giving up looking for any and making my own pattern and using the white chenille.

I made Zenock's first which was so super easy and quick. No trouble. I started on the second one and I'm not sure why, but my sewing machine needle decided to break on me FOUR times. (The chenille makes these blankets thick, thick!)

SO... as a tip if you ever use this fabric... make sure to upgrade your needle to 100/16 or 100/18... the heavy duty needle you use for jeans! No trouble after that.

BUT, they ended up so soft and snuggly.

Glad to be done with projects. :)
I'm sure I'll have a NEW list by next week.


Tatiana said...

Look at you. We totally need to get our juices flowing together...I'm just swamped with pictures to edit, so I haven't been wanting to get on the computer for much else. So excited that your family is coming. I wish I could hop on the plane with them. Miss ya!

Bourgeous said...

Wow! You are a busy girl - I totally need your motivation for the "list." By the way, happy piano.

Erin said...

Love it all! I actually made some of these birb clothes last night for my little sister who is expecting a boy! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Annie said...

Very cute! I love your fabrics. That table runner is amazingly adorable! Me and sewing don't get along. Everything I have ever made always looks like crap and ends up costing me much more than if I would have just bought it :-) So, I totally admire you (and am jealous!) for having those mad sewing skills.