Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know I am a little late for Father's Day... but whatever. It's been one of those months. :)
We've had lots of fun relaxing, vacationing, shopping, and enjoying time with family.
I have a gazillion pictures to download and publish from our trip with my Mom and Sisters.
I hope to get to them soon or at least before our next big trip - otherwise their might not be room on the camera...


Life is busy! It is busy with the good stuff. Lots of fun! My family left Sunday and our good friend Lesha arrived the same day with her cute little Ezra who we get to watch during the day while she is in class with JC for two weeks.

This weekends plans are: A wedding, a baby shower, finishing our parade of homes tour, and hopefully getting to Zenock's birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma Larson... (tickets to Toy Story 3!)
I swear life doesn't look like slowing down from here until.... Christmas.
Serious. No joke.


We are so lucky to have great dads and fathers in our lives.
We respect them and love them SO so much.
They often don't get the credit or the attention they deserve,
but really in all honesty they are the rocks we can stand next to and whom we rely on.
So to you Dad... (and all of you who hold that name that we are in close relationship with)...
We love you.

love, us.


Zenock has an awesome Dad. He loves his Dad as much as one little boy can. They are each other's best friends and pals. Zenock cries every morning when JC has to leave for work and hangs onto him every minute when he gets home.
(I am only needed at bed time and to fix his meals... other than that, it is all about DAD.)

JC is so good and patient to let Zenock help him with everything... even if it means taking an extra forty minutes to mow the lawn just so Zenock can help push.

As for me... I have an incredible husband.

I couldn't ask for more. He has been so considerate and caring the last few months and has even suggested that we eat cereal for dinner when he knows I'm about done in for the day.

He has such ambition and is always setting and accomplishing goals, as well as pushing me to do so and be a better person. He is such an example in my life.

He is so patient, caring, and teaches me so much about being a parent.
He works so hard to provide for our family and wants to give us everything he can, asking for nothing in return.

One of his goals he started last year was going to the gym 3 times a week... He has beyond accomplished his goal, works out/runs almost every day, eats better than I have ever thought to eat, and has lost over forty pounds.
(I'm well on my way to gaining that much.)
I am so proud of him and have to say he is looking pretty dang good these days. :)

JC was put in as Elders Quorum President in our ward back in February.
We were both a little surprised since we have a pretty big ward and still don't know everyone.
JC has done an awesome job organizing, coordinating, and getting everything together.
He spent every Saturday, (plus time during the week) in the month of May doing service projects for the ward. One of those Saturdays was spent with the stake cleaning up from a Tornado that went through a small town an hour away the first part of May.

Zenock wanted to go so bad! He ran to get ready and JC slipped out the door to avoid the melt down. When he came out of his room, this is what he was wearing...


JC had told him he had to go to the church so Zenock put his tie on... then added his hat, socks, and cowboy boots. (He wears his cowboys boots everywhere/with shorts... I let him. You can only be 3 once. :)

I had to laugh, but felt so bad when he found out Dad had left...

I have an amazing husband who just so happens to be an awesome Dad as well. :)
We are so lucky to have him. He does so much for us and those around him.
We really do appreciate it.

We love you tons Dad. :)

love, us.

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Mallory said...

Carin, I also love the socks/shorts outfit. However, don't get ahead of yourself, you can only be 3 once but you can be 4,5,or 6 once also. My nephew still tries to pull of the shorts/boots duo and he is 5 and counting so you might have to nip that habit sooner or later. So excited for your new little guy! Let me know when you have him!