Sunday, May 30, 2010

... Zenock ...

I thought since I'm posting movies, I'll post a couple more.


I love my cute little guy.
I really do mean little.

We finally made it to his 3 year check-up. It took awhile -- his Dr has been on maternity leave for the last two months.

Our little boy is:
Height: 37 3/4
Weight: 28.6 lbs


I'm pretty sure with the amount of energy Zenock has, he will ALWAYS be skinny and little. I have to laugh when people ask me if he is wearing 3T/4T clothes yet. He's been wearing the same summer clothes since he was one... I've only had to buy a few things each year. He fits 2T perfect right now and most of his shorts are 18 mths or 24 mths. This is the first year they finally fit him around the waist and don't fall down when he is running. :)

Zenock has also had a runny nose for the last couple of weeks - and has been a little stinker, (more crazy and irritable than usual.)
I thought maybe he had a little cold or allergies... turns out he has an ear infection, his ear tubes are falling out, and nothing is able to drain. Both ears have fluid in them and are blocked up.

Definitely an... "I should have known, I feel like a bad Mommy!" moment.
I hate those. I feel horrible and guilty for days.

JC and Zenock were supposed to attend their first Father/Son camp-out Friday night, but after his doctors appointment, it started raining/lightning/thundering really bad. That combined with his ear infection we decided it best to stay home.

Poor kid. Horrible way to spend Memorial Day weekend. Let alone start out Summer!
Hopefully, we can think up something fun for us to do by tomorrow... :)

We did take him to see Shrek 3 (or is it 4 now?) last weekend.
He loves getting his own popcorn, treat, and drink.
He is getting so big - I could seriously cry.


Just a couple videos of Zenock singing.
He never sings on camera, so I was pretty lucky to get both of these. :)
He is always singing around the house and learning a new song.
(Love my camera! Which does HD video ... so easy to use instead of grabbing another camera to video while taking pictures.
These are a little out of focus though, it took me sometime to figure it out. This was the first time we've really used it. I'm sure we'll be using it a lot more now.)

Don't you love that he never holds still as well as when he sings I'm a Child of God it's as if he's completely bored and singing it to make me happy and get it over with.

Makes me laugh every time. :)


Jane said...

Carin, He is adorable. I always read your blog, but am terrible about commenting. Congrats on having another little boy soon, Zenock will be a great big brother.

The Traylor's said...

So cute! We just got a second set of tubes for Lucas. His doctor was out of town for a month getting married, and after the fill in put him on antibiotics and drops for the second time I decided to take matters into my own hands and call the ENT. A week later he had new tubes. (Although in his case I could SEE the tube hanging out when I looked in his ear.) I know how you feel. Lucas suffered for a month first. Poor little guys.