Sunday, May 30, 2010

... Zenock ...

I thought since I'm posting movies, I'll post a couple more.


I love my cute little guy.
I really do mean little.

We finally made it to his 3 year check-up. It took awhile -- his Dr has been on maternity leave for the last two months.

Our little boy is:
Height: 37 3/4
Weight: 28.6 lbs


I'm pretty sure with the amount of energy Zenock has, he will ALWAYS be skinny and little. I have to laugh when people ask me if he is wearing 3T/4T clothes yet. He's been wearing the same summer clothes since he was one... I've only had to buy a few things each year. He fits 2T perfect right now and most of his shorts are 18 mths or 24 mths. This is the first year they finally fit him around the waist and don't fall down when he is running. :)

Zenock has also had a runny nose for the last couple of weeks - and has been a little stinker, (more crazy and irritable than usual.)
I thought maybe he had a little cold or allergies... turns out he has an ear infection, his ear tubes are falling out, and nothing is able to drain. Both ears have fluid in them and are blocked up.

Definitely an... "I should have known, I feel like a bad Mommy!" moment.
I hate those. I feel horrible and guilty for days.

JC and Zenock were supposed to attend their first Father/Son camp-out Friday night, but after his doctors appointment, it started raining/lightning/thundering really bad. That combined with his ear infection we decided it best to stay home.

Poor kid. Horrible way to spend Memorial Day weekend. Let alone start out Summer!
Hopefully, we can think up something fun for us to do by tomorrow... :)

We did take him to see Shrek 3 (or is it 4 now?) last weekend.
He loves getting his own popcorn, treat, and drink.
He is getting so big - I could seriously cry.


Just a couple videos of Zenock singing.
He never sings on camera, so I was pretty lucky to get both of these. :)
He is always singing around the house and learning a new song.
(Love my camera! Which does HD video ... so easy to use instead of grabbing another camera to video while taking pictures.
These are a little out of focus though, it took me sometime to figure it out. This was the first time we've really used it. I'm sure we'll be using it a lot more now.)

Don't you love that he never holds still as well as when he sings I'm a Child of God it's as if he's completely bored and singing it to make me happy and get it over with.

Makes me laugh every time. :)

Take a bow...

Zenock loves our piano...
(We like to call it the beast for it's massive size and the room it takes up!)
He won't leave it alone and is always telling us to watch him and is playing songs for us.

I have yet to play an entire song through with out little hands banging on the bottom keys...
(Was I thinking this was really possible?!?)

The other night while playing his song, he finished and then started bowing. It was hilarious! We've never taught him to do so and have no idea where he came up with it...

We laughed over and over for a good ten minutes while he kept doing it.
Thought we would share one of his performances. :)

Zenock loves an audience. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The month of May...

Seriously, where has the month of May gone?!?

I was doing so well being caught up to date with my journaling...
and then all of a sudden it's been two weeks and my sister calls to tell me she is going through withdrawls and she needs an update.

Thanks for the reminder Emily!

I have loved this little blog of ours.

I love looking back through everything we have done! I just finished/ordered my first published blog book as well as a scrapbook for Zenock. What great memories they are to look back on. :)

Have you noticed the lack of blogging lately? No one is updating their blogs... :) I'm not blaming you, I don't do it much either. Not sure if blogging is going out of style, but just to let you know after finishing my blog book... I think I'm in this for the long haul. Even if my blog gets boring, no one reads it, and I end up duplicating things I have written in the past... (I'm sure this will happen when our second comes along- I need to make sure all is documented like I did with Zenock.) I'm going to keep at it. :)

I've loved going through my blog this past week putting the book together! I can't believe how much we've grown as a family, all the places we've visited/been to, and everything we have accomplished. It was a great reminder to keep me going!


Now onto the last few weeks... seriously, time goes by so fast!

I have been organizing closets, my garage, spring cleaning, and everything I can think of.
Today I washed all of my windows: inside and outside, weeded my flower garden, did the laundry, and semi cleaned/picked up the house.
It feels great to be getting so much done, but I'm afraid my pregnant body can't take all of that in one day. Pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow. :)

As soon as June hits we are going to be plenty busy until this little boy arrives with visitors, vacations, summer events, swimming lessons, etc. etc. I am already feeling the need to pick up the pace and get everything done ASAP!


Taking care of a yard is a whole new experience for JC and I. We LOVE it. :) I love the satisfaction of looking at a freshly mowed lawn or pretty flowers. It also takes lots of our time these days.

After mowing the lawn there are always tons of crickets all over our driveway. Zenock loves to chase them and watch them hop or hop around with them.
I hate when he picks them up, but boys are boys...
He is pretty cute to watch... Zenock that is. :)

For the last month he calls everything and everybody "Little Buddy." I think he picked it up from a friend in the ward that calls him that. Either way we love it and think it is pretty cute every time he says it.


A couple weekends ago we went down to Birmingham with our friends for the day.
We had a great day of playing in the fountain... (glad to know Zenock isn't the only little boy obsessed with water and fountains.) We did a little shopping and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! It was great!!! A much needed day out with my family! :)


Afterwards, we came home pulled out the Slip n' slide, bought some treats, got way too into the Jazz game, let Zenock eat licorice for dinner, and enjoyed the night with good friends.


My to do list is a mile long and keeps on growing.
The rest of the week you might find me sewing... yeah, sewing.
Maybe, if my projects turn out, I'll be brave enough to share. :)

I also have to start practicing my piano skills - my new calling (one of 3 I have) as the Relief Society pianist. I asked the bishop what he was thinking, tried everything I could think of to get out of it...
i.e. "I don't have a piano to practice." "Practicing with a 3 year old... think about it." "Seriously, ME? I haven't played seriously in like ten years." "ARE YOU KIDDING!"
I don't turn down callings, so I left it open and said I'd be willing to fill in when necessary. I could be a SUB!

I thought I had it figured out and I was off the hook for sure. Then I got called back in...
The bishop mentioned that he was giving me a piano if I accepted the calling.
An offer I couldn't refuse. :)
My new piano arrives tomorrow... wish me luck.

AND... that's May so far.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The last few weeks...

We've been having lots of fun outside lately taking advantage of the perfect weather.

Just a few pictures from the last few weeks. :)

Bubbles is a "have to" activity. It has to be done every time we head outside.


Having church at 1:00 is always hard on kids. Especially, when the sun is shining and all they want to do is play outside.

We had a few super hot days in April and let Zenock play in the sprinklers. To say he loves water would be an understatement. He belongs in the water.

I'm thinking the bucket is a little small for a swimming pool - We'll have to make a purchase this month. :)

This isn't an outside activity, but I love this picture.
Zennie loves hanging out in his puppy towel after baths.

Not much going on, but we sure are enjoying our nice relaxing sunshine filled days. :)