Wednesday, April 28, 2010

perfect... kid. :)

Don't you love when your kids act perfect.

This morning has been one of those days.
It makes me remember why I love my Zenock so much. We've played and had fun.
When he was starting to get into trouble, I gave a warning and he said, "Oops, Sorry Mom!"
He's also told me, "Mom we need to talk/Listen to me Mom/Look me in the Eyes/ (and my personal favorite) I'm watching you."

We played a few games of Hungry Hungry Hippos and the card game SNAP.
After I (decided) to win a game, he playfully hit me and called me a "Stinker." :)

He then helped me clean up the house before lunch time. After we were done, he said everything looked "Perfect!"
(I love the way he says perfect... It sounds just like perfect, but is a lot cuter coming from him.)

He ate lunch all gone - with out me telling him to eat and get back in his chair a hundred times.
AND, he is now taking a good nap.

He is "perfect!"
(today :)

This is all comes as much needed relief after a rough few days.

Sunday was Stake Conference.
There was an accident... you know the potty kind.
I'll spare the details, but it was gross, I was mad, and we missed most of conference.

We've both had colds the last few days. It's been raining and a little cold outside so I wouldn't let Zenock play outside. After being out every day for the last month, this is pure torture for him. He thinks he owns outside and can do whatever he wants.

It's his freedom...

When I tell him to come back inside, he yells at me, "BUT, I LOVE outside."
(Torture for any Mom.)

Listening and Obeying is our biggest stress right now. It's tough for any three year old.
For example... He thinks he can ride his bike anywhere. He takes off down the sidewalk and after I tell him to turn around at the end of the block - he only peddles faster. This is when I have to start running (not easy these days) to catch him and make him turn around. Which by the time I catch up he's halfway around the block.

BUT, I have to remember days like today, because today - he was perfect...


I haven't been the nicest either this week... I blame it on not feeling well, but then JC would say I never feel well. I spent some time crying over spilled milk... literally, and then decided to cry about everything on earth.... like, how Zenock doesn't listen and I'm trying so hard with him to have patience and how maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes are too small so therefore I have nothing to wear. I wish my Mom was here she would have the right thing to say... I need a Mom hug, which leads to more crying, because she doesn't live even remotely close... It's more like 3,000 miles away! Then I cry over the fact that I am entirely homesick and want to go home... It's been a long time. OR, how I haven't seen my dad, family and friends in forever and the majority of them live in ANOTHER state 3,000 miles away. Good heck, I even cried about the thought of driving through main street of my home town. AND, if you've had an emotional break down you know this list just goes on and on and on... :)

(Side note: I'm looking forward to Christmas and coming home. We were supposed to come home in August, but after Zenock's early arrival, my Dr doesn't want to take any chances.)

I then have to just realize it is one of those pregnant days.
The one when everything seems to fall apart.
(Even though it just seems to and in reality everything is just fine.)

I hope I'm not the only pregnant person who has these emotional pregnant days. :)
I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm insane most of the time.
BUT, glad that he has patience to put up with me.

Today everything is fine. Better than fine. It's perfect.

Oh, how I love my family. :)

I'm feeling the first little movements this week from our little one and I'm loving it.
It's the BEST part about being pregnant.


P.S. I promise to post pictures soon. My camera is overloaded with fun sunshine activities that we have been doing.


Jacque Hadlock said...

Carin Congratulations! That is SO exciting! I have decided lately that being pregnant with a child that understands is SO much fun! And don't worry we all have those pregnant meltdown moments (I think some weeks I get more than my fair share:) so it is nice to have those perfect days!

The Reeder's said...

Hang in there sweetheart!! I am coming, I am coming as soon as I can to give you a big Mom hug!!! We will have some long talks, and cries! Love ya, Mom

Traylor Family said...

Oh how I remember those pregnancy melt downs.. all too well! I had them frequently and blogged about them constantly.

I love the perfect days too. For me they're far and few between...haha.