Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a very relaxing/casual Easter this year...

I have to admit some Holidays are just better with family around. It almost doesn't feel right with out a big family gathering. (Guess we'll have to create our own. :)

Even with out family it was a fun day.

We thoroughly enjoyed being able to take it easy, relax, eat good food, and listen to conference... which never seems to last long enough. It was so GREAT! I especially liked Elder Ballard's talk Saturday morning on Mothers and daughters. If you missed it or don't remember it, it is one not to be missed. :)


Saturday we had a picnic/Easter egg hunt hosted by Zenock's nursery teachers and the majority of our primary.

It was a fun little activity to attend in between sessions.


Searching... Searching...


Obviously, whoever hid the eggs got tired of hiding and decided to "DUMP" the rest up in the playhouse. No one else even noticed... so Zenock was able to hang out and check what was inside each egg before dumping them in his basket.


After a super busy week, I kept putting off dying easter eggs. Honestly, there just wasn't time. I planned to Saturday night, but then JC went to priesthood and Zenock never took a nap and was asleep by seven...

Usually, I would be totally against "not obeying and abiding by tradition." BUT, I decided to give in this year and say, "There's always next year!" :)


Is it horrible the Easter Bunny comes to visit Mom and Dad as well???

(I find it a great excuse to go shopping! :)


The Easter Bunny brought us Chocolate Treats.... Zenock's favorite! :)


Zenock loves the show "Max and Ruby." He knew all about the Easter Bunny from an episode earlier this week and was so excited to find the "real" Easter Bunnies eggs.


... On the hunt ...


Counting his eggs.

We had a great, grand ol' Easter day! Hope you did too. :)


Annie said...

the easter bunny visited the mom and dad in our home as well :-) like you said, any excuse to shop! i love that that person dumped all the eggs in the playhouse - brilliant!!

linda said...

haha love that the easter bunny left goodies for mom and dad. i think we'll have to try that one next year lol