Friday, April 30, 2010

A little blue :)

BLUE is definitely not how were "feeling" lately. In fact... quite the opposite.
Pretty Darn Excited would be more like it.

BLUE just happens to be on our minds.

You see BLUE is the true color of our cute little boy.

Our SECOND little BOY! :)


It pays to be the last patient of the day and to have a doctor that you love. After having my normal appointment/check-up yesterday, she asked me if I wanted to see a picture of the baby.
(Who would say no!?)

The ultra sound technician just happened to still be there and I jumped at the chance... secretly hoping I might get to find out.

I'm not a surprise kind of girl. I can keep a secret like you wouldn't believe, but when it comes to presents/surprises... No thanks. :)

Well, the first picture that popped up on the screen, the technician asked me if I wanted to know the gender... I looked at the picture and said, "OF COURSE, but I think I already know what it is."

I think JC and I were both surprised enough to find out it was a BOY!
We honestly had no idea either way.

We are pretty darn excited to have another little boy running around the house, a brother for Zenock, and not to mention how much we'll be able to SAVE. :)
(We went to dinner last night to celebrate!)

We have had so much fun with Zenock and are so excited to see the personality of this little guy and have all of our fun DOUBLED. :)


Now if only we could think up a name for this little one...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

perfect... kid. :)

Don't you love when your kids act perfect.

This morning has been one of those days.
It makes me remember why I love my Zenock so much. We've played and had fun.
When he was starting to get into trouble, I gave a warning and he said, "Oops, Sorry Mom!"
He's also told me, "Mom we need to talk/Listen to me Mom/Look me in the Eyes/ (and my personal favorite) I'm watching you."

We played a few games of Hungry Hungry Hippos and the card game SNAP.
After I (decided) to win a game, he playfully hit me and called me a "Stinker." :)

He then helped me clean up the house before lunch time. After we were done, he said everything looked "Perfect!"
(I love the way he says perfect... It sounds just like perfect, but is a lot cuter coming from him.)

He ate lunch all gone - with out me telling him to eat and get back in his chair a hundred times.
AND, he is now taking a good nap.

He is "perfect!"
(today :)

This is all comes as much needed relief after a rough few days.

Sunday was Stake Conference.
There was an accident... you know the potty kind.
I'll spare the details, but it was gross, I was mad, and we missed most of conference.

We've both had colds the last few days. It's been raining and a little cold outside so I wouldn't let Zenock play outside. After being out every day for the last month, this is pure torture for him. He thinks he owns outside and can do whatever he wants.

It's his freedom...

When I tell him to come back inside, he yells at me, "BUT, I LOVE outside."
(Torture for any Mom.)

Listening and Obeying is our biggest stress right now. It's tough for any three year old.
For example... He thinks he can ride his bike anywhere. He takes off down the sidewalk and after I tell him to turn around at the end of the block - he only peddles faster. This is when I have to start running (not easy these days) to catch him and make him turn around. Which by the time I catch up he's halfway around the block.

BUT, I have to remember days like today, because today - he was perfect...


I haven't been the nicest either this week... I blame it on not feeling well, but then JC would say I never feel well. I spent some time crying over spilled milk... literally, and then decided to cry about everything on earth.... like, how Zenock doesn't listen and I'm trying so hard with him to have patience and how maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes are too small so therefore I have nothing to wear. I wish my Mom was here she would have the right thing to say... I need a Mom hug, which leads to more crying, because she doesn't live even remotely close... It's more like 3,000 miles away! Then I cry over the fact that I am entirely homesick and want to go home... It's been a long time. OR, how I haven't seen my dad, family and friends in forever and the majority of them live in ANOTHER state 3,000 miles away. Good heck, I even cried about the thought of driving through main street of my home town. AND, if you've had an emotional break down you know this list just goes on and on and on... :)

(Side note: I'm looking forward to Christmas and coming home. We were supposed to come home in August, but after Zenock's early arrival, my Dr doesn't want to take any chances.)

I then have to just realize it is one of those pregnant days.
The one when everything seems to fall apart.
(Even though it just seems to and in reality everything is just fine.)

I hope I'm not the only pregnant person who has these emotional pregnant days. :)
I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm insane most of the time.
BUT, glad that he has patience to put up with me.

Today everything is fine. Better than fine. It's perfect.

Oh, how I love my family. :)

I'm feeling the first little movements this week from our little one and I'm loving it.
It's the BEST part about being pregnant.


P.S. I promise to post pictures soon. My camera is overloaded with fun sunshine activities that we have been doing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Number SIX...

JC and I celebrate our happy number six years on Friday. :)

Hard to believe it's been that long. It's gone by way too fast.

A friend watched Zenock while we went to dinner at Outback and a movie (Date Night). We never go on dates with out our little Zenock, so it was a fun evening to spend together!

Thanks so much for a great six years... Wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else, but you!

Love ya.


We had a fun weekend and spent our second Saturday in a row working in our yard. Putting in landscape barriers and re-mulching. We love our 80 degree weather... It's perfect for being outside. I can't spend enough time out there lately. Next Saturday is for planting flowers! :)

There is something so satisfying about working in your yard. I love the feel of a hard days work when you get done. I am proud to say we have the greenest lawn on the block... (as well as the best mowed, and no weeds!) All thanks to my awesome husband who I think has a small obsession with making it look good. (No complaints here.)

We finished off our hard long days work with ice cream... our favorite treat.

I am getting so excited to head back to DC to visit and reunite with all our Texarkana friends this Summer (while JC attends class) and to hit up our favorite ice cream/frozen custard/italian ice shop RITA'S!!! It tops the list of all time best Summer treats. I'm saving my money so that I can get one daily. :)

There are so many good places to eat in DC, I get excited just thinking about not having to cook and eating at all of them... I think I hear Uncle Julio's (the best mexican restaurant of all time!) calling my name!

OH! The cravings... Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking our Silence...

I guess it's time to say something...



We've been keeping a secret....




A pretty BIG secret, if you know what I mean. :)



Got it figured out yet???



That's right... We are expecting Baby number two. :)

We couldn't be more excited!

Zenock is super excited and according to him we are having a _____ and it's name is _____.
We'll leave it at that and see if he is right in a month.


I am a little over 14 weeks and my due date is October 12, (my favorite time of year!)

It is a lot easier to keep a secret when you live far away and no one is here to notice my growing belly. :)

I have felt great... no sickness. Only the desire to NOT eat in the beginning. Especially chocolate, (weird, I know.) There were probably 10 more bags of cadbury eggs on the shelf at Target this year than normal. I bought one bag, ate two pieces and wanted to be sick. It's been nice not to gain 5 pounds of chocolate during the Valentine/Easter season this year. (Although, I can't say I haven't gained 5 pounds... just not chocolate pounds. :)

Glad to be done with the beginning laziness, not wanting to eat, and to have my energy back.
I now crave Jamba Juice and Cafe Rio... Constantly!
I'm considering opening my own franchises.


Everything seems to be going great, which is a relief. It's been a long time coming... for those who aren't family and might not know over the last two years I've had three miscarriages. It's been hard and I've honestly felt every emotion in the book towards what happened. I'm a very private person and hate having to express feelings over something so personal.

BUT, one thing I would like to mention is how well my Heavenly Father knows me, what I am going through, and what I can and can't handle. He has certainly blessed us at the perfect time with this special little one.


I have an amazing Dr. who has worked with us so well. She is so understanding and patient with me and all my crazy questions. It has been nice to have a Dr seem as concerned and caring about my situation. We have already been to see her at least six times, I've had three ultrasounds (per drs. request, not me just being crazy), my blood drawn multiple times, and been taking a prescription that costs a whopping 150 a month (with insurance.)

Even though in the back of my mind I still worry and question everything, she is so good to assure me that everything is going well! :)

We are so excited and can't wait for October!
(So much to do...)


Pretty much how we feel lately. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Ducks...

The other night for our FHE activity, we walked down to feed the ducks.
(Are you excited that this is my 3rd post in the last week?! I'm slowly making my way back from the dead of blogging. Sometimes the thought of transfering pictures from my camera to the computer is non too inviting. But, I love looking back through old posts at the fun and sometimes day to day boring things we have done. I reminded myself that someone has to do it to be able to look back through... and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who is going to do it at my house. :)
Back to the ducks...
These ducks get well fed during the week, that is if Zenock has any say. We visit them at least three times a week, if not more. I've been trying to bribe Zenock with other fun activities, but a duck visit always tops the list on our after nap activities.
I'll be honest when I say these ducks scare me... at least feeding them. They are way too friendly and will seriously attack you if you don't throw the bread fast enough. Zenock likes to push their buttons and has almost lost his finger doing so. He's starting to learn quickly to just throw the whole piece of bread if they come after him.


Zenock getting ready to run from the ducks with a handful of bread...


Watching the ducks swim...


See ya later ducks...


This is my favorite part of feeding the ducks... when Zenock says,

"The Ducks are going to take a nap, we need to go home."

Pretty sure we will see them a lot in the next few months.

So excited...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a very relaxing/casual Easter this year...

I have to admit some Holidays are just better with family around. It almost doesn't feel right with out a big family gathering. (Guess we'll have to create our own. :)

Even with out family it was a fun day.

We thoroughly enjoyed being able to take it easy, relax, eat good food, and listen to conference... which never seems to last long enough. It was so GREAT! I especially liked Elder Ballard's talk Saturday morning on Mothers and daughters. If you missed it or don't remember it, it is one not to be missed. :)


Saturday we had a picnic/Easter egg hunt hosted by Zenock's nursery teachers and the majority of our primary.

It was a fun little activity to attend in between sessions.


Searching... Searching...


Obviously, whoever hid the eggs got tired of hiding and decided to "DUMP" the rest up in the playhouse. No one else even noticed... so Zenock was able to hang out and check what was inside each egg before dumping them in his basket.


After a super busy week, I kept putting off dying easter eggs. Honestly, there just wasn't time. I planned to Saturday night, but then JC went to priesthood and Zenock never took a nap and was asleep by seven...

Usually, I would be totally against "not obeying and abiding by tradition." BUT, I decided to give in this year and say, "There's always next year!" :)


Is it horrible the Easter Bunny comes to visit Mom and Dad as well???

(I find it a great excuse to go shopping! :)


The Easter Bunny brought us Chocolate Treats.... Zenock's favorite! :)


Zenock loves the show "Max and Ruby." He knew all about the Easter Bunny from an episode earlier this week and was so excited to find the "real" Easter Bunnies eggs.


... On the hunt ...


Counting his eggs.

We had a great, grand ol' Easter day! Hope you did too. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Zenock!!!

I'm having a hard time believing my baby is three!

Time flies when you are having fun. :)

We had a "GRAND" Birthday/Birthday party/Birthday party weekend. Complete with lots of fun activities.

....and as a warning to you... the reader - I may or may not have taken waaayyy too many pictures to document this event (which doesn't include our Easter weekend), but since pictures is what you come for and what Grandma's enjoy the best. I'll take the opportunity to say...

You're Welcome.


Before any party begins... you clean. (Although, I don't understand this tradition, (I've done it since childhood), and since you end up having to clean after the party as well, especially when little cupcake hands are involved.)

Just glad the Birthday boy volunteered to help out. He loves to help me clean and mimicks everything I do.

(For proof: I just had to pause from blogging. It was all too quiet in the other room and I had to check out what was going on. Zenock was spraying my wall down with windex and wiping it with a rag. I've taught him well. :)


Waiting for the party to begin.... waiting is indeed the hardest part, especially when presents are involved. I caught him trying to rip them open at least a dozen times through out the next few hours.




Some of the friends generously helping open presents. Love it all.

He got so many fun gifts and we feel so lucky to have good friends that love/like our little guy enough to come celebrate with us.

Some of the gifts he got: bubbles, t-ball set, sidewalk chalk, SLIP n' SLIDE (we are so excited for slip n' slide/bbq parties this summer!), clothes, COWBOY boots (I was so excited to give them to him and although he wasn't too interested in opening them, they are his first choice of footwear when we leave the house), Hungry hippos game, spiderman game, microphone, cars, ART kit, and lots more. Needless to say, he was totally spoiled.

We had a family party/dinner/crazy house for a good three hours.

It was a blast!


Blowing out candles... He got it in one try.


Begging to just eat the cupcake.


I love this sweet, sweet three year old boy.


We had a "Jungle" themed party and it was literally a "WILD" good time.


Friday, JC took the day off work so we could take Zenock to the movie and have a family day.

We have had beautiful weather (80+ degrees) and it has been so much fun to be outside enjoying the sun.


We took Zenock to Monaco pictures at BridgeStreet (our huge theatre/outdoor mall). We went and saw "How to Train Your Dragon." It was such a cute movie and Zenock loved it... He also loved getting his own popcorn and drink to have during the movie. :)

We were a little worried how he would handle the theatre, but he did so great and I think we have a new family outing planned once a month or so.

JC and I love going to the movies... (that would be the reason my water broke at the movies). Before Zenock was born we were always going to dinner and the movies with friends and on more than one occasion we had seen every movie in the theatre... horrible I know.


After the movie we walked around the shops and let Zenock play in the water fountains.

Do all kids have such a fascination with water?!?

Zenock could play for hours.


He was being so cute... It was a perfect moment to take some pictures.










We spent the evening playing outside with new Birthday toys...


...Sidewalk Chalk...




We ended the night with Ice Cream cones and slushies from Sonic and a

Grand Slam Home Run! :)