Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny Skies Ahead...

I promised myself to post some fun pictures before it was Zenock's Birthday and end up having to post these and birthday all at once... I'm cutting it close. :)

I don't know whether to cry or laugh thinking that exactly three years ago tonight I was sitting in the Theatre when my water broke and I started this "WILD" adventure called parenthood.

I wouldn't trade it for anything. I couldn't be more blessed to have my sweet little Zenock. He has taught me more than I could have ever learned on my own. I love being a Mom... especially his Mom. How can one girl get so lucky. :)


We have been super busy lately. It seems we have been running errands, preparing for daily events, and organizing parties. It's been a fun week and it is only getting started.

Friday night we had our ward's Youth BBQ and dessert auction/fundraiser for camp. I don't remember ever doing or hearing about this in Utah, but it was SO much fun. You get to by tickets to the BBQ (which is catered and oh so good!) and then you bring a dessert to auction off. I made my Mom's Fresh Strawberry Pie.... (mmm.. SO GOOD!) I was pretty dang excited when it sold for $35.00!!!

There are some talented chef's in my ward who made professional cakes... I think the highest bid was for around $55. We were told there was a lot to choose from this year so bids didn't go as high, but some years they go for as high as 75-100 dollars! Seriously!


We have also been spending every moment we can out in the sun! :) It has been beautiful! Zenock and I head out every day after naps to go feed our ducks and then play outside. I swear the ducks know Zenock's voice and as soon as he walks up and yells, "Come on Ducks! I got food!" They swim across the pond and literally snap the bread out of his fingers... It scares the crap out of me.


I love having a "HOUSE" and being able to play on my own grass and run around the house with Zenock.


We also went on a fun little Easter Egg Hunt at our friends house on Saturday.

There were four little boys all the same age. It was so cute to watch them all play and to see who was the most "into" finding the eggs. :)


Zenock's FULL, overflowing Easter basket. :)


Zenock got the hang of the "hunt" pretty quick.

He knew what to do as soon as one of those eggs cracked open and there was treats inside.


Usually you carry the basket... but, sometimes it's just easier to drop the basket and grab armfuls to carry to your basket. :)


The cheetos were a coveted treat...


Cute Mase taking a drink after working hard at hunting for eggs. :)


Time to sit down and check out the goods....


Our friends have this totally amazing backyard that they have done themselves! To be honest, I would call them landscaping geniuses. :) Zenock LOVES there little pond and waterfall. Every time we go over there (starting with the day our friends watched him while we signed our closing papers on our house.) he drenches himself with water and ends up sitting in the pond.

It wasn't any different this time, he just thought he would help Mom out and not get his clothes wet, so he started stripping down. It was pretty funny when he couldn't get his buttons undone enought to pull the shirt over his head and tried to enlist the help of Mason to get his shirt off.

It was such a fun afternoon! We had a blast! Thanks for hosting Anderson's. :)



Sunday I let Zenock wear his new Easter tie for church, but told him we had to take a picture for Grandma... I got this for about two seconds. He hates when "I" take his picture.


This is usually what I get. :)

Happy, HAPPY Birthday (in a few hours) my little LOVE bug.


Tatiana said...

LOVE the tie! Did you make it? We need to discuss our plans!

Kristin said...

Happy B-day Zenock! 3 is giving me a run for my money. Good luck! It is snowing here by the way:) I am jealous that you have been out enjoying the sunshine!

The Noble Steeds said...

Yeah, LOVE the tie. Where or where did you get it?

Logan said...

What an amazing back yard your friends have! I love the tie! I hope he has a great birthday.