Wednesday, March 24, 2010

random wednesday :)

I swear I always have a million random thoughts running through my head.
Anything from a craft idea or what I'm going to make for dinner or wishing excitedly it was June already so that my Mom and sisters could come visit!
These thoughts often hit me when my head hits the pillow. It doesn't matter how tired I am I honestly lay there for hours just thinking.
I don't mind it at all... (until I have to get up the next morning). I love just being able to sit and think and let my mind wander. It drives my husband crazy... especially when I do it while he's trying to talk to me. :)

Here's to randomness...

We had a fun weekend.
The sun was shining, which makes everything a hundred times better.
was the official beginning of March Madness.
JC mysteriously got sick and stayed home.
We watched our teams...
Realized we are closet BYU fans -
(Mainly, because they are from Utah and so are we, so living outside of Utah it becomes a requirement to get excited and root for anything about Utah...)
Got that?
We sort of and may have yelled at our tv like they could hear us and we were crazy fans. :)

We then went to a friends house for a delicious dinner (more basketball) and my chocolate peanut butter bars with vanilla bean ice cream.


We had friends over on Friday for a play date. We went on a walk to visit the ducks and played outside all morning! We even got a little sunburned! :)
We have such a fun ward and Zenock has so many little friends just his age. His friend Parker who came to play is just 4 days younger than him. It must have been something in the air the week they were born, because they both have the same spunky personality. His Mom and I just sit and laugh at them, because they do everything the same. He has a little brother that is so cute, calm, and sweet. We love play dates with these cute boys! Love their Mom too. She has become my black friday shopping partner, reliever of insanity, and co-hostess of parties partner.
Friday afternoon we had the missionaries over for dinner.
One of them was new and as I was asking him questions, I noticed his name tag...
"Elder Stansfield"
I knew already who he had to be, but asked anyway... "Are you related to the author?"
...It's his Mom.
Anita Stansfield is his Mom!
To say the least I was beyond excited... (JC asked me if I wanted a picture with him and his autograph. I didn't want to seem too eager, so I denied.)
JC made the comment to me later... "You are so going to blog about this, aren't you." It wasn't a question. He knows me way too well. :)
If you don't know who she is, well, then, you really should. :)
She's an LDS author, a romance novelist. Love her books.
I started reading them back in 7/8th grade when my Grandma introduced them to me. After which, every time she would get a new book and had finished reading it, she would bring it over to me and my Mom. I would then spend the rest of the day/night reading the book and my Mom would spend the next day/night reading it. Staying up ALL night if we had to.
I met JC in the Summer and we spent every day/evening together all Summer long. Every day... except for one... I was reading one of her books. :) JC still reminds me of the night I ditched him. I'll never hear the end of it.
I loved the adventures she has taken me on. In return... I fed her son. :)
We ended our night with a drive around town with the windows and sun roof open eating ice cream cones.
Perfect Day.
The sun was shining on Saturday too...
We played outside.
We were in the midst of basketball madness.
A pretty big deal at our house.
My bracket hasn't done so well... pretty sure I lost.
Zenock and I went to the store and picked up Birthday Invitations and decorations...
I felt guilty for not throwing him a party.
So I'll categorize myself as a last minute party planner at the moment.
We are excited, HE {Zenock} is beyond excited and can't wait for his BIG party.
I ended the night hanging out and eating yummy treats with 15 other women in my ward watching New Moon. (Love my Ward. :)
I was one of THREE girls who hadn't seen it yet.
I kid not, when I say there were moments of pausing and rewinding to "discuss" the movie.
There was lots of laughter and dare I say a few squeals... (not from me.. seriously.)
I was once a little obsessed... I admit. BUT, since then, it has become over talked about, over commercialized, and Edward's face is on every teenage girl's wall and t-shirt in the store- It got a little old for me. It wasn't as fun. I liked it, because it was different to like at the time.
Is that weird?
It was a fabulous weekend.


We woke up to snow on Monday... I left the blinds closed and stayed in pajamas most of the day. I'm so ready for warm sunny days... every day!
We have so many fun things planned in the next few weeks...
{I'm still craving and holding out for my Mom's potato salad on Easter.}
Birthdays, Easter, picnics, egg hunts, get together's, bbqueing, an anniversary, and sunshine!
Can you feel the dreary days of winter leaving and the excitement of spring/summer ahead? My neighborhood is full of people actually outside... done hibernating for the winter.
It makes me so excited.
Have a splendid day. :)


The Reeder's said...

Carin, I honestly must take after you - haha! I have random thoughts all day too! Just not a blogger. You really should have gotten a picture of you with Elder Stansfield! If you get another opportunity go for it! I haven't read one of her books for a while-need to do that again! So anxious for warm weather, summer, and June too!! Love ya, tons Mom

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

awesome you met her son! how cool is that. maybe you could steal one of his letters from home and get her autograph....jk! ;o) too bad most missionaries email now....

Annie said...

so, I admit, I have never read an Anita Stansfield book. But, after reading this I am seriously considering packing my boys up and heading to the library to check one out!!