Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day...
Not because I get spoiled - because trust me I don't.
I don't even pretend to think that I will. :)
You see my husband seems to think it's a candy/card money making day.
I'll agree.
You got to have something fun to break up the dreary month of February and look forward to.
So I say,
Which is what we do for a whole 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day.
{Just a side note... I have to give my husband some credit. We do celebrate Christmas, My Birthday, Valentines Day, and our Anniversary all within four months of eachother. It can be a little overwhelming... even for me.}

We had lots of fun making Valentine's for Grandparents this year.
Zenock gets so excited when we pull out the craft box with all the art supplies. He goes into full on concentration mode.

He also loved receiving all the fun cards and packages from Grandma's/Grandpa's and cousins.

Grandma Reeder knows him well... Toy Story pjs and "chocolate treats." Yup, that face on the above right picture is for the chocolate... He has his Mom's sweet tooth.

Unfortunately, they had to be put up at some point... Zenock is pretty darn good at negotiating and asking for just "TWO more please, MOM."

Zenock and I also had a fun day making cookies for Dad.
What is the deal with not being able to resist pink frosted heart shaped cookies.
AND, why is it they always taste so much better!?!




Some might say it is ridiculous to celebrate the holiday or even provide a gift for your child...

How could you not when you get to see this excited face running around the corner. :)


OR this face.


We don't do much... Just a treat, a fun breakfast, and a little gift.

Something to make a fun day.


This year he got the real 101 Dalmations movie. He was pretty excited.


Since we all decided to come down with colds Friday before Valentine's and they lasted through out the weekend, we enjoyed a nice dinner out on Monday followed up with the Olympics!

Who doesn't love the Olympics!?!

My perfect kind of Valentine's date.


Logan and Ryan said...

What a great picture of Zenock looking at the chocolates. You seem to always capture great moments with your camera! Do you wear it around your neck all day?

Tatiana said...

So cute! I love all his excited faces! And that you do that cute gift! So fun! We are totally loving the olympics too! Totally cried when Lindsey Vaughn won gold and hugged her husband! So sweet.

kelly said...

I love love love love LOVE those animal jammies he's got on in the last couple of pictures! Oh, and I think you should take any opportunity for celebration that you can. =)