Saturday, February 13, 2010

Greatest Show on Earth...

We'll let you decide if you think it's the "greatest on earth..." Not sure if that is what we think, but we do love the Circus. It's a fun time and seeing your child happy/crazy isn't bad either.
We took Zenock to the Circus a few weekends ago...
To say he loved it wouldn't quite be the right words.
He went crazy... literally jumping up and down and out of his seat.
JC and I sat back laughing at how excited he was when the show started and the performers were parading out.
He has talked about it for the last two weeks and keeps asking us if we can go back to the circus.
He tells us,
"Mom, The Circus was so fun, huh! It was awesome!"


Before the show begins you can go early and go down on the floor and meet the clowns and watch a few of the acts up close.


The stilt walkers are crazy and will dance and walk right over the top of you.


Zenock loved watching the elephant paint a picture.


We invited our friends to join us! We were glad they did!

Having Mase there made it even more exciting and fun for Zenock.


Eating popcorn... watching the show.

He has a major obsession with popcorn. He can eat an entire bowl by himself and asks for it constantly.


Zenock was seriously a ball of energy... he never stopped. I tried to take at least ten pictures of him looking at me... Not one worked out.


Some of the shows events!

On our way to the car we bought Zenock a cowboy hat... (the Circus' theme this year as well as he wanted one like Woody (from Toy Story.))

As he was running/skipping down the hall- he was waving his hat in the air yelling "YEE HAW!"

It was dang cute and made JC and I laugh.

We sure love our little cowboy.

It was such a fun day. :)


Logan said...

My mom took me every year to the circus when I was little and I remember it being such a magical time. You guys are creating such great memories for Zenock. I can't wait till our little one gets old enough to go crazy over something like this, its priceless.

Brooke Low said...

I love the circus! Not the greatest show on earth, but sure is a good time.

The Adamsons said...

Carin! We are living in D.C. this summer we'll we there from the end of April to the end of August! We will have to for sure get together I haven't seen you in so long!! I love looking at your blog and getting the updates!