Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Weather...

Wow... I am a lazy blogger lately. :)

With that said and no promises to get any better here is a catch up of the last few weeks...

A couple of weeks ago we were warned of WINTER WEATHER coming...

It would be hazardous, treacherous, dangerous, ARCTIC climate awaits, and the worst one 1-2 inches of SNOW... (at least that is what we were told.) JC received numerous e-mails all week warning them of the climate to come and to make sure they had contact numbers in case they were stranded or couldn't make it into work. By Wednesday night they were reporting school/work closures all over Northern Alabama...


Sure it was cold... but, definitely not ARCTIC.

Thursday afternoon they sent JC home from work... It had snowed an INCH and they closed down the ENTIRE arsenal (army post.) No joke... for an inch.

Oh and it gets better.

They cancelled work on FRIDAY too.

Wednesday night we went grocery shopping and I kid you not when I say there was NO bread or milk on the shelves and the water was stock-piled by the registers.

I was in shock... I didn't realize that 1-2 inches of snow and 10 degrees outside resulted in panic and food storage.
I'm not sure if Alabama folk would survive the "Winter Weather" of Utah.
I remember numerous occasions growing up when my nose hairs were frozen from walking outside. :) As well as driving through the canyon on my way to work in Logan (WHILE pregnant) before the snow had been plowed, in the dark... as I literally plowed my way through. That was treacherous, dangerous, and I thought I would die on many occasions.
I offered some of the longest prayers of my life on those drives.


We survived our "Alabama Winter Weather" (even with a smile on our face.)


This was the end of our storm... In my terms that's a "skiff" of snow... (no where near the 1-2 inches predicted.)
So you might ask what we did during our Winter Weather weekend...
Thursday night we celebrated victory with the rest of our great state of Alabama in winning the Rose Bowl! Woohoo!
Friday while the rest of the state shut themselves in - we headed out for a fun evening of bowling and pizza with friends.


Our fun friends the {A} family always makes good company.
We love getting together with them.


This cute boy is a talented natural born bowler... Zenock couldn't hold still for two seconds to get any "bowling" pictures.


These two were fierce competitors... We'll leave it at that. We wouldn't want feelings to be hurt.


Yes, that would be my child break dancing in the middle of the bowling alley.

I was pretty excited to capture Zenock's sweet new dance move on camera. I give all the teaching credit of this cool move to his ultra cool Dad.

To say the least, it is hilarious... I can't get enough of it. Maybe, if I get lucky I can get it on video and post it. :)

We had a great evening and survived our winter weather! Yeah!

update on weather: Today: Went jogging in 65 degrees!


Logan and Ryan said...

Wow, I hope you guys have a good snowblower for all of that snow. At least JC got some time off to spend with you guys.

Michael . Heidi . Mason . McKay said...

Thanks for the pics Carin! :) It was a fun night- thanks for the invite.

Heidi said...

I love love love your family blog. Wish you were here to teach me how to do all this... so cool! I have cousins that live in Madison... one day maybe we will come visit. At least to Space Camp, or whatever that is called! I used to live in S. Alabama for 8 1/2 years, so I was happy that they won... even though I had lived in Texas longer! Sweet family. We miss you guys so much! Only 2 intern families this time, young and no kids. Our ward is sad...

Kristen Munns said...

I love your blog! How did my brother end up with such a photogenic child??? It must be your genes. Anyway, thanks for all the cute stories and pictures - I really wish I could come visit again (without the kids?)!