Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a few favorites :)

Remember that freezing cold day I mentioned... The one where we got family pictures.
Well... here they are. :)

A few of our favorites.


The fact that Zenock is actually smiling and not shaking and telling me he's freezing was purely skill by our photographer.


I love pictures that can capture everyday moments. :)


Trying for a good one...


My sweet husband hates pictures and especially hates "walking" shots... I think he was declaring that while we were walking for this picture.


Love this picture, but it makes me cry to realize my baby is turning THREE in 2010.


I had to throw in this picture... I laugh every time I look at it. It was literally freezing. (Around 25 degrees.) He was trying so hard to smile. Before we left he was practicing his smile while I said "Cheese!" When we got in the car after taking pictures, he started crying and saying, "Mom! I wanted to smile and take pictures."

I'll use that as an excuse for more pictures when it warms up. :)

p.s. Grandma's (Great included)... You'll be receiving your set within the next week.

p.p.s Happy HAPPY Birthday Dear ol' (not old) Dad/Grandpa. Love you lots!

I have to share a cute story...

My Dad taught Zenock how to make funny faces on skype. Now Zenock does his "Grandpa funny face" all the time and tells me, "Mom, Do the Grandpa face." :)


Kristin Bishop said...

carin-such cute pics! I love getting family pics taken...I just hate how quickly they are outdated, ya know?

Thanks for you sweet comments. I always love looking at your blog because our boys are so close in age. They are sure growing up! YOu should totally do a pirate party. I have so many ideas I am bursting. I have almost made/planned everything! Wahoo.

Ok...question...How do you get the cute font on your blog. The post titles and date are in the cutest font...and blogger only has a few. Share you secret. I also love your new header. I hate mine right now. I keep playing aroudn with it...but can't get it right. oh well:)

I just started a new craft/hobby blog...and posted some of jaxsons birthday ideas I am having on it...so watch for it. Maybe you could mimick some if you do a pirate party for zen.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

You have a very cute family, Carin. Can't believe your little guy will be 3 this year. wow.
take care!

Annie said...

okay, I LOVE your hair. That is always the haircut I am going for when I go in to get my hair done, but I never leave with YOUR haircut. sigh.

You guys are cute! I love looking at family pictures, but dread getting them done because it is so, so much work, and in a few months, they are outdated!!! Tell your photographer good job!

Maria said...

You must have taken pictures the same day we did.:) I love the picture you have on your header. They are all cute but the one of zenock at the end is really cute. His eyes are sooooo blue. Glad things are going so great in alabama. Looks like a fun place to live.

Jacque Hadlock said...

Love the pictures Carin! We need to get some new family pictures! I love all the cute stuff Zenock does... I bet Josie and him would have a blast together!