Sunday, December 26, 2010

Us to You...

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
I meant to get this up a few days ago, but we've been a bit busy. :)


and wishing you a Happy New Year!


Along with our Christmas Cards this year, we sent out Kamden's Birth Announcements. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Months.

Schools are closed for the day and they just closed the post (JC's work) and sent everyone home.
The weatherman says we are supposed to have "winter weather" today... BUT, we haven't seen any sign yet. It hasn't even started to rain.



Kamden had his two month check up this morning. The office called me yesterday to tell me they were canceling all appointments today, because of the weather?? My doctor wouldn't be coming in. I begged them to let us come in and see a different dr. They finally decided that they would see what happened in the morning rather than predict and close the whole office. So we went in bright and early - first thing this morning.


My little chunk's stats are as follows:

Length: 23 inches (50th percentile)
Head: 40 cm (50th percentile)
Weight: 13.5 (90th percentile!)

And you thought I was kidding about the chunk... Yesterday, Kamden wore a shirt size 6-12 months!

Those who knew Zenock at two months would never think he and Kamden were brothers.
We really don't think they look alike... but, with babies that can always change.

Kamden let out the saddest cry when they gave him his shots. I hate that part. I made Zenock hold my hand. He was so cute and protective about his brother being hurt.


Love this little boy. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holly and Jolly...

It is surely a crazy time of year!

We experienced one of the busiest weeks EVER last week.


(We had pictures taken in October, but thought I would share a few during my post to have in my 2010 blog book.)

Every day was something new and we needed to be in five places at once...
It was my week to help with preschool, my "calling" to decorate for our Relief Society Christmas program (this took an entire day of running around like a mad woman - back and forth.), shopping, JC's meetings, taking pictures for friends, editing pictures for my Sister's wedding, work, pre-school program for an older lady in our ward, preparing pre-school treats/lessons, another pre-school program and party for the Mom's, Setting up for and attending the Stake Christmas Festival (a HUGE 3 night event for our stake. Consisting of a choir/orchestra concert which they practice months for and you have to reserve your tickets. Thousands of nativities/christmas trees/a live Nativity, etc. It is incredible how they transform the entire Stake Center into a big Christmas Wonderland.) We were excited to be able to take JC's boss and her husband and another co-worker of his with us Friday night to the concert. Such a fun event! :) The concert was awesome!

Lets add in two visits with Santa, more shopping, and our Ward Christmas Party to end the week.

The REAL holiday parties haven't even started to begin...


Sure glad that week is over... Every night I got into bed feeling like I was about to die and my feet were going to fall off. Sadly, I didn't get to sleep for long... My baby is still on a schedule of waking up 2-3 times during the night!

I am looking forward to a 5 hour block of sleep one of these days. :)


We are also getting BEYOND excited to visit with family and friends!
I spent an hour and a half on the phone with my Mom and sisters last night planning out our time with them and every detail from the "WE have to watch The Holiday to WE will be going to Cafe Rio and Sugar n' spice." Too bad the middle sister has to run off for a honeymoon and miss some of the fun!

I'm excited for the events, parties, traditions, food, friends, Sister and Brother in laws (and nephews) I get to meet for the first time, and SO much more! :)
We are excited to introduce and re-introduce our boys to FAMILY, cousins, and what JC and I like to refer to as "home."
(Although, I must admit ALABAMA feels Home to us too. We love it here.)

SO much to be excited about and look forward to!

As my youngest sister declared... "LET the annual feasting begin!" You can bet there is going to be some dang good food around. :) (Although, I began my annual feasting a LONG time ago.)


SO excited for Christmas and my little boys reactions. HE is ridiculously into and excited for Christmas this year. AS he should be. We have tried to teach him it is better/more fun to give than to receive and have dedicated each FHE this month to Christmas, giving, family, and of course made sure he knows the real reason for the season.


Zenock is at such a crazy fun age. We laugh at pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth... Not all good at times. He can also get into some good mischief. In the last week he has proudly announced to us that his life ambition is to grow up and become a


We have no idea where this came from.


Zenock NEVER stops talking. Even when we aren't listening to him. He is talking or singing AS loud as possible. I relish in the moments when he is asleep and there is silence.
When I have that rare moment to run a quick errand by myself I end up leaving the radio off just to enjoy a quiet ride and the sound of the road. I have no idea how many times I listen to him singing Jingle Bells or Santa Claus is coming to town during the day. :)

I'm not complaining... He is a SWEET, sweet boy.


Mischief is his middle name. When he got in trouble the other day he got mad at me and went and turned my Wallflower upside down. I didn't notice it for an hour and when I did, RED scented oil had spilled out all over the carpet.

(How to clean it out in case your wondering: Blot the best you can, then spray WD40 on it and blot some more. This gets the oil out. Then Resolve Carpet cleaner gets the Red and the WD40 out of the carpet. Good as new!)


HE has such an imagination! It takes him a good hour at least to eat his food for EVERY meal. The reason being... They become his family. I have no idea how to even explain this to make sense, but it is honestly hysterical... until you just want to CLEAN up and be done with dinner!

He lines his noodles up on his plate and each one becomes a family member... They get eaten when they are bad and have to go to time out. He loves to play this little game with everything. The weirdest objects become his little guys or family members! He has been doing this for months now.


I would worry if he wasn't three. :)


My little Kamden is the sweetest baby.
He smiles so big that his eyes shut and is just happy and content.
(I needed a baby just like him to make me want a million more!)


BUT, I can't help but love every minute I spend with these boys.
I'll say it again... I'm a lucky girl. :)

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Season!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am amazed at the time I don't have these days.

The 5 minutes I do have during the day to check my e-mail usually are spent with one or even two kids sitting on my lap. I end up bribing the older one to sit on the floor with Christmas treats so I can type out a one handed reply.

So it goes...

Life with two kids and loving it.

Even when it begins at 6:30 every morning when my little Zenock throws a tantrum heard throughout the neighborhood not wanting his Dad to go to work... (afraid, I think, that his Dad is leaving for DC work.) It takes about 15 minutes every morning to calm him down.

The day ends around 11:30 when I give up trying to keep the baby in his bed and snuggle with him on the couch. My little Kamden FINALLY decides to close his eyes, bury his head in my arm, and gives me the biggest smile knowing that he has won.

He is so spoiled even at 2 months old. Now time to re-cap November.

I love being a Mom. I love having 2 little boys. I love my life. :)


Now time to re-cap November.

My husband returned home safely the first of November.
He fulfilled his promise to Zenock, taking him to the Rocket Ship Museum.


As you drive through Huntsville you see the big "Rocket Ships." Zenock has been begging since we moved here to go and see them and push the buttons.

Wish granted. JC and Zenock had a fun day out.

The next weekend JC and Zenock headed to our Ward Camp-out.
(It was still 70 degrees here.)

Zenock loved it and talked constantly about sleeping in the tent with Dad, the rope course, and the s'mores.

There were a few minor incidents... I was scared to death to let Zenock go. We watch him SO close when it comes to things like this. JC was somewhat in charge of this camp-out, so he had a lot of responsibilities and I was nervous about Zenock running off while JC was busy with things he had to get done.

The first incident... burning his finger on the hot coals.
Most parents can tell their children not to touch the fire... not us. It doesn't matter what we say, he learns the hard way.

Also, he and his little buddy Isaac took off down to the river while their Dad's were loading a grill in a truck. Most kids get to the water and play by it.
Not mine.
When JC realized he was gone, he knew where he was and took off running to the river. He found Zenock and his little friend in chest deep freezing water trying to get to the other side of the river.


SO glad that he came home safe even though he hated every second of coming home and cleaning up.

The next week/weekend we decided last minute to go down to Bridge Street to watch the Tree Lighting ceremony and let Zenock see Santa.

He has been obsessed with Santa this year. Watches Polar Express 10 times a day and sings the whole song of Santa Claus is Coming to Town over and over again.
(We decided an intervention was needed and had an FHE on the real meaning of Christmas!)

His face was priceless when Santa did walk out on stage.... SO cute.


He told Santa he was very good and told him exactly what he wanted for Christmas... (although, that changes every time he is asked.)


We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our Alabama Family. :)

I love getting together and watching these boys play. Zenock tells me daily that Mason is his best friend. He calls him up on his buzz light year phone and asks if he can come play and then tells me he can't, because Miss Heidi (Mason's Mom) said he is sick.
He sings the song, "I love Mommy, she loves me... etc." Except, he sings it about Mason's family.
We are so glad he knows what family is. :)

I'm pretty sure my husband is the only one on the planet that wears sweat pants to Thanksgiving Dinner. :)
(His excuse... they were new.)

This picture will make me laugh for the rest of my life. It totally describes these two and their personalities.

I said SMILE.

Mason did exactly as told. Easy going, cute, and sweet little boy. We love him!

Zenock gave me his "glare." The one that he gives me anytime I ask him to do something lately. I have no idea where he gets this face.

He is not easy going, spunky, sassy, sweet at times, a little stinker to say the least.
BUT, we do love him too. :)

We had a super fun Thanksgiving. Thanks to the Anderson's for letting us join them! They even let us play a fun little game involving a ping pong ball, their kitchen table, and no hands. We'll keep you guessing on that one.

I haven't laughed like that in a long time and I would post some pictures, but pretty sure there would be black mail from the other side. :)

GREAT Thanksgiving.

My little Kamden is growing with out our consent...

How I wished he would stay tiny forever.
The second one grows even faster than the first.
It's not fair.

It makes me realize I have to take that moment, right then and there to just sit and stare at them, because I might not get it tomorrow. Time goes by so fast.

Do you know what I mean?
He is our little Chunk of Love.
At least compared to Zenock...

He is already over 12 lbs FOR SURE.
He is only two months and is wearing all the clothes Zenock wore when he was seven months old!

I love that he has chunk on his legs and tummy.
Zenock literally had to grow into his skin.

Some of our favorite things at two months are...
-His smiles. He smiles all the time. :)
-His little almost laugh when he is sleeping.
-He knows if we are more than two feet away from him.
He will wake up from a deep sleep.
-His little stretch he does when his tummy is finally full.
-His sad face. He has the cutest sad face.

He is such a sweet sweet baby.
I can't believe it took so long for him to get here.

So glad he decided to join our family. :)


Onto December.
SO much to do. SO much planned. SO excited to see family and friends!

Can't WAIT!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


It's that time of year when you (or maybe it's just me...) feel like I am drowning and being pulled in a million different directions!

I have a to do list a mile long and it has to be done early this year. :)
Every time I start on my list I am being called in three or four different directions.
Blogging is last on my list.

One of these days I WILL simplify my life.

Until then...

Enjoy my little chunk.
(I found this picture from JC's iphone.)

Friday, November 5, 2010

friday. Friday! IT'S FRIDAY!!!


It's FRIDAY! :)

I love Friday's, but this Friday is extra exciting...

You see I officially end my three week sentence as a single Mom.

You read that right... THREE WEEKS.
(It was pretty much a sentence. I knew it was coming and there was no way around it. It had to be served.)

For three weeks I've been by myself, while JC did a training up in Washington DC.
He left on the 16th of October and flies in tonight!
I'm beyond happy and thrilled.

I don't recommend single parenthood to anyone. Especially two weeks after having a new baby. My Mom was able to come out and help me the first week. She was great at keeping my mind off the two weeks ahead. She was TONS of help and I was so glad to have her here. THANKS a million times Mom!

Now the last two weeks... I'm not gonna lie. It's was rough...
We won't even go into the melt downs that happened during the second week when I knew I still had a full week and a half left.

(I know military Mom's go through this all the time and all I can say is that they are in my prayers and my heart goes out to them. I have SO much respect for them and their families!)

Here are some highlights or "low lights" from the last two weeks...

*Zenock fell asleep on the way to the airport to drop my Mom off and woke up right as she walked inside. He started crying/bawling... not getting to say goodbye. Kamden was hungry and was screaming. This is how my two weeks started as I drove away from the airport.

*I would have cried, but it happened to be Sunday and I headed to church with two kids screaming. Once again brave or just stupid, not sure. I was looking forward to that two hour block when Zenock was in nursery... Is that awful?! We got to church... late. I fed Kamden in the hall and when we walked in to sit down he spit up ALL over me. So much for a peaceful two hours.

*Surviving on 4-6 hours of sleep every night.

*The random melt downs of Zenock missing his Dad or his best friend.

*The storms of the century... Tornado warnings.
The sirens went off. It was raining, like I had never seen rain. Not to mention the wind. I heard the weather man say "Tornado on the ground at ..." not once, but a few times that day. All within a five mile radius of my house.
The worst of the storms were to pass on this road and this road and over this area. ALL of which are the main roads that surround my house.
I cried. I made Zenock and Kamden sit in my closet. I was scared.
Usually these storms are somewhat exciting, but not when you are by yourself.

*The moment I heard a cry from Kamden who was sound asleep in his chair... I new what had happened. I ran around the corner to find that Zenock had picked him up and taken him out.
I literally freaked and started bawling, hoping, praying that everything was ok.
I scared Zenock who started crying. He told me he just wanted to hold Kamden.
He is so sweet. I felt awful.
I'm pretty sure I scared him enough that he will always ask to hold him though.

*The one day of flu like symptoms and I thought I would literally die.

*Holidays and Friday nights by yourself... just plain stink.

*Zenock and I both slept with our bathroom lights on every night. I swear I checked to make sure the doors were locked a thousand times each night... I am a total wimp when it comes to dark, night time, and being alone. A couple of times I turned on sports center just to hear the familiarity of the noise in my house. No joke.
I hate sports center.

*The disciplining.
Why is it that Dad can say NO once and it is understood, but Mom has to say NO a million times.
So excited to have someone else help reinforce the rules. :)
I'm tired of being the mean Mom. I'm not a mean person, but I've sure felt like one these last few weeks,

*Losing my voice... It is pretty much gone today. Probably from the million times I've had to say No.


I have to admit, it hasn't been all bad. We have had good times too. Zenock is my little buddy. My sidekick. It doesn't matter what I'm doing or where I am... he is always right by my side. :)

Zenock is the best big brother and has taken on responsibility of pacifier finder.
Which consists of finding the pacifier and putting it in Kamden's mouth when he cries.
He is pretty darn good at his job.

We have also been so lucky to have so many good friends live close by that have brought me dinners, invited us over for play dates, or come and visited us. Everyone at church has been so thoughtful and sweet. They have helped out so much since Kamden was born!
A HUGE THANKS to them.

The best news is that...

We survived.


DID I mention it's Friday?!?

My JC gets home today... Yahoo!
I couldn't be more excited!

Date night tonight... with my three boys. I'm one lucky girl. :)
JC and Zenock have big plans to visit the rocket ship museum tomorrow.
His Dad promised him three weeks ago and he has talked about it every day since.


I am also excited for my boys to reunite. They are cute together. They make me a happier person when I can watch them all together. I'm excited for JC to see how much Kamden has grown (yes, in only 3 weeks).

Tomorrow, I will be enjoying the day out doing some retail therapy...
I think I deserve it.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

Another successful Halloween...

sort of. :)


The only downside is that I still have this gigantic bowl of candy.
Our town celebrated Halloween on Halloween (Sunday)... We chose to celebrate the night before with our Ward Trunk or Treat. By the time Trick or Treaters were ready to arrive Sunday night, both my boys were crashed out. One on the couch and one in the swing. It had been a VERY long Sunday already and I wasn't about to turn my porch light on and let the kids ring the doorbell a hundred times and wake them up.

Is that awful???

Now I'm stuck with this bowl of candy that I can't resist, but really really should if I am going to wear what my sister has picked out for me to wear to her wedding... and actually feel good/look good wearing it. :)

I've only got a month and a half, but really, who throws away Reeses Pumpkins and Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars away???
Not me.
(This time of year does not treat those who've just had a baby and want to lose weight for a wedding very well. Too many temptations and good things to eat!)


We had a fun Halloween. Zenock went as Buzz. :) He would run around yelling at the top of his lungs; "TO Infinity and BEYOND!"

We started the afternoon out by Trick or Treating at the grocery store. They had some fun Halloween games, etc. I LOVE my grocery store. :) We then grabbed a quick dinner and headed to our Ward Trunk or Treat and carnival.


I didn't even think to dress Kamden up until JC told Zenock I needed to. When I finally got to the store... everything for a baby was gone, except some seriously ugly "why would you ever put your child in that?" stuff.

We settled and dug through the uglies to find this cute bib.
It worked great.
It was perfect for my child who loves to spit up everything he eats and then eat again an hour later and then do it all over again... just like his brother used too. :)


Two Buzz Lightyears...
Although, I think there were actually 6 or 7 of them at the party.


Proof that I was indeed there and attempted, accomplished, and survived this all alone... with two kids! :)

(Still trying to figure out if I was brave, crazy, or just plain stupid.)

BUT, we had fun and I would call it a successful Halloween! :)

Hope yours was just as great!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Before I get to Halloween...
I've got to get some pictures up of October.

I just downloaded the card from my camera and I have tons of pictures...

Consider this post as a picture overload/non edited/just want to share some cute ones type of post.

Got it. :)


It is amazing the difference 10 days makes...

Above: October 10, 2010
(And, yes I think that is a smile. :)


October 26, 2010

He is getting big...

At his last appointment he was 8lbs 15oz. and gaining more than an oz a day.
He is already bigger than his brother was at 3 months old!
The week before we moved to Texarkana Zenock weighed 10 lbs... barely!
Not sure what we were thinking driving half way across the country with a 3 mth old baby!

Kamden currently wears the clothes Zenock wore at three months.
Zenock wore preemie clothes for the first 2 months. Kamden wasn't able to wear the preemie clothes even the day he was born. :)


At home with my boys...

This was the day we visited the dentist. My little Zenock is obsessed with toothbrushes. We have to hide them or he will carry them around all day everywhere with him. Kinda gross... I know. We for sure don't let him use it to brush his teeth though!


I think that is another smile on both faces. :)
I love these two boys.
Zenock is already such a great big brother. He is so sweet to always make sure Kamden has his binky or toys to play with... (i.e. notice the pile of toys next to Kamden).


Zenock gives Kamden lots and lots of kisses.
I'm sure one day I'll have to remind him of how much he loves his brother...
Those days can wait for now.


My sweet helper with shiny clean teeth from the dentist...


This is pretty much how we sleep.... every night.... still. :)

I wouldn't trade it. I'll take a few more nights. Nothing is sweeter and more fun than cuddling and sleeping with your baby right next to you.


Kamden has been so mellow... (We are still crossing our fingers and hoping this continues!)
He sleeps a lot of his day away in positions like this.... Totally relaxed. :)


Zenock is still obsessed with Buzz. His Aunt Kelly bought him a Buzz costume for his Birthday. He wears it a lot! So naturally, when we asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween - He told us "BUZZ Lightyear."

No other alternatives were to be considered. :)

The night before his Halloween party at school he was pretty excited and restless... I heard him stirring in his room and playing a bit. When I finally heard the silence and snores I went in to check on him and saw this...

It makes me smile. :)


His Halloween party at school was pretty cute.
They put on a little program for the Moms... made us cookies during school time.... sang and played games. Lots of fun!

Taking pictures of the program with my camera, recording the program with my camera, taking pictures with my phone to send to JC, clapping/cheering Zenock on all while juggling Kamden was something to be seen. I'm sure we'll figure it out sometime...

For now just loving life with my boys!

Bring on the holidays!!! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My baby turned a month old on Tuesday...

It goes way too fast.

Thought I would share a few of my favorite newborn pictures of Kamden.
These were taken at a week old.
(Tuesday the 5th of October.)







I love how they turned out.

But, seriously I think any picture of a baby is precious. :)

SO... now my problem is figuring out which one/one's to print...

**My Mom made the blue/white blanket for Kamden. It is awesome. I love it. I love her. She has talent. :)
She has certainly spoiled this baby with blankets... I think this was number 6 or 7... not to mention the one's we still use that she made for Zenock! THANKS MOM!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I am so behind and have so much to catch up on.

That would be the ultimate goal for the remainder of this week... but, we'll see.
The rest of our week is pretty much already booked and planned for us.
Lots of fun holiday activities. :)

I feel like it should still be June... somehow July-October have gone by WAY too fast and here we are almost to the BIG holidays.
I should be preparing... and actually doing things.
But in reality all I am doing is thinking about things and letting them stir around while I sit and stare at my sweet baby all day long....

WE can't get enough of him.
I love to just stare, smell, and cuddle him.
Babies seem to have that affect on me.

My Mom spent the last ten days with me - taking care of me and my boys, making me delicious food (She made the best pumpkin dessert... a new favorite!), shopping, and keeping me entertained with stories from home.
We love when Grandma comes to stay. :)

While she was here we took a break to take family pictures and stop by the pumpkin patch before all the pumpkins disappeared. We had every intention on making it to the BIG awesome pumpkin patch, but there just isn't enough time.

Sometimes, I wonder if going to the big awesome places is really needed. After hitting up the pumpkin patch down the street and seeing Zenock's excitement. I think sometimes the little things/little places can be just as fun or exciting... especially to a three year old.

No need to out do yourself... something I need to remember!


Not sure if he was praying... but, apparently picking a pumpkin takes some serious attention and consideration.

I thought for sure he would head straight for the big one... You know the one that costs a fortune.

But, he found just the right one.

The perfect pumpkin!

Hope you are all having a Happy Fall! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hospital Pictures

The hospital we were at has a professional photographer come and take pictures while you are there.
(Not that we were in any way prepared or dressed for professional pictures...)

They are super expensive, but turned out way cute.
So while they are online I thought I would share them with those who haven't seen them.

You can see them here
and the password is: 0928kamdenlarson

Check them out while you can... they will remove them from their website on the 20th. :)

More pictures coming soon; including newborn photos.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Weeks...

We've had a great first two weeks with Kamden. It has literally flown by.

He is so sweet, mellow, a great sleeper/eater, and very calm... (knock on wood!)
None of which - besides sweet - would I use to describe Zenock now or as a baby. :)


NOW... Let's back up about two weeks.

I was scheduled to be induced on the 28th of September...
We were supposed to be at the hospital at 5:30 that morning.

About a quarter to 4 I made my regularly scheduled trip to the bathroom. :)
As I was getting back into bed and checking my alarm which was to go off in 5 minutes my water decided to break on it's own.

Awesome timing right!?!
I couldn't have planned it any better.

I woke JC up and we put everything in the car and woke Zenock up, who was beyond excited that he got to go to Mason's house that early in the morning!

Our drive was pretty intense... there was thick thick fog outside. Not easy to navigate your way when you are driving through back country roads and no street lights!

My contractions didn't really start until after we were at the hospital and checked in.
By the time all the paperwork was filled out and my IV was in, it was around 6-6:30am.
I was dilated to a five and my contractions were pretty regular.

Zenock was a fast labor/delivery, I was nervous about what this one would be like.

By a quarter after seven I was in PAIN!
I had already told them I wanted an epidural, but the anesthesiologist was making his rounds and would get to me when he got there.

Literally, I felt like I was dying.
I've always felt like I had a pretty high tolerance for pain...
this was worse than pain.
I just don't understand the whole natural thing... really, I don't. I have lots of friends who have done it and my respect for them is through the roof, but seriously friends... take the dang epidural!

JC can tell you his version of the story... but it's not pretty.
Pretty sure my hands were purple from gripping the bedrail... and I may or may not have hit him when he said something like, "At least you can get an epidural and it's not the 1800's."
I was contracting by myself and they didn't give me any pitocin, so I turned to JC and said something like, "What do you think I'm doing..."

At this point my contractions were ongoing, back to back.
If I could have cried, I would have, but I couldn't.

I finally told the nurse around 7:30 that the baby was coming...
(They hadn't checked me since I got there.)

Sure enough I was at a TEN!
The anesthesiologist made it in to give me a shot of the epidural... not the real thing.

Our sweet Kamden was born at 7:45 am.

So worth the pain.
BUT, you can believe that I will be asking for my epidural next time as soon as I walk in the door. :)


Brothers meeting for the first time.

Zenock was so cute with Kamden and just wanted to give him lots of kisses.
We had Kamden give Zenock a little present at the hospital. He was so excited!


Zenock absolutely loves his baby brother and loves to show him off or tell anyone about him.
Yesterday, he told the cookie lady in the deli and the check out lady at the grocery store.
He has already been great to share his toys... piling them on top of Kamden.
He has no problem that there is a new baby in the house, except for when JC isn't giving him the attention.


Fast forward two weeks...

My baby is already getting bigger and I just want to slow it all down.
I now know all too well how fast they grow.


We love this little boy. He is so much fun to cuddle with.


Today was my first official day home... by myself.

We've made it to afternoon naptime....

We had a rough start to our day...
It's amazing how much can change in 4 years. :)

Last night we went to bed at 10. I woke up at 10:30. 11. 12. 1. 4. and 6.
Six was when Zenock decided to get up and JC left for work a little after.
Zenock decided to throw his best tantrum ever that his Dad was leaving... waking up Kamden.
Got the boys settled down and JC walked back in grabbing some papers he forgot.
Zenock started crying again...
Calmed him down, we had breakfast, fed Kamden.
Dressed Zenock for school and made him watch Handy Manny.
Jumped in the shower, got dressed...
Flew out the door with wet hair (never would have allowed this of myself two years ago.) barely making it to preschool in time.

Came home, got ready, fed/bathed/dressed Kamden, vaccuumed and got in the car to go back and pick up Kamden.

Lunch. naptime.

That's been our day. :)
It's crazy how fast time goes by or how little time there is to accomplish anything with two kids!

We are off to the dentist this afternoon... hoping all goes well.