Thursday, December 3, 2009

thanksgiving week.

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, JC and I took Zenock to the Botanical Gardens Galaxy of Lights display. It was a fun family outing...

(Yes... my eyes are closed... ignore it. :)

Except for the whole Santa visit... Apparently, we aren't ready for him just yet. :)
He's got plenty more chances to meet Santa this year.

Also, while JC and I were getting things ready and putting things in the car, Zenock was sitting in the front seat "driving" as usual. After we got in we realized what he had been doing... putting pennies in the cd player. Let me just say copper and electronics don't work together... AT ALL.
It shut down all the electronics in our car. (Not good when everything in our car is electric - even the odometer.) SO... lesson learned. Zenock isn't allowed in the front seat ever again.

Tickets to galaxy of lights = FREE (Their card machine broke as we drove up.)
Penny in the cd player = $1300 (You read that right.)
Family night Fun. :)


Thanksgiving 2009

JC and I decided to host Thanksgiving for a few friends at our house this year. We had a great time planning and preparing and enjoyed being in our own home. :)

JC had this great idea to "deep fry" a turkey. My thought was absolutely no way. I knew something would happen. In my mind all I kept thinking about was the news reports on Thanksgiving about all the people who start fires by deep frying their turkey...

He enlisted the help of his friend Mike...

They used a camping stove, a canning pot, a large stick to stir, and chicken wire to strain...

I have to give them credit for not burning my house down.

JC and I turned it into a competition... I cooked a turkey to, just "in case" we needed a back-up.

He won.

I liked mine better.

Zenock and his cute friends patiently waiting for food...

They played so cute together all night.

Later we found Zenock sitting in one of the babies car seats... surfing the internet on a blackberry.

We had a great Thanksgiving with good friends!

We feel so blessed to be where we are and to be a family.


Friday (Black Friday!) I got up at 3:30 to hit the sales. Oh... how I love a good sale! I live for Black Friday.

A friend and I shopped all morning... Kohls, Target, Old Navy, Sams Club, The Mall, and back to Kohls. No fights were witnessed this year, but we had a great time and got some awesome deals.

After coming home and catching up on some missed sleep, we decorated for Christmas.

We shopped for a Christmas tree... (JC insisted on a REAL one this year.)

I love having a fireplace to decorate and a place to hang our stockings.

I also love having a real Christmas tree and am thankful to JC for insisting on it. The smell brings back so many memories of when I was little.

Christmas isn't Christmas with out peppermints and red and green m&m's.

Cute, right? Super Saturday craft idea from a few years ago. :) I love it.

I love having the outside of a house to decorate as well. A house at all for that matter. There is nothing better than being able to sit cuddled up on the couch with all the lights turned on, good holiday scents in the house, and Christmas music on as loud as you want it.

Zenock makes us turn the lights on ALL day. I am totally ok with that. :)

I can't believe it is December! The busiest most wonderful time of the year! Our calendar is already full with fun activities and every day there is something new to add to it. We are excited to spend time with friends, as a family, and enjoying and making new traditions.


Erin said...

Love love love it all! Don't you just love decorating for the holidays?! You have such an eye for it!!

Bourgeous said...

What a great Christmas tree! I am totally in awe of your talent. Way to go on a great Thanksgiving.

Heather said...

Carin, I'm so sorry your family night excursion ended with a 1300 dollar repair. It's kind of funny when you're not the one paying for it. ;) A few yrs back we couldn't figure out why the VCR wasn't working. Come to find out Jace had put a peice of toast in it along with a lot of other things.

Your house looks beautiful - as usual. I love your decorations!

Maria said...

Oh boy, Zenock is soooooo silly. 1300 dollars. ouch!!
Looks like thanksgiving was fun. So jealous. And I am so glad your house is still standing. You are so good at decorating. Your house looks so cozy and festive. I wish you could rub off on me.
What is it with little boys and sinks. Thatcher is officially obsessed now. So now they both want to play in it at the same time. Doesn't work so well.
Oh, and should we be worried. It sounds like our husbands are having a long distance office romance with each other. Happy Holiday's.