Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Saturday morning after persistent calls from Zenock I got out of my warm bed and headed into the kitchen to get him his "shake." As I was walking I noticed out my front window it had SNOWED!
In Alabama??!!??

Zenock and I were SO excited. You see... we have been dreaming of a white Christmas!

And it doesn't snow in Alabama... usually.

We got bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow. Knowing all too well it would be gone by lunch time.

It was freezing cold! We loved it!

I have missed Utah Snow... It's been a long time... too long since I have seen it. It made me incredibly homesick for Christmas at "home" and to think that my sweet little boy doesn't know what REAL snow is.

(It is scary to think that all of these little things are up to me to show, provide for, and teach him...)

Because it never snows in Alabama... I swear half the neighborhood was outside taking pictures of their homes and kids... We just thought we would join in. Who knows if it will happen again!

It has literally been raining "buckets" for the last 10 hours straight. You haven't seen rain until you live in the South. The quote: "When it rains, it pours!" takes on a whole new meaning. I'm not sure how things haven't flooded yet. Here's hoping that at some point it turns to snow tonight... I'm sick of the rain! :)


Do you ever just sit and think and have ten different conversations with yourself or have ten thousand thoughts running through your head at once... This would be me. right now.
Can't sleep.

So much is going on, so much to think about, to share, to consider, to do, to accomplish!

I am reading Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" right now. Love it. She seriously is one tough lady. I recommend it... inspiring... and I agree with her on most everything! I wish I had her determination, focus, and energy!

One of these days maybe I will get it all done. :)

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