Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This kid...

Remember when I told you about "this kid..." The one that I don't claim when he gets in trouble or is doing something that he shouldn't. I thought I would elaborate on this kid... with just a few pictures of proof.

He's dangerous, daring, smart, and quick, and he knows exactly how to get in trouble.
Not the best combination for any parent.

The last few hours I have caught him climbing to the top of the shelving in my pantry... all for a cookie. It doesn't matter how many times I try to tell him that if he "were" to fall, he would get a big owie and split his head open on the hard tile below.

After I got done blow drying my hair it was all too quiet. When I went to check on him, he had tried to go potty by himself... but he had already went in his diaper, so he left the dirty diaper on the floor and went ahead to playing in the potty. (the potty was empty... just to let you know.)

Then... as I was cleaning up from lunch it was quiet again, so I followed the silence to find him in my bathroom... cleaning the potty and he had smothered his face and the seat of the potty with lotion.

All in a days work... at the moment he's napping. I love nap time.

Peace... Quiet... I feel like I can breathe again.
I can actually do something besides follow him around to make sure he isn't in trouble. :)

Zenock's new favorite place to play... not so safe, I know... HE knows.
But, Mom... "It's so fun!"

Saturday he decided he needed to give himself a bath...

"Awww... It's so warm!" or so he said.

He has figured out every child lock in our house. They no longer work for us. I think I have cleaned up the video cabinet about 10 times today.

In all honesty... I love this kid. I couldn't live more than a couple days vacation time with out him. :) He is so much fun and always has fun things to tell me about life. He is training me to be a better mom. I am trying, but sometimes it is totally hard... :) Life sure wouldn't be the same with out him. It sure wouldn't be any fun.

I love you my Zenock!

(I love when I can find a good cd that helps me re-coop and relax during nap time... I recently just bought Michael Buble's new cd, "Crazy Love." Love it. You would love it too.)


The Traylor's said...

love it. especially the bath pictures. too cute! little boys are so much fun!

kelly said...

I'm sad that you are reaping what my brother sowed, but at least it's funny.

Unrelated to my favorite nephew east of the Mississippi, I am coveting your bathroom based on that picture. I'm so excited that you have your own house and even let my brother live in it too. =)

Mallory said...

Carin, besides the fact that your kid is such a cute terror and let's face it, he is, I hear you on that cd. My friend got it for me and I seriously listened to it in my car for 1 week straight, without taking it out! I decided to take it out only so I wouldn't get sick of it for later. (remember the Walk to Remember cd fiasco at college?) said...

Hey girl! :) Your blog is so cute. :) I love how you do the photos and the highlighted words- it makes it so fun to read! :)