Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bless "my" ducks...

We have had the BEST fall weather... We are still having fall weather. Everything around us is so pretty down here. Leaves are barely beginning to fall off the trees. I love that Fall lasts more than a couple of weeks here in Alabama... It's been almost THREE months! :)

When JC and I drive around town we just sit and stare out the window and comment about how much we love Alabama. We feel so lucky to live here right now. We already feel so much more "at home" than we ever did in Virginia... (having our own house might have something to do with that though.)

We have been taking full advantage of all of our fun fall weather...

Zenock loves cruising around the neighborhood on his bike.

Everyday Zenock and I take a walk down the street to the lake by our house.

We have to go visit "our ducks."

These ducks know when Zenock is coming and they seriously run right up to him.
Maybe it is because I let him take them food.
When they aren't around he stands up in his stroller and yells,
"Come here Ducks - Come here!"
and then will Quack really loud. His quack cracks me up.
(Good thing most of our neighbors work during the day so we don't annoy them to much. :)

As a side note to my previous two posts... I have had a perfect/fun/lovable little boy for the past two weeks. I was pretty much on the edge of ready to give up, but then I found the secret...

hot sauce.

Works like a charm. And, Oh yes, he has had a few mouth fulls. He hates it.
I don't yell anymore. I just have to pull out the hot sauce and he calms down and turns into a sweet boy. I love it.

Zenock is obsessed with these ducks. He loves them. Asks to go see them every day and asks Heavenly Father at night to bless his ducks.

I love how innocent he still is.

The first time we fed them I was terrified they were going to bite our fingers off.

See what I mean... They stand there and stare at our hands holding the bread until we decide to throw it.

They are such fun friends to have as neighbors! :)


The Traylor's said...

The fall this year is unusually long, and warm, which explains the leaves. I'm enjoying it too. This is my sixth winter out here, and the most beautiful by fall. Normally the leaves are completely off the trees by mid October.

Love all the home projects. You have a beautiful home, I can't wait to see more.

...and when you find the perfect piece of furniture, you will get over your fear. I did. And for us it was just a simple childs dresser for Lucas. it was so ugly. But once Jeremy was finished with it, it's once of our favorite pieces in our house now.

Heather said...

I am totally trying the hot sauce thing! Because sometimes I become a yelling mom and I HATE that. My mom hardly ever yelled and I never thought that I. Jace sometimes drives me to the brink of insanity though.

mbarker said...

Ok, so I am so curious about the hot sauce thing! Did you just make hive have a spoonful one day when he was being bad. Ethan is getting really bad now that Ellie can walk and take toys back! Sometimes I want to lock him in his room!