Sunday, November 22, 2009


JC was gone last week for a conference back in D.C. I hate when he is gone... I have to keep myself busy with projects so that I don't worry or go crazy with my thoughts.

I had lots planned!

Zenock and I did LOTS of Christmas shopping. :) We are almost done.
(I am so, so, so excited for Christmas with my little family!)

I also was able to check some projects off my list...

We bought Zenock a bedroom set back in Texarkana... We didn't expect him to climb out of his crib at 16 months and to be in a "big boy" bed at 17 months. We didn't really want to put him in the bed that we bought him because it is really nice and sits high up. So we ended up buying this toddler bed at Ikea. I have been so sick of looking at it's "bareness" for the last year and couldn't wait to paint it.

I painted it back in October and absolutely loved how it turned out!

I have this awesome creative friend that told me how to paint it and then antique/stain it.

It was perfect for his "Baseball" room.

When JC saw this quilt in the PB kids magazine he told me WE had to get it. "Zenock had to have it... every little boy needed a baseball room like the one in the magazine." I wanted to wait until we moved to get it and a month before we moved I was checking online to see if "by chance" it was on sale... Sadly... It was completely SOLD OUT!
I then called the three pottery barn stores in the D.C. area and begged them to see if by chance they had one. Luckily, one of the stores did! It was the floor display and they had just taken it down and put it in the back. They gave it to me for a great price! :)
I love good deals.

I never liked the way Zenock's baby room turned out, but love his room now. It fits his personality perfect.

One of my projects last week was to do a beadboard wall and then do a shelf the length of the wall to put all of his baseball stuff on. I decided to hold off for awhile on doing that and ended up just putting up "a" shelf. But, I still love how it turned out.

I also decided to copy my Mom and ordered this cute window from ebay...

It was way cheap and was supposed to be "antique white," but when it got here it was... PINK!

It was a fun project...

It helped with the bareness of the walls in my kitchen. I am amazed at how much "decorating/money/stuff/time" it takes to decorate a house! One of these days, I might be able to fill the walls. :)

I also have 3 big planter ledges in my house that got decorated while JC was gone... (pictures to come.)

I had so much fun painting Zenock's bed... I am now on the look out for more furniture I can paint. I have noticed myself staring out the window every time I pass the little thrift shops. I am not a garage sale/thrifty person. I wish I could be! :) I just have this eery creepy feeling of owning something that once belonged to someone else. We are talking about serious issues. I honestly think that that "item" might be haunted and I just don't want it in my house. I'm weird... I know. But, just maybe one day... if I find that perfect piece of furniture it might help me over my fears.

I've got lots of more fun projects planned for down the road... stay tuned. :)

Bless "my" ducks...

We have had the BEST fall weather... We are still having fall weather. Everything around us is so pretty down here. Leaves are barely beginning to fall off the trees. I love that Fall lasts more than a couple of weeks here in Alabama... It's been almost THREE months! :)

When JC and I drive around town we just sit and stare out the window and comment about how much we love Alabama. We feel so lucky to live here right now. We already feel so much more "at home" than we ever did in Virginia... (having our own house might have something to do with that though.)

We have been taking full advantage of all of our fun fall weather...

Zenock loves cruising around the neighborhood on his bike.

Everyday Zenock and I take a walk down the street to the lake by our house.

We have to go visit "our ducks."

These ducks know when Zenock is coming and they seriously run right up to him.
Maybe it is because I let him take them food.
When they aren't around he stands up in his stroller and yells,
"Come here Ducks - Come here!"
and then will Quack really loud. His quack cracks me up.
(Good thing most of our neighbors work during the day so we don't annoy them to much. :)

As a side note to my previous two posts... I have had a perfect/fun/lovable little boy for the past two weeks. I was pretty much on the edge of ready to give up, but then I found the secret...

hot sauce.

Works like a charm. And, Oh yes, he has had a few mouth fulls. He hates it.
I don't yell anymore. I just have to pull out the hot sauce and he calms down and turns into a sweet boy. I love it.

Zenock is obsessed with these ducks. He loves them. Asks to go see them every day and asks Heavenly Father at night to bless his ducks.

I love how innocent he still is.

The first time we fed them I was terrified they were going to bite our fingers off.

See what I mean... They stand there and stare at our hands holding the bread until we decide to throw it.

They are such fun friends to have as neighbors! :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today I'm taking it all back.

All the sweet words I said about my son.

I'm thinking about naming my blog...

"The frustrations of a Mother with a TWO year old."


We have changed clothes twice...
Once for washing his hands and soaking himself with the water...
Once for dumping peaches down his shirt and gluing his pb&j to his shirt...

I spent the last 45 minutes fixing his dresser.
He decided to use the drawers as a step stool to get to the top.
Of course one of the drawers sliders snapped and broke and he fell to the bottom.

I offered comfort and tried to discipline at the same time.
I then told him he needed to take a nap... (I needed him to take a nap.)

Our nap time goes something like this...
Zenock: "I don't want to take a nap... I want to play"
I lay down by him and pretend to be asleep...
Zenock: {Shouting} "Dad! Oh gosh, Help ME! DAD! Come Here now! DAD! HELP ME!"
(Dad is at work.)

Finally about two minutes into the shouting he stops for a minute, puts his fingers in his mouth, (I hate to break this habit... it's the only thing that calms him down) and falls asleep.


Did I mention that last night he put my good running shoes in the washer and turned it on high/hot setting.... possibly shrinking them.

I'm not a mean person... I don't want to be a mean mom, but I sure as heck feel like one lately.

P.S. He is cute and sweet... when he is sleeping. :)


{I have decided that I need to document all these things for future use when he tells me that he was so good as a child. Hahaha! I told JC the other day that Zenock better make millions to pay for the therapy I will need from him making me crazy.}

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This kid...

Remember when I told you about "this kid..." The one that I don't claim when he gets in trouble or is doing something that he shouldn't. I thought I would elaborate on this kid... with just a few pictures of proof.

He's dangerous, daring, smart, and quick, and he knows exactly how to get in trouble.
Not the best combination for any parent.

The last few hours I have caught him climbing to the top of the shelving in my pantry... all for a cookie. It doesn't matter how many times I try to tell him that if he "were" to fall, he would get a big owie and split his head open on the hard tile below.

After I got done blow drying my hair it was all too quiet. When I went to check on him, he had tried to go potty by himself... but he had already went in his diaper, so he left the dirty diaper on the floor and went ahead to playing in the potty. (the potty was empty... just to let you know.)

Then... as I was cleaning up from lunch it was quiet again, so I followed the silence to find him in my bathroom... cleaning the potty and he had smothered his face and the seat of the potty with lotion.

All in a days work... at the moment he's napping. I love nap time.

Peace... Quiet... I feel like I can breathe again.
I can actually do something besides follow him around to make sure he isn't in trouble. :)

Zenock's new favorite place to play... not so safe, I know... HE knows.
But, Mom... "It's so fun!"

Saturday he decided he needed to give himself a bath...

"Awww... It's so warm!" or so he said.

He has figured out every child lock in our house. They no longer work for us. I think I have cleaned up the video cabinet about 10 times today.

In all honesty... I love this kid. I couldn't live more than a couple days vacation time with out him. :) He is so much fun and always has fun things to tell me about life. He is training me to be a better mom. I am trying, but sometimes it is totally hard... :) Life sure wouldn't be the same with out him. It sure wouldn't be any fun.

I love you my Zenock!

(I love when I can find a good cd that helps me re-coop and relax during nap time... I recently just bought Michael Buble's new cd, "Crazy Love." Love it. You would love it too.)

Monday, November 2, 2009


A few days before Halloween we finally got around to carving/painting our pumpkins...
Zenock has had a little cold all week, but was so excited about painting his pumpkin... even with snot running down his face. :)


Friday night we had our ward "Trunk or Treat." He was beyond excited for all the candy and "friends" that were there.

We have had Zenock's costume now for awhile and have been so excited to dress him up. JC and Zenock both have an obsession with Peter Pan...
so there really wasn't any debate when we came across his costume...

He loved being/dressing up like Peter Pan... The only downside was that "he couldn't fly." Which he told us on numerous occasions. One of our conversations went like this... (of course, I have a husband that eggs it on.)

JC: Zenock can you reach up in the sky and pull the moon down for me...
{Zenock reaching as high as he can...}
Zenock: But Dad, I can't fly to Neverland.

Halloween Night we tried to do some trick or treating... BUT, "This kid" is so dang dramatic! I swear I am always saying... "This kid..." At those moments I don't claim him as mine, because I know/swear I wasn't like that as a child. AND at those moments, I just want to throw him away.

Dear CPS...
If you are reading... I'm totally kidding. I love my sweet/endearing little boy!!!

We practiced Trick or Treating on our door before we left the house... His practices went so well and his little "Trick or Treat" voice was dang cute. BUT, the real thing didn't go so well...

I have an overly friendly child. At every door he insisted on going inside. It was a "friends" house and he wanted to go in and play. He didn't quite understand that we just get candy and leave... IS the concept of getting candy and leaving that hard to understand?!? :)

So we had a few talks, a few melt downs, and some crying along the way. We did enjoy a Happy Halloween and had a lot of fun with our little
Peter Pan.



Yeah! for November! Bring on the Holidays!