Thursday, October 1, 2009

happy fall.

I love Fall. It is more like an obsession. It goes back a long way. If you know me at all, you know my favorite thing about Fall is the leaves. I love the vibrant colors and how everything seems to come to life. There is so much to love about the fall, so much to look forward to....

We love cool weather, hot chocolate, soups, wrapping up in a blanket, the colors, the leaves, Halloween, looking forward to the holidays, and let's not forget college football. JC would put this at the top of his list. In fact... the day we moved in he had his direct tv ordered along with the sports channels (With one click of a button he can have every score right in front of him) and the Mountain West channel, (which we are paying extra for), just so that he wouldn't miss a single game. Now, we can watch our Aggies, Utes, and .... BYU play all year long.


In fact. If you live close by, we would love to have you over to watch the Aggies take on BYU tomorrow night. :) (Please come entertain me.)


This is a random post... not much order to my thoughts these days.


I've decided that I am not posting house pictures... not to say I won't, but, mainly, because it's not complete yet. You see I am a perfectionist... I love decorating, but once I get something decorated or a picture hung up on the wall, I don't want to change it. So, it has to be perfect the first time. So I will probably post pictures one room at a time as I complete them to my liking.... make sense? Although, I do have to warn you.... this project could take years. :) I guess you'll just have to come visit me to see my house. :)

BACK to fall.

I decorated for fall a couple of weeks ago. I think I might have more Fall decorations than Christmas... I'm going to have to work on that one.

We have definitely been busy. We like it that way. We have been enjoying every minute of our cool, crisp fall weather. It only appeared about a week ago. After a weekend of monsoon rain we walked out to our garage one Monday morning to wave JC off to work and it was cold, COLD... Zenock and I ran back in to cuddle in our warm bed.

Some of the other things we have been doing are:

house projects.
lots and lots of playing outside.
making friends in the neighborhood.
making friends at church.
Zenock starting pre-school. (We joined a co-op preschool! It's never too early for school.)
Becoming well-acquainted with our town. (Ever notice how many millions of errands there are to do when you move?!)
Friends over for dinner.
Bosses over for dinner.....
Game night.
Eating lots and lots of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Oh so good!!!

We will surely be glad when life can settle down a bit for us.


We had JC's boss and his wife over for Dinner last week. His boss hasn't moved to Alabama yet, but they were down here checking on things from Virginia. I was just a little intimidated about cooking for them and having them over, but all went great!

JC and I have always loved Maddox (a steak/ranch house in Utah)... another obsession that sadly we can't enjoy right now. Every time we go out to eat we check over the menu to see if there are any "turkey steaks." We try them, but so far nothing has been able to compare.... until now! We figured out how to make our own! This is what we made his boss for dinner and they loved it... (or maybe they were just being nice.) Here is our secret...

Awhile back, we found that Costco sells Turkey burgers... (they are in the frozen meat isle in a yellow Kirkland bag.) I haven't been able to find them anywhere else, although I am sure you could do the same with ground turkey burger.

Then melt butter and cover the burgers with butter and then coat with bread crumbs. Cook until done.
That's it. So Easy. So good.

While I'm sharing secret recipes... here's one perfect for fall.

Minestrone Soup
1 lb sausage browned/drained
1 qt. water
1 qt. tomatoes
2 15 oz cans tomato sauce
2 carrots diced
2 stalks celery
2 onions,
2 bouillon cubes
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp basil
1 dash garlic salt
1 tsp parsley

Simmer 6 hours. Last hour add:
1 can garbanzo beans
1 can french cut green beans
1 cup elbo or shell macaroni

I ended up putting it all in my crock pot for 6 hours (I added the last three ingredients the last 2 hours) and I added some zucchini squash.
Very, very good. :) Enjoy!

We love fall.

Maybe one of these days I will actually get back to blogging more than once or twice a month.


Shawn and Krystal said...

Very very cute! I love fall too! And I totally know what you mean about all the running around to buy new things and such when you move..we are there right now with our new move! Glad you guys are enjoying your new beautiful home!

Ryan Reeder said...

I love you, Carin.

The Traylor's said...

Can't wait to see more house pictures. I did the same thing, one room at a time. I still haven't posted a few rooms in our new place.

Yes, blog more. We miss you!

Allyson said...


You solved my turkey steak craving depression!! We seriously lived off of those things--I will try your recipe out! It sounds like you guys are doing AWESOME! So happy to see it.:)


The Johnsons said...

Carin you are the best!! Seriously! We went to Utah this summer and packed a cooler with dry ice to bring home turkey steaks! We have been rationing them, but we are almost out! I am excited to try the new recipe! Also I can relate to the directv situation. We pay extra for the mountain too and we have a party to watch each and every BYU game. Think of us tonight....except we will be cheering for the other team!

The Traylor's said...

sorry another comment, but I was blog surfing and this reminded me of you...

Jill Denham said...

House looks great! We miss you guys and hope that you are enjoying your new home :)

Destri said...

Oh how funny! We are doing those pumpkins on Make it Monday in a couple weeks! Your house is looking great!