Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween bag...

I have some really cute crafty friends. They are always coming up with cute new ideas or fun things to do. I love being crafty too... when I get the chance. :) Since there are already so many fun ideas out there, I love that I don't have to come up with my own... very often. :)

A friend that I grew up with started a cute craft blog... (you can check it out here). She had this Trick or Treat bag posted. It looked easy so I gave it a shot. It was REALLY easy to make/copy. Everything purchased at Hobby Lobby for under 5 bucks and I put it all together in about 1/2 hour. Got to love heat n' bond tape. :)

I had looked all over for a trick or treat bag for Zenock. I wanted one to last and didn't want to have to keep buying them year after year. Of course I am going to have to make some alterations to this one... Not sure my husband will allow my two year old son to carry around a bag with ribbon all over it, but just to give you an idea of things you could do....

AND... like I said... I have lots of cute crafty friends. Some of my other friends just started a fun new website called The Mother Huddle
{ }

They have lots of cute fun crafts, recipes, inspiration, and ideas. They are also doing lots of giveaways... Need I say more! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pumpkin pickin'

We finally made our way to the pumpkin farm Monday night for FHE. We thought after we moved life would settle down a bit.... YEAH right! It has just gotten busier! There is always something to be done and I swear my "project/idea/to do" list gets bigger every day.

We LOVED this pumpkin farm. It is huge and has tons of stuff to do for families. It even has it's own restaurant and country store. (It is actually a cotton farm and is surrounded by fields of cotton.)
We loved every minute that we were there. When Zenock walked in to see everything there was to do, he took off running and stopped mid run not knowing where to go first.

He loved the petting farm and even got to get in the pen and run around with the baby pigs... a little boys dream. This kid belongs on a farm. He loves to run and be outside and never sit still. He is always finding something to do. I wish we lived just a little closer to Grandpa's farm.

We got popcorn on our hayride out to pick our pumpkins... One of Zenock's favorite treats.

When we got to the field, he took off running knowing just what to do. We found our perfect pumpkins and headed home. We had such a great time. :)

P.S. Happy Happy Birthday to our cute sisters Kami and Melissa! Love ya.


One of our favorite reasons for living in Alabama is being able to live by good friends!
Zenock and his little friend {M} became good friends in Texarkana... You could say they have been friends since birth. It has been fun to re-unite these two and watch them play. They are so cute together and have such a great time.

We were the lucky family that got to watch {M} while his parents were at the hospital with his new baby brother. It was so fun to be able to watch him! :)

We wanted to take the boys to a pumpkin farm, but it rained the entire day. (This seems to be the normal whenever we move somewhere... The rain likes to follow us. Since being here it has probably rained 80 percent of the time!) We had to come up with some indoor/outdoor fun.

We sure love having {M} around and are so excited for his family and their new addition! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

little boys.

I love little boys.
They are the sweetest. Most mischievous. Make you laugh until it hurts. Daring. Stunt devils. Show-offs. Independent little things. This list could go on and on.
They also give the best cuddles, big hugs, and kisses whenever you need them.

This little boy fits right into all of the above.

Oh how I love him. He has this obsession with Handy Manny right now. He knows all the "Tools" names and characters. (I don't know how, I think I've seen the show as many times as he has and I couldn't name them.) He knows the songs they sing on Handy Manny and when he is fixing something or cleaning something, he tells me... "Sing Handy Manny Mom."

The other day he slipped and fell... hard. After, crying for a few minutes, he finally looked at me and said, "Handy Manny fix it all better." He ran for the bathroom, climbed up on the counter and pulled out his Handy Manny band-aids.

I didn't know if I should cry because my child is so independent these days or if I should cry because I have been replaced by Handy Manny. Mommy kisses no longer make it all better....
Sad. Sad. Day. for both of us.

For the last three days, he has had to wear his Handy Manny band-aids everywhere we go and all day long. Don't you miss the days when simple things made everything all better???

Today my simple things are Fresh Rhodes homemade (kinda) wheat bread. Blue Bell Rocky Road Ice Cream. The Sun Shining through our windows on a perfect Fall Day. A fresh scrubbed, clean house. One cute little boy cuddled up beside me taking a nap as I type.

We are surely loving and enjoying life. :)


A couple of my other favorite Zenock things... before, I forget.

Zenock loves to give us BIG HUGS. Whenever he gets excited or has done something "hug worthy." He runs over and yells, "BIG HUG!" with arms outstretched. (This one will never get old.)

JC comes home everyday from the gym and has a Gatorade. He told Zenock "once" that it was a drink to make him "Big and Strong." Now, Zenock tells me all the time that he needs a "Big and Strong Drink."

Getting Zenock to eat at times is a challenge... (he's two?!) The other night we started telling him to eat more and pounded our fists on the table while saying, "More! More! More!" Now, every time Zenock eats, he pounds his fist and says "More!" and then tells us, "Mom, Dad, do it!"
(At least he eats, but we are a little worried about the consequence this might have next time we go out to eat.)

One day Zenock and I were driving down the street and I pointed to a BIG Dalmatian dog and told Zenock to look at the dog. He replied, very seriously and thoughtfully, "No Mom... It's a cow." (One of his favorite movies is 101 Dalmatians... I'm thinking it's time to go visit Grandpa's farm.)

Zenock's favorite game is to stay by the door and when we finally notice he is there, he will take off running down the sidewalk giggling. Hoping that we will run after him and chase him.

Zenock knows how to unlock and lock the door... The other day, JC and I walked outside to look at something. I heard a click behind me and of course our little sweetheart had locked us out... in bare feet, with no cell phones, and no keys. We tried for 15 minutes to get him to unlock the door... in which he replied while eating a handful of candy corns and smearing them all over the glass on the door, "I don't want to!"
Luckily, the model home down the street was open and had a contractors key and luckily we hadn't switched the lock on our back door yet.
Zenock on the other hand.... wasn't so lucky. He had fun in time-out when we finally got in. :)


Did everyone else love conference?!? I always come away feeling so refreshed. This one will definitely be one of the most memorable....

The announcement for a temple to be built in our hometown...

Brigham City, Utah.

I'll be honest... I cried and cried. It made me miss everything about home. What an awesome feeling it was to hear it being announced.

Seriously, how AMAZING is that. How lucky we are to have so many temples around us. JC and I had just been talking about it the week before to our 2nd counselor and his wife who brought us cookies. They are from Hyrum and JC was telling them that it was prophesied by Brigham Young that there would be a temple in Brigham one day. They didn't believe us! :) I'm sure they do now... but, funny coincidence.

I'm still in awe, but joyfully excited!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

happy fall.

I love Fall. It is more like an obsession. It goes back a long way. If you know me at all, you know my favorite thing about Fall is the leaves. I love the vibrant colors and how everything seems to come to life. There is so much to love about the fall, so much to look forward to....

We love cool weather, hot chocolate, soups, wrapping up in a blanket, the colors, the leaves, Halloween, looking forward to the holidays, and let's not forget college football. JC would put this at the top of his list. In fact... the day we moved in he had his direct tv ordered along with the sports channels (With one click of a button he can have every score right in front of him) and the Mountain West channel, (which we are paying extra for), just so that he wouldn't miss a single game. Now, we can watch our Aggies, Utes, and .... BYU play all year long.


In fact. If you live close by, we would love to have you over to watch the Aggies take on BYU tomorrow night. :) (Please come entertain me.)


This is a random post... not much order to my thoughts these days.


I've decided that I am not posting house pictures... not to say I won't, but, mainly, because it's not complete yet. You see I am a perfectionist... I love decorating, but once I get something decorated or a picture hung up on the wall, I don't want to change it. So, it has to be perfect the first time. So I will probably post pictures one room at a time as I complete them to my liking.... make sense? Although, I do have to warn you.... this project could take years. :) I guess you'll just have to come visit me to see my house. :)

BACK to fall.

I decorated for fall a couple of weeks ago. I think I might have more Fall decorations than Christmas... I'm going to have to work on that one.

We have definitely been busy. We like it that way. We have been enjoying every minute of our cool, crisp fall weather. It only appeared about a week ago. After a weekend of monsoon rain we walked out to our garage one Monday morning to wave JC off to work and it was cold, COLD... Zenock and I ran back in to cuddle in our warm bed.

Some of the other things we have been doing are:

house projects.
lots and lots of playing outside.
making friends in the neighborhood.
making friends at church.
Zenock starting pre-school. (We joined a co-op preschool! It's never too early for school.)
Becoming well-acquainted with our town. (Ever notice how many millions of errands there are to do when you move?!)
Friends over for dinner.
Bosses over for dinner.....
Game night.
Eating lots and lots of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Oh so good!!!

We will surely be glad when life can settle down a bit for us.


We had JC's boss and his wife over for Dinner last week. His boss hasn't moved to Alabama yet, but they were down here checking on things from Virginia. I was just a little intimidated about cooking for them and having them over, but all went great!

JC and I have always loved Maddox (a steak/ranch house in Utah)... another obsession that sadly we can't enjoy right now. Every time we go out to eat we check over the menu to see if there are any "turkey steaks." We try them, but so far nothing has been able to compare.... until now! We figured out how to make our own! This is what we made his boss for dinner and they loved it... (or maybe they were just being nice.) Here is our secret...

Awhile back, we found that Costco sells Turkey burgers... (they are in the frozen meat isle in a yellow Kirkland bag.) I haven't been able to find them anywhere else, although I am sure you could do the same with ground turkey burger.

Then melt butter and cover the burgers with butter and then coat with bread crumbs. Cook until done.
That's it. So Easy. So good.

While I'm sharing secret recipes... here's one perfect for fall.

Minestrone Soup
1 lb sausage browned/drained
1 qt. water
1 qt. tomatoes
2 15 oz cans tomato sauce
2 carrots diced
2 stalks celery
2 onions,
2 bouillon cubes
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp basil
1 dash garlic salt
1 tsp parsley

Simmer 6 hours. Last hour add:
1 can garbanzo beans
1 can french cut green beans
1 cup elbo or shell macaroni

I ended up putting it all in my crock pot for 6 hours (I added the last three ingredients the last 2 hours) and I added some zucchini squash.
Very, very good. :) Enjoy!

We love fall.

Maybe one of these days I will actually get back to blogging more than once or twice a month.