Friday, September 18, 2009


Where to begin... Whew! Sure glad it is over and done with! I am glad to be in a place where I know I don't have to move again for at least a few more years... at least. :)

We have had quite the busy month. It has gone by in a flash. Remember when I wished September to come faster... now, I'm wishing it to slow down so I can get more done every day. I can't believe it's already the 18th!!! We have officially been Alabamians and Home Owners for the last EIGHT days! Wahoo! love it.

JC and I started the month off with horrible colds... yuck. We were still suffering when the movers came to pack our stuff up on Thursday the 3rd. Since we can't pack anything ourselves... (they have to do it or it won't be insured.) Zenock and I spent most of the day hanging out and playing outside. He loved watching all of our stuff being loaded on the BIG truck and for the next week told everyone that his toys were on the big truck headed to his new house. :) Pretty smart, huh.

We spent the next six nights sleeping on our trusty air mattresses and trying desperately to entertain ourselves and control our excitement of what was to come.

We spent our last days in Virginia as tourists (once again) visiting and enjoying: The Zoo, Famous Dave's, D.C.'s Eastern Market, Rita's Frozen Custard, The D.C. Temple, Georgetown, and downtown D.C. one last time.

We said our goodbye's to great friends, neighbors, Fall, and seventy degree weather and left on Wednesday the ninth... Where we headed to Knoxville Tennessee for the night.

We had a great time in Knoxville. We stayed downtown overlooking the Tennessee River on one side and the University of Tennessee and Women's Basketball Hall of Fame on the other. Every time we have driven through Tennessee we have both thought that it was absolutely beautiful.

That night we were able to eat at Market Street down by the University. Zenock loved the fountains and decided to throw out any inhibitions he has had against water and throw himself right in. He probably could have played there all night long.

We loved the school spirit in Knoxville and literally laughed out loud at everything... I mean everything that was painted ORANGE.
Zenock did awesome on our trip. Every time we would look back he was doing something new to make us laugh.

We finally arrived in Alabama on the tenth... did a quick final walk through on our house, dropped Zenock off at friends house (Thanks again! Isn't it great to have friends wherever you move!) and then headed to the attorney's office for our closing.

We walked out with writer's cramp, a few thousand dollars poorer, and house keys in our hands... it was a great feeling. :)

Our movers arrived the next day with all our stuff... We started unpacking and unpacking and unpacking... It seriously seemed endless. I swear the paper pictured above is just for the boxes of items from my kitchen. I'm pretty sure they used an entire forest of trees to pack our boxes.
After staying up until 2 or 3 for the last week we are almost finished unpacking and getting everything organized.

I told JC, that we are pretty much done with spending money these days... I never knew I could spend so much in a matter of a week! BUT, the washer/dryer have been bought, blinds put in, lawnmower, weed wacker, costco/food storage, storage supplies, household supplies, home decor, etc...
Yeah... we're done.

But, we are here, alive, doing well, and living/loving life. :)

My favorite part about having my own house... Feeling the sun shine through from every side of the house. I love it. I get to wake up to a beautiful sunrise (and Zenock yelling at me that he wants a "WAFFLE") every morning out one window and an even prettier sunset out my front door. I couldn't ask for anything better. It feels so good to be "home."


Matt and Jenni said...

That is SO exciting!! Congrats you guys! Your house looks super cute...I don't blame you at all for falling in love with it. :)

Heather said...

I'm jealous but super excited for you!

Maria said...

You made it. I was just thinking about you tonight and wondering how the move went. I am looking forward to pictures of your place. It looks like Zenock is a happy man in his new house. What is it with waffles. Conner thinks they are the greatest thing in the world. So glad you made it and things are going good.

Tatiana said...

I'm glad you made it too. I'm such a bad friend, I've been thinking of you since last week each day and haven't called to make sure things were going well. So sorry! I want to see more pictures of your house. Enjoy the sun through the windows for me. I miss it so much!

Erin said... guys have been busy :) Moving is the WORST and unpacking is the worst part! I can not wait to see more pictures of you house!!

The Reeder's said...

I am so excited for you!!!! I can't wait to come and visit you!!! Love the pictures of Zenock!!! Love, Mom

Bourgeous said...

Yeah for a new house! Congrats on getting moved in.

The Noble Steeds said...

How fun. Can't wait to come and visit!

Kami said...

Yay! I am glad you made it. Hopefully we will get to see this house. I am excited for you guys.
How long do you think JC will be excited about having a lawn? :) We miss you guys

HouseofHubbs said...

Hooray you made it! Please post photos of your house when things slow down a bit. I would love to see it! Z is adorable love the photo of him in his new shoes;-)

Logan said...

I'm glad you made it there okay. Zenock is looking so grown up in those pictures of him in the car.

Annie said...

Glad you made it and that Zenock was able to find some shoes to wear :-) Post some pics of the final product, you know, once it is all ready!

Brooke Low said...

Isn't moving the hardest thing ever!? I am glad that you are getting settled in. Your home looks very nice from what I can see. Zenock just keeps getting cuter!