Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Pan the Man"

Not too much going on right now... we go from pretty slow during the week to busy on the weekends. BUT, since some of you rely on this blog for information about us... I thought I would update you on the daily happenings or non happenings that are going on. :) I have been so bad at taking my camera when we go anywhere... I haven't taken a picture for over three weeks. Sorry for the lack of pictures.

I can't believe that August is almost over! JC reminds me constantly that it is Box Elder County Fair time... I used to live at the fair, during fair week. I loved checking out all the booths, working with my Dad in the Farm Bureau booth (they paid you with a steak dinner the next week!), the rodeo, fair friends, the good food, and great music. I had a sheep at the fair every year that I would take care of, show, and sell. It was always so exciting to see what you would place, what ribbon you would get, and how much you could sell your sheep for. (When you are thirteen, selling your sheep for $700 isn't too bad of a profit.) I loved being there and being a part of it all. It always meant school would start the Monday following, there were new clothes in my closet just waiting to be worn, and a backpack full of all the fun school supplies. Awww... I miss my county fair.
Enjoy a day for me.

We have been trying to get our last few moments of Summer in this week. I'm definitely not complaining that it is almost over... I'm already in the mood for FALL, but I'm sad to see Summer go... especially, because we haven't been able to get in all the fun places we wanted to go.
Some of the random things we have been up to are:

*JC and I were able to take off for a day and leave Zenock with his new best buddy Kate. His work was having an "ORG" day at Kings Dominion. (Virginia's version of six flags.) It was fun to just hang out, "just us" all day. Would you believe it was the longest I have ever left Zenock. I think I am in need of a real vacation. :)
*We were able to meet up for dinner at the Cheesecake factory (yum!) with my Uncle who was in town. Check out the co. he works for: Naartjie kids... cute, cute clothes!
*Preparing/giving talks in church.
*Meetings with the FBI...
*Visiting with friends one last time before we move.
*Shopping/online shopping/planning/preparing/ for all those things that my new house is going to need. If you have any fun/cute online home decor stores... please share!
*Babysitting J....
*Everything "Pan the Man"... Peter Pan that is. I new this day would come. Zenock has developed an obsession with the movie... just like his Dad. He loves to pretend to fly around just like Pan. He also loves anything to do with Alligator's.... If you ask him what the Alligator says, he will sway back and forth and say, "Tick-tock." He is constantly making me laugh.
I love my Zenock. I love this age. I love his imagination. I love being his Mom. :)

Did I mention our countdown to moving is getting closer.... 14 days!
Enjoy the rest of Summer...


Ryan Reeder said...

"Meetings with the FBI..."

Wait, what?

What's with this, sandwiched in among everything else?

Hey, Scott Bird from my ward just moved to your area. I think he was in JC's BEHS class. You might look him up before you leave.

I'll give you his number if you call me for it. Two reasons:
1. To respect his privacy
2. To make you call me.

Hope you're doing great!

mbarker said...

Etsy. Com has everything! Furniture, home decor, clothing, and everything else you don't need.

Kami said...

Please Please Please let him be Peter for Halloween... with tights!

ThompsonFamily said...

Hi! How are you? I am super excited for the fair too! The parade is tomorrow and so is family night over at the rides. I am excited to see Cooper at his 1st parade and see how much he loves the animals. I am sorry you are missing out on it.
I read the random things that you have been up to...What is the FBI thing?
PS-Do you have a special program that you use to get your blog looking so cute? I would love to learn how to do all of that cute stuff!

the winegars said...

So cute! It sounds like Zenock is at a way fun age. I called you the other day and haven't had a chance to call you back. So sorry. Ryder has been sick and I think Chase and I are getting it now... No fun. I'll for sure give you a call back though!

Annie said...

Would you please just move into your house dang it! I want to see pics!!

Danielle said...

Ha! I went to the fair a couple of days ago! Jacob was so excited for the "carnival" and then we ran out of time before we even got the rides or the kind of booths he would be interested in. He saw the animals and the crafts and that was it. Poor kid. Anyway, I enjoyed picturing you showing your sheep as a 13-year-old. You didn't have an FFA jacket, did you? Cause that would be awesome.
Jacob's birthday is this Sunday, and guess what he requested? A Peter Pan cake. I can totally relate to the obsession (Jacob also thinks alligators say "tick tock." AND, Bryon loved Peter Pan as a kid, too. Isn't it annoying how much Tinker Bell stuff there is out there, and yet nothing with Peter Pan on it? My poor deprived boy.